Sunday 25th of October 2020

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entryracking brain cell after brain cell... Gus Leonisky12 hours 22 min ago
Imageurgency Gus Leonisky02 hours 34 min ago
Imagenail-gun Gus Leonisky02 hours 44 min ago
Blog entryfish kills... Gus Leonisky1312 hours 38 min ago
Blog entryhope and change — again— versus the crazy uncle... if things were as simple as "hockey"... Gus Leonisky412 hours 49 min ago
Blog entry"I've never called Trump an idiot"... Gus Leonisky513 hours 27 min ago
Blog entry"she should stay because the likely alternative, NSW treasurer dominic perrottet, was even worse"... Gus Leonisky913 hours 58 min ago
Imagesunshine Gus Leonisky014 hours 1 min ago
Blog entry"the big guy"... Gus Leonisky615 hours 9 min ago
Imagerudd Gus Leonisky015 hours 36 min ago
Blog entryplaying a dangerous game... Gus Leonisky1816 hours 28 min ago
Blog entrythe bullshit artist is now proactively evasive and inept... Gus Leonisky016 hours 36 min ago
Imageinept Gus Leonisky016 hours 37 min ago
Blog entryan angel in hell on earth... Gus Leonisky216 hours 48 min ago
Blog entrytired of being the cake of kings and of emperors, after the opium wars and being the US slave factory... Gus Leonisky1919 hours 20 min ago
Imageangel Gus Leonisky019 hours 38 min ago
Blog entrybehold, here comes mungo calling the spade a shovel... Gus Leonisky621 hours 34 min ago
Blog entryor the writing on the wall... Gus Leonisky021 hours 41 min ago
Imageconversion Gus Leonisky021 hours 44 min ago
Blog entryyou have been philanthropied: bomb the russians and laud your overlords — the democratic pussy grabbers of social change... Gus Leonisky322 hours 38 min ago
Blog entryamerica has a major toothache... Gus Leonisky11 day 1 hour ago
Blog entrya lame excuse for sitting on their butts... Gus Leonisky31 day 2 hours ago
Imagetoothache Gus Leonisky01 day 3 hours ago
Blog entrybillions, more billions, enormous billions... Gus Leonisky41 day 19 hours ago
Blog entryThe conscience of the press... Gus Leonisky201 day 19 hours ago