Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Peace and Security

IAEA Report on Iran's 3000 centrifuges.

I would like to address all the critics of US policy that jeered at the notion that Iran could have a nuclear weapon in one year. Well, the IAEA who has up until now defended Iran and issued propoganda to the effect of Iran needing at least 10 years to have the technology, has just done an about face. Seems they will have that capability in one year. America and Australia fought side by side in WWII against a similar ideological threat. Iran's President has publicly stated that Israel needs to be wiped off the map despite attempts to water down and change the meaning of his statements. I did not vote for George Bush. I do not agree with his policy in Iraq for the sole reason that Iraqi's do not appreciate democracy and watch our soldiers die with indifference. I would ask, however, if anyone thinks Iran wants nuclear weapons for peaceful reasons??

War on Peace

A War on Peace

 A war on poverty, terrorism or drugs,
it’s like fighting inflation or your mates at the pub.

There’s a threat colour coded in chromatic red blood,
return to your bunkers, hope there’s no flood.
A natural state of Disaster - no, it is not.

Turf warfare, a war of nerves, or a fully armed conflict
a cold war, a just war, either way discipline gets real strict.

unattended baggage - thought through?

How does a law outlawing unattended baggage at airports deter anyone wishing to leave a bomb in a suitcase? Of course it's going to be unattended!


Take a look at the attached military spending figures for 2004.

World Total military expenditure $US975 billion.

USA $US455 billion 3.8%GDP
Israel $US 11 billion 9.1%GDP
Japan $US 42 billion 1.0%GDP
Germany $US 34 billion 1.4%GDP
France $US 46 billion 2.6%GDP

Dont let terrorists dictate our foriegn policy

The worst living terrorist is George Bush, he dictates Australia's foreign policy using John Howard as his puppet. But horrible thought, would any other likely prime minister be any different?

Some people study monkeys for clues to human behavior. Maybe they should study politicians behaviour to understand monkeys.

Correctional Services

Security starts at home. Although controlled by State governments (and often out-sourced to local or overseas companies), we are all affected by what is known as Correctional Services. Amongst our politicians this is normally seen as the punishment side of the Law and Order issue.

Prison sentences seem to have several purposes in our current system. Protect the public for the duration of the sentence, deter potential offenders, assure victims of crime that justice has been done, and convince convicted offenders that they don't want to offend again. I am not convinced the last purpose is being well served.

Crack-Pot Peace Activist Struggles with Reality

Call me cynical, but I believe that our
Commonwealth government has forfeited its legitimacy, and is presently unable
to be held accountable through the usual processes of Parliamentary
democracy. Citizens must now engage in
a twin strategy of extra-Parliamentary agitation and the formation of community
power in order to restore democratic government to Australia.

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