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the modern robin hoods...


The Western genre has long been associated with right-wing and libertarian politics, and is said to promote individualism and free-market economics.


In a new look at the Western, however, Ryan McMaken shows that the Western is in fact often anti-capitalist, and in many ways, the genre attacks the dominant ideology of nineteenth-century America: classical liberalism.


The classical Westerns of the mid-twentieth century often feature wealthy capitalist villains who oppress the cowardly and defenseless shopkeepers and farmers of the frontier. The gunfighter, a representative of the law and order provided by the nation-state, intervenes to provide safety and justice. In addition to attacks on capitalism, the Western attacks other prized values of the bourgeois middle classes including Christianity, education and urbanization. McMaken examines these themes as used in the films of John Ford, Anthony Mann, and Howard Hawks. These pioneers of the classical Westerns are then contrasted with later innovators such as Sergio Leone, Sam Peckinpah, and Clint Eastwood. Also included are discussions of the role of the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE series, Victorian literature, and the nature of crime on the historical frontier. With a foreword by Paul A. Cantor, author of GILLIGAN UNBOUND and THE INVISIBLE HAND IN POPULAR CULTURE.


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ISBN  9781481114189

Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing

Publication Date  2013


About Ryan W. McMaken


Ryan McMaken has degrees in economics and political science from the University of Colorado and was a housing economist for the Colorado Division of Housing. He is currently a senior editor for the Mises Institute, an economics research center in Auburn, Alabama.




The Mises Institute has been criticized by some libertarians for the adoption of paleolibertarian and right-wing cultural views by some of its leading figures, on topics such as race, immigration, and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.[6]

A 2000 "Intelligence Report" by the Southern Poverty Law Center categorized the Institute as Neo-Confederate, "devoted to a radical libertarian view of government and economics."[7]

In 2003, Chip Berlet of the Southern Poverty Law Center described the Mises Institute as "a major center promoting libertarian political theory and the Austrian School of free market economics", also noting Rothbard's opposition to child labor laws and the anti-immigrant views of other Institute scholars.[8]

In 2017, the president of the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist, gave a speech at the Mises University conference, where in his concluding remarks he stated that the ideas of "blood and soil and God and nation still matter to people".[9] Deist's use of the phrase blood and soil, originally used by the Nazi party as a call for racial nationalism, was alleged by some to be an explicit signal to Neo-Nazi's and other white nationalist groups. [10] In particular, Nicholas Sarwark and Arvin Vohra, then the chair and vice-chair of the United States Libertarian Party, condemned Deist's speech, with Vohra stating that "the Mises Institute has been turned into a sales funnel for the White Nationalist branch of the Alt Right". Vohra further accused the Mises Institute as a whole of being "authoritarian, racist, nazi".[11]




The Ludwig von Mises Institute for Austrian Economics, or Mises Institute, is a nonprofit think-tank located in Auburn, Alabama, United States.[3] It is named after Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises (1881–1973).

The Mises Institute was founded in 1982 by Lew Rockwell, Burton Blumert, and Murray Rothbard, following a split between the Cato Institute and Rothbard, who had been one of the founders of the Cato Institute, and was funded by Ron Paul.[4]


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Note Ron Paul is the father and inspiration of Rand Paul who has been a moderate voice in the ear of Donald Trump. It is most likely that the warmonger Bolton got the boot because of this Rand paul influence "which is sponsored by The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity."


One of the Ron Paul (institute) strength is promotion of freedom and peace while one of his weaknesses is not being able to understand the science of global warming that demands some adjustments in our free-for-all attitude. This is why "global warming cowboys", like Gus and Robin Hood, who attack capitalism for its rampant destruction of the planet are necessary. But will we be loosing the battle against the creationists?





This cartoon by Bill Leak was published in the Best Australian Cartoons 2009, after the GFC of 2008... We have not recovered from the crash yet... The November Presidential 2020 elections might bring a "revolution"...