Saturday 26th of September 2020

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the environ-mentalist

President Trump, who has exited the Paris Agreement, loosened restrictions on toxic air pollution, rolled back clean water protections and removed climate change from a list of national security threats, on Tuesday stood in front of supporters in Jupiter, Fla., and declared himself “a great environmentalist.”

Mr. Trump was speaking at an official presidential event, where he endorsed a 10-year moratorium on oil and gas drilling off the state’s coastline as well as the Georgia and South Carolina coasts — a feat of political jujitsu, since his administration is the one that proposed lifting the moratorium.

(In 2018, the Trump administration only dropped Florida from a list of places where it wanted to lift a moratorium on all offshore oil drilling after strong opposition from the state’s Republican governor at the time, Rick Scott.)

But his appearance in the battleground state he has adopted as his own, where recent polls show him deadlocked with his Democratic rival, Joseph R. Biden Jr., also doubled as a campaign stop. It was also an extraordinary attempt to recast his environmental record in a state battered by hurricanes and coastal flooding, where voters of both parties express widespread concern about climate change.

Standing behind a podium with a presidential seal, Mr. Trump claimed, with no evidence, that electing Mr. Biden would leave the environment “permanently injured.”

“The left’s agenda isn’t about protecting the environment,” he claimed. “It is about punishing America.”

There are few other policy arenas where a rewrite of the last three and a half years could be so jarring. His portrayal of his administration’s response to the coronavirus has at times strained credulity. His claims of a legislative record second to no other president have been greeted by scoffs. He has said repeatedly that he has done more for Black Americans than any president, except perhaps Abraham Lincoln.

But the environment is in a category on its own, because in claiming the mantle of environmentalism, he is in fact repudiating one of his administration’s undeniable accomplishments: the stunning roll back in one presidential administration of environmental regulations that go back decades.

Mr. Trump has called climate change a hoax, weakened oversight of drilling in federal waters, opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas companies and moved to repeal about 100 environmental regulations.

Yet on Tuesday, he congratulated his administration for what he called “our incredible record of natural conservation and environmental protection.”





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biden-harris or harris-biden?...

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign minimizes Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) public exposure due to Harris’s lack of charisma, alienation of moderate voters, and exposure of the former vice president’s weak mental and physical condition, said Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, president of the Government accountability Institute, and senior contributor at Breitbart News.

Biden’s team explain the former vice president’s rare public appearances as a function of concerns related to the coronavirus. Schweizer noted that if Harris were to be more visible than Biden, it would undermine the ostensible rationale for Biden’s limited visibility.

Schweizer said, “I think that the Biden-Harris campaign is sort of on the horns of a dilemma, because Joe Biden has been scarce on the campaign trail. There’s all kinds of speculation why. The campaign wants to officially say it’s because they’re trying to abide by some kind of COVID restriction to limit travel. I think a lot of observers believe that it has more to do with the health of Joe Biden, [and] the fact that he’s highly vulnerable, but also there are questions about his performance when he does do speeches.”

“If Joe Biden is not out there on the campaign trail and Kamala Harris is, it highlights the fact that they don’t have a policy about campaigning [regarding COVID-19],” determined Schweizer. “It’s just they don’t want Joe Biden out on the campaign trail.


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Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden claimed Tuesday that President Donald Trump is “the only person calling to defund the police.” In the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd, there’s been loud anti-law enforcement rhetoric and calls to defund local police departments.

“I not only don’t want to defund the police, I’m the one calling for 300 million dollars more for local police for community policing,” Biden said. “I also think we should add social workers and psychologists to help police on 9-1-1 calls.

He continued, “The only person calling to defund the police is Donald Trump. Look at his budget. He calls for cutting police funding for state and local by $400 million [see second term trump agenda]. Once again, he’s pathological.”

With less than 60 days until the election and key states showing the two candidates neck in neck in many polls, Biden has recently come out of his home in Delaware, where he was conducting voter outreach virtually, to visit those battleground states.

President Trump has made clear he doesn’t support the ‘defund the police’ movement and has even threatened to pull federal funds from cities that adopt such extreme policies. Moreover, the Trump administration has pledged additional funding to law enforcement in many states amid growing civil unrest and riots.

Biden, however, has reportedly flip-flopped on the issue and is said to even have once asserted he would support redirecting funding from law enforcement agencies to support other community services.



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