Wednesday 8th of July 2020

the PM, scott morrison, is trying to turn us into sky-news watching happy-clappy bogans...


Nothing is as discouraging as the government’s forced cuts to the ABC budget year after year after year (‘‘Mourning news: ABC reels from cuts’’, June 25). Why shouldn’t the bolsters to the economy in an effort to curb the recession apply to the ABC? Surely one of our most trusted news sources and broadcaster of Australian-produced-and-written TV shows is worthy of increased budgeting not funding cuts? The ABC is a worthy cause.

Larry Woldenberg, Forest Lodge


The ABC brings daily news, entertainment and joy to people across the country – in our cities and in our most remote places. At times of crisis the ABC, along with the emergency services, is essential to our safety and wellbeing. Yet, here we go again: more ABC budget cuts and job losses. Time for politicians around the country to properly represent their constituents who love their ABC. Stop the budget cuts. Stop the job losses.

Paul Parramore, Sawtell


Commentators say all media are cutting costs. The ABC is our national resource. The fact that other sources are being restricted is even more reason to increase funding for the ABC.

Fran Kirby, Castle Hill


What a strange federal government Australia has. It has claimed to be helping the economy in reducing unemployment during the recovery from the COVID crisis. Yet now it makes a further cut to the ABC’s funding forcing the ABC to sack 250 employees.

Harold Levien, Dover Heights


The existential threat to the ABC is now very real. While successive cuts by conservative governments since John Howard have been the main threat, the ABC’s response to those cuts have made things worse. All focus seems to have been on hoping the cuts will stop by placating the right.

It is why a lot of people like me have switched off. It’s time for everyone at the ABC to recognise that the end game has always been the destruction of our public broadcaster. So come on ABC, what do you have to lose now? Stop placating. Go down fighting. Millions will be with you.

Steve Forsyth, Wagga Wagga


Losing the 7.45am news on the radio will be like losing a good friend.

Robyn Lewis, Raglan


What a magnificently strategic move by ABC management. Axe the one still remotely reliable source of factual, objective news it still offers in the mornings. Arouse the outrage of its rusted-on listeners to create fodder for the endless talkback programs offered by Aunty for the rest of the day.

If ABC management aimed to build audiences rather than just arouse its listeners ire, perhaps it could offer more independent objective, factual reports from experts rather than the opinions of its journalists.

Margaret Shanahan, Seaforth

In answer to your correspondent’s question, these cuts will mean even more inane British panel shows repeated ad nauseam (Letters, June 25). They are cheaper than locally produced shows. Another blow to the arts in Australia.

Pauline Paton, Centennial Park

It matters not how much this government prunes the ABC, I am still not going to watch Sky.

Ron Kerr, Ballina


Letters, SMH 26/06/2020