Tuesday 26th of May 2020

becoming the "shame of europe"...


"We are desperate, we no longer believe in you": such was the cry from the heart of a nurse from Pitié-Salpêtrière facing Emmanuel Macron, who was strongly challenged by two caregivers on the situation of the hospital.

Filmed by BFM TV, Emmanuel Macron's surprise visit on May 15 to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital (Paris) gave rise to a tense exchange between the president and two emergency nurses.

In the video, Emmanuel Macron first tried a positive speech: "I don't want good energy to fall and despair to set in."

Except that in front of him, the two caregivers responded by fighting back. "Unfortunately, the despair is already there, Mr. Macron," said one of them. "But we're still are here!” 

Then seeking to inform the president, "even before the Covid pandemic we were already desperate, for years Mr. Macron," said the second nurse. 

"I know, I do my best", barks the president.

If the caregivers welcomed the gesture of the special bonus Covid-19, described as "nice", one of them reiterated the requirement of the staff, namely to obtain "upgrades" from the State. She also asked for a time and if conditions were going to be put in place to get a salary increase. 

"On each promise, you add conditions to us," she criticizes.

"I never made a promise on this, when I make promises, I keep them," says Emmanuel Macron. 

"We are desperate, we no longer believe in you," said one of the nurses immediately.

"We have reinvested in the hospital sector for 15 years," pleaded Emmanuel Macron, referring to a government project of 2018 on the reduction of the hospital rate. 

"But Mr. Macron, all that, we do not see it, you are talking to us financially in relation to a whole of things," criticizes one of the caregivers, explaining that their salary had not changed. Mr. Macron, it takes the Covid for you to realize that hospital system in disrepair”

Emmanuel Macron conceded that part of their expectations were "legitimate", while evoking the fact that the premium granted was not the fruit of one of his promises.

"Yes, well, it took the Covid for you to react, it's not normal," replied one of the nurses. "Mr. Macron, you need the Covid to realize that the hospitals are suffering," she added.

"It is not true, it is false," said Macron.

"We are the shame of Europe", dares the second caregiver who continues: "Why should we work with a mask that has expired in 2001? No political language please. ”

Emmanuel Macron retorts: “It is not political language. It is not true that we are ashamed of Europe. ”

"We are one of the countries where nurses are the most poorly paid, for a large country in Europe this is not normal", replies one of the two women.


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original text...

Previously, the President of the Republic has informed M André Marie of his own conclusions on the possibility of a limited and concrete programme of national and international republican action in regard to the reinstitution of the authority of the republican State under the republican law, in the military and civilian areas, and on the economic stability that conditions the political stability as well, and that un turn, results in the urgent solution to the problems of prices, of wages, of supplies, of the production and the distribution, of the financial and monetary situation that is the reflection, on the organisation of the national defence and on foreign policies. The president has added that the totality of these questions and the shared solutions define the government majority, which needs to be vigorous, unified, and for the essential public service chiefs to be of inflexible characters.

(French newpaper article c. early 1950s) Translations by Jules Letambour.

prepared for the second wave...



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and in belgium...

Belgium’s PM Sophie Wilmes has visited one of the nation’s hospitals battling the pandemic – but the medical staff literally turned their backs on her to show that her “display of support” for frontline workers was not enough.

Prime Minister Wilmes faced a cold welcome at the Saint-Pierre hospital in the Belgian capital Brussels, where the doctors and nurses found a novel way to show their dissatisfaction with the government’s policies amid the novel coronavirus epidemic. The nation has had one of the highest Covid-19 mortality rates in Europe.


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macron looses his majority...


Cédric Villani, Aurélien Taché, Guillaume Chiche; in all 17 deputies have turned their backs on LREM to found a new group — "Ecologie Démocratie Solidarité". This entity makes the presidential party lose its majority.


A symbol? The LREM "majority" refuse to see in it a cataclysm, but the symbol is strong: “walkers” [En Marche Macron political party] and ex-“walkers”, including Matthieu Orphelin and the candidate for mayor of Paris, Cédric Villani, launched on May 19 a new political group at the Assembly, which took away La République en Marche (LREM) absolute majority by a small margin.


They will outline the policies of the new party at a press conference scheduled for 11 a.m.


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