Saturday 16th of November 2019

bringing in the big guns...


The Sunday Tampongraph was pretty subdued today... There was the "low key" announcement of a $5 million timely donation to a charity, the Children Hospice in Manly, which at this time of vicious electionarium, coud be seen as a desperate attempt at a phot-op with the stars for struggling Tony — and a dash of discreet pork barelling.


The Shit-Pumper from the good island of Scotland had an article exposing Shorten's antics such as calling Scummo "a space invader"... which Scummo was. La Devine had done her bit yesterday and it was left to Peta to hold the fort against the reds. 


May be the full assault on Bill will be done during the week, while we're not looking. 

a timely donation...

a timely donation

Stratospheric! If this does not look like a tad of photo-electioneering pork-barrelling, then you are more dumb than me...


Meanwhile the ST Warren Brown cartoon says it all, or not much, bringing the choice of candidates to the young pizza lover who seems to know shit. 


 We are impressed: at least the Space Invader machine has a lever...


Meanwhile the Jedi is fighting the black hole of a sad pantomine contest (scummo wacks himself with his own words...), while the Dung of the non-solar Shit-Islandpump, Piers Akerman, compares Hitler to Shorten — or was it the reverse : Ah yes. Shorten's desire to improve the wages and conditions of workers is like Hitler writing Mein Kampf. But enough of the lonely Windmill-Hater of Pittwater...


In the DT sobbing letter page, we have parents upset that their kids are upset at the planet soon going down the gurgler, and of course about bogans who cannot wait to live another 10 years to see the sad face of Greenies when the planet does not explode — as promised by the Global Warming lobby. That's when Annika tells us that "Libs hopes rest with Others". I guess that without Palmer's and Pauline's support, the Libs are apeshit. So you know your duty, you, the ultra-right wing cross-benchers. 

Not a single word about the reality of global warming. This is Uncle Rupe's ST (DT during the week). Because, sure, you can bleat — and print as many lies — as much as you like, GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL AND ANTHROPOGENIC. It's a scientific observation. It's won't cook your arse like a hot jaffle iron used to mark cattle, but it will make your life more and more uncomfortable. 


Oh, I'm sorry... You don't know what the word SCIENTIFIC means? You prefer the word "belief"? 


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was scummo a space invader with garlic breath?...


you don't want to see that...

THE 2019 ELECTION CAMPAIGN BEGAN, as Media Watch’s Paul Barry observed, with “lies, hysteria and untruths about Labor’s electric car policy”, which was dutifully echoed by the Coalition’s friends, News Corp and its coven of climate change deniers.

Nothing to see here, you might think. Surely, this was hyperbole as normal.

But is there a hidden motive behind the Murdoch media’s pro-Coalition frenzy? According to the Friends of the ABC, the secret agenda of News Corp and the Liberals is the post-election privatisation of the ABC.

Given the Coalition’s historical dislike of the national broadcaster, privatisation may well be the fate of the ABC if the Coalition were to win the coming election.


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Gus knows that this is on the secret Libs' agenda (CONservatives want to sell the ABC, your ABC).


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