Friday 22nd of November 2019

uncle rupe is going to become religious like pontius pilatus...


This is going to become ugly. Already the guns are out in the Murdoch camp... One of their front page articles on the website is about a Green candidate doing some rubbish posting about the police. He should be chastised sure, but the headline on the merde-och media is cleverly disguised with a photograph designed to associate Tanya Plibersek (Labor), as if she had been doing the shit.


Watch it. It's classic DT clever manipulation of your brains.


Some of the articles are just shitstirring. For example:



Now if you are not familiar with the Warringah electorate, you should read:


Saying that the richer and less troubled group of white people have become obsessed with climate change, is bullshit, of course. A few of the Warringah people have just woken up to the idea that has been explained by scientists for the last 30 years, as the Warringah socialites continually voted for their denialist Tony. A few of them also have woken to the reality that Tony Abbott has been telling big lies about a lot of things.  This Daily Telegraph article and the headline are designed to make you accept that because you're a poor struggling sod (a honest worker who reads the "honest" disbeliever of global warming Daily Telegraph), you should reject the idea of Climate Change as it is a belief of rich bitches. You wiv me?...


Meanwhile not a pip of news on the Lib candidate resignations, but some more crap about Bill Shorten telling YOU what you're going to have in your garage (i.e. an electric car. see back to the future... )



no, scummo has not joined the salvation army, yet...


Pushing the "reds" out of Australia, Murdoch style... They want your cash before you "decide", because they want to tomfool with your brains into believing global warming is fallacy and that Shorten is a commie. This is why a "leader's debate" is dangerous. Ideas that the Daily Telegraph does not want to ever show, get into the open air. How disgraceful. There is only one idea you should subscribe to — believe in your leader Scummo AND BUY The Dolor Turdograph. Anything else is rotten tomatoes. 



beware of agents provocateurs...

Labor's candidate for the seat of Melbourne, Luke Creasey, has withdrawn after social media posts came to light that showed him engaging in inappropriate jokes about rape, lesbians and Catholics.

Mr Creasey, 29, had been forced to apologise earlier this week after it was revealed he had made a rape joke on social media.

Further questionable posts have since been uncovered by the Herald Sun, including jokes Mr Creasey made about lesbians and Catholics.

In a statement released by the Labor Party this afternoon, Mr Creasey said the comments did not reflect his views today but that his actions were "an important lesson for young people that your social media footprint will follow you".

"It is clear the right thing for me to do is stand down," the statement said.

"While I made those awful comments many years ago and they in no way reflect the views I hold today, I understand, especially as a member of the LGBTIQ community, that we need to be careful about what we share or like on social media."

Less than an hour before Mr Creasey quit, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the Labor Party was investigating the candidate's online history.

Read more:


Not only you should investigate this guy "online history", you should investigate a lot of "candidates'" secret alliances before joining your group. It's not uncommon that someone you think of a sound mind and supporting your ideals, only joins to spoil your daylight. This has been a long secret tactic used in European politics — and in the end you cannot trust anyone. Job done.

This happens mostly with young people who have not developed any proper allegiances, nor shown such at least by doing the long hard yards — but are seen as smart because they show sign of "smartness".

One of the most illustrious crappist for the Labor party was Mark Lathan. He was promising, with a fantastic thesis about "capital" and the need to tame it, not as virulently as Karl Marx but in the same vein, then to become a one nation lunatic with the empathy of a "ludion" — known in English as a Cartesian diver — a tiny figurine placed in a water-filled container that is made airtight, that can be made to rise, sink and spin by applying external pressure to the liquid. You know what I mean. Any which way...


Send Luke Creasey to One Nation. He'll be happy there...

she woud not know a fact if she got hit by one...

Today, the Daily Telegraph is quite moderate for the DT (probably preparing a full assault on Bill Shorten tomorrow — Sunday 5 May 2019)... Today, the DT, tells us that :

DT today

Yes, "Activists accused of exploiting kids..." Sure who's accusing the activists? One of them is "Catholic University Education Expert", Kevin Donnelly* and the other one is a minister of edukashun", Sarah Mitchell... Not really the kreme de la kreme who are versed in the concept of Global Warming. Meanwhile La Devine tells us that Scummo (Scott Morrison, PM, she uses his real name) was right on "facts". I can say with confidence that Miranda would not know a fact if one of these hit her in the face, like the scientific reality of global warming...


And in regard to taxes, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Liberal (CONservative) coalition takes more out of YOUR poor pockets and less out of the rich trousers: 



tax: John Howard taxed you more than any other PM. Scummo isn't far behind...




* Kevin Donnelly destroyed the fairness of the Gonsky reforms, to allocate LESS CASH for PUBLIC EDUCATION, in order to fund more Catholic schools...


Read from top.

a picture...


it did not take long...

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has launched a scathing attack on The Daily Telegraph for an article the newspaper has written about his mother.

Key points:
  • Bill Shorten said the newspaper "used his mum's life as a political attack" on him
  • The News Corp paper accused the Opposition Leader of omitting parts of his mother's career
  • Mr Shorten said financial circumstances should not dictate the career people pursued


He has attracted the support of Prime Minister Scott Morrison in criticising the News Corporation publication, which under the headline "Mother of Invention", accused the Labor leader of omitting parts of his mother's career while talking about the sacrifices she made to raise her children.

"In a new low, The Daily Telegraph has decided to use my mum's life as a political attack on me, and on her memory," Mr Shorten said on Twitter.

"They think they know more about my mum than I do."


Read more:


We warned you "it" was coming... Read from top. 

digging his own grave...


I believe that the article about Bill's mother was written by Tim Blair... 




Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph


May 8, 2019 7:19am


Tim Blair is described as a Top Dog of the digerati — the elite of digitalization, social media, content marketing, computer industry and online communities. The word digerati is derived from "digital" and "literati". Obviously TIM KNOWS HOW TO SPELL and how to push digital buttons BUT HE IS FAR FROM BEING LITERATI. He is more of a digitalis. Although used to treat heart problem in small doses, digitalis is well-known as a poison of choice for killers who do not want to leave traces behind. But he did. As a principal dog for the gutter press, Tim Blair KNOWS HOW TO PUSH other people's "BUTTONS". The reaction to his article has been swift, including this magnificent cartoon by Cathy Wilcox:



Read from top....


Note: and if you think this would be the end of Murdoch's dogs attack on Bill Shorten, you would be mistaken. 


Oh and by the way, we are reminded by Wikipedia about Tim Blair's views on the illegal US War against Saddam in 2003:


Starting a few days after George W. Bush's visit to Baghdad during Thanksgiving 2003, Blair has documented and disproved claims that a roast turkey that Bush was photographed holding up was plastic. The roast turkey was real.


Unfortunately, like the turkey, Tim Blair is real... but unlike the turkey he is still alive...




I got it wrong again (see apologies to andrew bolt...)

... Look, I don't buy Murdoch papers to see the shit in them (I take picture of the articles in various places from car-wrecking yards to doctors surgeries) nor to note the author of the rubbish in them either, so I wrongly attributed the article to Tim Blair because he had it on his website... it was by Anna Caldwell who wrote the stinker — probably a junior journo apparently brought in from the USA... to help the Lib's (CONservative's) cause at the Murdoch media... Because if all other media are "balanced", the Murdoch media is not.... It's hot coals for Labor... But you knew this. So:


Anna Caldwell is The Daily Telegraphs State Political Editor leading our team on Macquarie Street. She joined the Telegraph in February 2017 after two years as US Correspondent where she was based in New York and travelled America covering the election of Donald Trump.


Meanwhile at


The front-page sledge “backfired”, according to veteran political commentator Michelle Grattan, “handing the opposition leader the opportunity of a powerful moment on the campaign trail and drawing criticism even within the media group”.

But, according to Murdoch’s Sydney tabloid itself, the Anna Caldwell story was “a laudatory profile of a politician’s mother” and nothing to be ashamed of.



And Anna Caldwell retorts today in the DT:


It’s a risky strategy for Labor to release its costings eight days before voters go to the polls, but with pressure mounting to reveal the price of their promises, their hand has been forced.


Labor did not have to release anything, but chose to, to prove how confident they are in running a "$2 trillion economy" which Scummo is pissing against a wall willy-nilly, and making silly comments from windmills to electric cars... 


Get rid of Scott Morrison. Protect your assets, especially the ABC. See exposed as lies...