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the commerce of religion...


Neo-charismatic Pentecostalism is the perfect creation for – or the culmination of – an age defined by digitisation and globalisation. Adherents are signing up to a lifestyle brand that is designed to appeal to a new generation of consumers who know what we want: experiences, flexibility, and the ability to connect with people just like us.

In repackaging old ideas into the ways we interact in today’s world, this updated version of evangelical Christianity has been able to tap into changing social norms.

Because we have come to conflate valuing something with paying for it, the new Pentecostal movement has turned everything we associate with religious worship, such as devotional music, pastoral care, and confession of our sins, into commodities for sale.

Startup culture has come to religion. The gospel of growth, market share, and monetisation has found a solution for a problem that didn’t exist.


• Elle Hardy is an Australian-born writer living in the United States


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The pope may have wished he tought of that:

 Elle Hardy:

Pentecostalism is the fastest growing religious denomination in the world, with an estimated 500 million adherents – and as prime minister Scott Morrison showed last month, Australians are not immune to its charms. While the Pentecostal movement’s popularity is unquestionable, its theology and practices are less so.

Today’s Pentecostals aren’t tongues-talking, snake-handling hicks in rural American outposts. They’re Justin Bieber and various Kardashians singing uplifting songs at megachurches in cosmopolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Seoul, Lagos, São Paulo and Sydney. Fire and brimstone sermons have given way to Spotify playlists, self-help courses, stadium spectaculars, and Instagram posts which are, above all, designed to serve as an inspirational reflection of yourself.




As we know (or should ALL know), religion is like a theatre of the absurd. ALWAYS HAS BEEN. In the past, the main motivation to believe was that we wanted to avoid going to hell thus we accepted the floggings. The metaphysical discussion was a private affair between us and god — all motivated by a ruthless organisation that had to persuade us to go to war on behalf of king and god when called upon. Our suffering and pain would not be in vain was the message — and that same message is used to motivate Daesh and its suicide bombers and kamikaze fighters in another religious organisation, which "we" (the USA) sponsor to get rid of "socialism". And to think of it, the same message is used to motivate the US's little wars.


But we've gone soft in the head and love sugar. We're couch potatoes, though contrarily jogging to collect points on a small electronic machine that tallies our "steps", so that we don't end up in hospital too soon, while listening to pop music on earphones...


We now prefer rewards — strawberries, brandy and cream — rather than glorious pains (we always did hate the pains, but the authorities kept on dishing punishment to keep us in line, because lets face it we did not know shit). Scientific discoveries came along to remove the original sin — not Jesus, though we still think the idea of Jesus is a good idea as a saviour... We can delegate and repent... and reoffend...


The psychology of Pentecostal is simple and uses the technique of elation, happiness and community sharing the shampoo while singing in the shower but not touching each others' genitals. It is the theatre of the new religious hubris, and young people raised on milk, allergies and entertaining pop, as well as developing addiction to thumbing iPhones, cannot avoid be taken by the similar addictive songs and the rowdy spectacle. I can sing! Pass the collection plate. NEVER FORGET THE COLLECTION PLATE, otherwise the movement dies in the bum of debt.


The whole idea of the modern theocrumbodeistardy pentecostuliomastering is to collect money, thus encouraging people to be successful AND HAPPY in their well remunerated jobs, because "why not be happy"... And of course, the more people join the congregation, the more "people can help each other" by employing other people of the congregation, a group of singing deluded morons, still believing in Noah's Ark, for profit. This HAS BEEN the way the Freemason have operated at the elite level. Now the bogans of the shire have taken their own profitable hubris into their own hands. Reality has lost ground to the illusion of the smiling continuum. And this light-weight theology of the individual in a group of happy-clappy, supersedes the gloom and toil of sharing equally in godless socialism, doesn't it? 


It's a capitalistic combo. Religion it is not. Green policies, ecology, and saving the planet from burning fossil fuel? What? As long as you take your own rubbish from the staged place of singing, all's well in the best of the world.


Lunatics? No... airheads. 



profiting from exclusivity in marketing jesus...


The Congressional hearings debating the bill demonstrate the degree to which Christian Scientists explicitly asked for unique protections for the book based on its status as sacred work. For example, Robert McClory, an Illinois Representative and practicing Christian Scientist delivered testimony in support of the Bill, claiming that "the unique character of this volume suggests the importance of ― even the need for ― extending the copyright." McClory continued by describing the role of the text as the central focus of Sunday services and defended the "purity of the text, which all true adherents of Christian Science find both essential and complete," thereby requiring "faithful preservation." Others emphasised that only copyright allowed the Church to guarantee that the book as received by followers was precise and accurate so that "they might expect to derive solace and comfort" from the teachings.

While this Bill passed, it was later recognized as unconstitutional in a 1985 case United Christian Scientists v. Christian Science Board of Directors. The ruling in this case claimed that the Private Law "was openly sought and passed to secure prospective advantage for the hierocracy of one particular religion, and to no discernible advancement of the general welfare." In other words, the law was not neutral toward religion as the U.S. First Amendment demanded.


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learning from the religious voodoo doll...

Harris has since set up the Center for Humane Technology and started the Time Well Spent movement, which, he explained at the conference this week, is about trying to reclaim time and attention from digital devices. 

US media has called him "the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience".

"For technology to gain control over humanity it doesn't have to hack human strengths," he told the conference.

"We're all looking out for when does technology get stronger than humans - when it's going to replace us and take our jobs.

"But just by hacking our weaknesses it can take control.

This has already happened: "Prediction has already overtaken the human species."

... to draw you deeper

Tristan uses the example of watching one video on Youtube and then going down a rabbit hole and snapping out of the trance hours later.

"You're like what the hell just happened to me?" he said.

"It's because the same moment you hit play it wakes up an avatar voodoo doll version of you - it has one of these for one out of four people on Earth - and it knows exactly what video to play next because it simulates on that voodoo doll.

"[The Youtube algorithm] asks, if I tested these 100 million variations of videos which one would cause you to stay the longest?"

Now consider that 70 per cent of Youtube's traffic is driven by the algorithm, and people spend about 60 minutes a day on average on the platform. 

With a billion users, that means about 700 million hours a day of human attention is being determined by a computer.


In effect, the algorithm takes control of what people are thinking and feeling.

The same is true for any social media or tech platform that makes money through having active engaged users; there is an incentive to hold their attention, and the best way of doing this is through crazy, hyperbolic content.

Tristan also uses the example of Facebook groups.

"A new mum joins Facebook to meet other mums and trade advice ... Facebook comes along and wants to recommend groups for her to join.

"How does it choose what to recommend? It says what's the most engaging group for a voodoo doll who join mum's groups? 

"What do other voodoo dolls that join mums groups like to join - that keeps them engaged a lot?

"What was one of the top recommendations? Anti vaccine conspiracy theory Facebook groups.

"If you join one anti-vax conspiracy theory Facebook group - now the algorithm is calculating what tends to keep people like that engaged.

"Right after that you get pizzagate, flat earth - the whole conspiracy theory matrix."




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Though this "Google" process of Voodoo Doll is done with "algorithms", the old ways was to draw you into a "room of belief" (a church, a mosque, a temple) and make you accept about "your" soul (your own religious Voodoo Doll) which "you" controlled but the Devil "influenced". BULLSHIT. The "new (google) way" is the old way with a new technical tool: electronics. My phone, which I only use for friends to communicate with me, constantly reminds me that I "should update my Apps" (I cannot use Apps because I got them all blocked). I say bugger that. All your Apps are conducts to an open map of your stupidity and willingness to be manipulated...


The New churches such as the Pentecostals (see at top) have realised the value of your own gullibility. The "old" churches were running out of psychological manipulative steam in a modern world. The alternative of pure freedom with ethical relationships is actually "frightening" to the youth, because decisions are our own in a social and scientific context. Now, rather than being coaxed by the "pomp and Circumstances", the new "religious" way is with Pop music and Bogan togetherness — while Christ is still the major idol (why reinvent the wheel), a crucified voodoo doll, to "save us" from crap. Clever but even more wicked.



god is a woman with no pants...

Hailey Baldwin rocked the 'no pants' trend during a casual daytime stroll with Justin Bieber — and she accessorised with a $6,000 purse...


  • On Thursday, Hailey Baldwin stepped out in Los Angeles with fiance Justin Bieber for a casual daytime stroll.
  • Bieber looked comfortable in a grey hoodie, matching grey sweatpants, and a white T-shirt.
  • Baldwin wore an oversized, striped button-up shirt, and no bottoms.
  • The model accessorized with a $US4,200 ($6,000) black Fendi Peekaboo purse and £350 ($US458) hiking boots from House of Holland.
  • It’s not the first time Baldwin has rocked the “no pants” trend.

Stars in Hollywood can’t seem to stop ditching their pants, and Hailey Baldwin is no different.

On Thursday, the model stepped out in Los Angeles with fiance Justin Bieber for a casual daytime stroll. While the singer looked comfortable in a grey hoodie, matching grey sweatpants, and a white T-shirt, Baldwin opted for an oversized, striped button-up shirt and no bottoms.

She accessorized with chunky, gold hoop earrings, a $US4,200 black Fendi Peekaboo purse, and £350 ($US458) hiking boots from House of Holland.

Please accessorise for your Sunday Hill-song-ding-dong...  Read from top... 

and fuck the rest of the world...

President Donald Trump said that his administration was making religious freedom a priority, including helping to have people once again say “God” and “Merry Christmas.”

At a National Day of Prayer ceremony held Thursday morning at the White House Rose Garden, President Trump touted his efforts to advance religious liberty.

Noting that “we proudly come together as ‘One Nation, Under God,’” Trump went on to talk about a conversation he and Vice President Mike Pence had about the supposed increase in open faith expression since his campaign began.

“People are so proud to be using that beautiful word, ‘God,’ and they’re using the word ‘God’ again,” stated Trump.


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Obviously Jesus was born in America in a Buick... and Jesus was against Maduro in Venezuela... and against Assad in Syria and against ... all the other dudes that Obama and his predecessors bombed to smithereens... Let's pray:   Oh mighty goon with a gun in heaven... you know the rest...

was scummo a space invader with garlic breath?...


The pair were free to roam the stage during the contest. At one point Mr Morrison stood close to Mr Shorten while grilling him over Labor’s proposed tax* increases.

Mr Shorten stepped away and quipped that Mr Morrison was a “classic space invader”.

The line prompted laughs from the crowd and the debate’s host, Sky News journalist David Speers.

Asked about the encounter on Saturday, Mr Morrison said he was “simply trying to encourage [Mr Shorten] to tell the truth and to look me in the eye”.

He couldn't do that either. He scurried away,” Mr Morrison said.

Wisecracks and stunts isn't how you run a country. I'm happy for Bill Shorten to put on a cabaret performance in a debate but that's not how you run a country and that's not what Australians want to see.

Senator Keneally, who is travelling with Mr Shorten throughout the campaign, declared the encounter was Mr Morrison’s “Mark Latham moment”. Ms Kenneally was referring to Mr Latham’s aggressive handshake with then Prime Minister John Howard on the eve of the 2004 election which many believe damaged Labor’s chances.


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Had Scummo eaten garlic before the debate?...





scummo wacks himself with his own words...


Seriously though... He looks stupid, doesn't he?....

the election campaign is mired in a bizarre distant galaxy, where the winner is the party whose candidates are the last to be formally disendorsed.

On Friday night, Morrison was labelled a “space invader” by the opposition leader, Bill Shorten, for getting a little too close during a televised debate


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making scummo sing...

cashing in


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