Tuesday 21st of May 2019

advice from liarzarus...


“Politics is more fragmented now; we obsess more about single issues than we used to,” he [John Howard] said. 

“This religious freedom thing, what we need is an outbreak of common sense – it’s obvious,” he said of the turmoil around the debate on the need for legislated religious freedoms.

“No one wants children expelled from school but I think it’s reasonable for schools, whether they be Catholic or Jewish, to expect teachers to broadly assent to their values.” 

Howard said Morrison was “a good communicator” and “an aggressive problem solver”.

“He has three things going for him: the economy is strong; Labor is going to wobble on border protection again, as they always do; and there’s no ‘it’s time’ factor,” he said.

But he said the Coalition’s primary vote was too low and that needed addressing.

He declined to outline what advice he was giving Morrison on this score.

As for the former prime ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, and their public commentary on the government, Howard said he “made it a habit not to comment on them”.

But he reflected that he owed much to the Liberal party.

“I became the MP for Bennelong because of the party’s support,” he said. “People worked hard for me.”

He pointedly criticised Julia Banks, the Victorian backbencher who defected to the independents two weeks ago.


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loyalty is overrated...

If you ever find yourself trapped in a real-life Game of Thrones-style nightmare, don’t be afraid to cast your morals aside in pursuit of survival. New research shows loyalty led characters in the popular show to an early death.

The research, published in the Injury Epidemiology journal, showed that Game of Thrones characters were more likely to survive if they switched their allegiances when necessary.

The researchers at the Macquarie University in Australia analyzed 330 deaths across seven seasons of the TV show based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, in an effort to decipher which characters were more likely to survive into the final season, reaching the conclusion that loyalty reaps few rewards.


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Loyalty is overrated in a dishonest world where fighting for leadership is the game...

inhumane or racist?

I was in two mind about using the word "inhumane" in the toon above. It could reflect the fact that Scummo was in charge of sending refugees to hell. The world racist would have been too contentious as Scummo is no more racist than many other pollies. But the crunch about "inhumane" was not sending refugees to Manus and Something Islands, it was about advertising Australia with the cringe "Where The Bloody Hell Are You?" to overseas tourists. This was inhumane...

25 bad coalition failures...


Why had the Liberal Party allowed itself to be destroyed by the whims of three men, all liars with unique cunning? The Liberal Party is now but a skeleton of its former self.

It has failed totally to heed the lessons of Longman and Wentworth by-elections and the Victorian state election.

With a mixture of both ignorance and arrogance, it has allowed itself to be stripped of its brand, its dignity and whatever trust it has left.

Abbott's lying, Turnbull’s hypocrisy and Morrison’s self-righteousness have all served to make the party almost obsolete and it remains to be seen if it will survive or split on factional lines.

This government has failed to realize that policies are important. That governance is more than an entitlement based on a born-to-rule mentality. More than just the management of economic functions.

Fundamentally, it is about people, how fairly you treat them, how honest you are with them and how you dispense equality of opportunity.


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talking to liarzarus...

Two weeks before Christmas, Scott Morrison was asked by radio host Ben Fordham whether he leaned on Malcolm Turnbull for advice. He said no - then volunteered that he did however speak to John Howard quite a bit.

How often, Fordham asked. Every week or two, said Morrison. But “sometimes it happens just a bit more often than that”.

Every prime minister speaks to their predecessors from time to time. But ask yourself this – how many people do you speak to every fortnight?

Plus its not like you need a prime ministerial hotline to figure out what Howard thinks about, well, anything. Since Morrison’s ascension, Howard has given us his two-cents on religious freedom in schools, racism and migration, and where our embassy in Israel should be.



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