Monday 18th of February 2019

a 100 billion years from now...

Alien civilizations may be forced to capture stars and harness their energy using ginormous structures – all to keep themselves alive in the cold, ever-expanding vastness of universe, a Fermilab cosmologist believes.

Expansion of the universe, thought to be further accelerated by dark energy, is flinging matter apart, while galaxies are being pushed away from each other. This is a challenge alien technologies will have to deal with in order for them to survive, Dan Hooper, a senior Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory scientist, writes in a new study.

The paper looks at the use of megastructures, popularly known as Dyson spheres, which may theoretically be built around stars to harvest their energy. But it goes further than that, arguing that the huge balls of gas will also have to be shifted in their course so as not to escape the energy-hungry aliens.

“In order to maximise its access to useable energy, a sufficiently advanced civilisation would chose to expand rapidly outward, build Dyson Spheres or similar structures around encountered stars, and use the energy that is harnessed to accelerate those stars away from the approaching horizon and toward the centre of the civilization,” Hooper, who is also a professor of astronomy at the University of Chicago, writes.

While the futuristic scenario may or may not be already playing out somewhere in the universe, the study suggested that “any sufficiently advanced civilization” which is faced with the problem of possible isolation, will be prompted to start hunting for available stars in order “to secure as many of them as possible” before it is too late to reach them and extract their energy.

“Over the next approximately 100 billion years, all stars residing beyond the Local Group will fall beyond the cosmic horizon and become not only unobservable, but entirely inaccessible, thus limiting how much energy could one day be extracted from them,” Hooper writes.


So, as we should know, scientifically with our slide rule in hand, the end of the universe does not have any angelical trumpets nor fire, brimstone nor judgement, but a vanishing future into nothingness, falling apart from the other bits.

Locally though, there could be some nasty arse-burning when our sun, with its limited life, extinguishes itself in about 5 billion years, after exhausting its nuclear H and He fuel… Planet Earth is cactus obviously. We won’t be there to witness the event as it would absorb the spacial sphere up to about the orbit of Jupiter, then collapse into a zero-ish maximum and burp like a red dwarf. Before this, we, clever humans, might have managed to conquer outer space and reside on our artificial moveable plastic planet with its own support system and resurrected dinosaurs — not relying on the god sun, now as useless an old man’s fart — but devoted in an arty fashion, with offerings to the good Goddess Kardashianissus, every Thursdays.

Despite this predictable local apocalypse which our observations have detected in other collapsing star systems, It could be said that since humans could talk, we have not understood our accidental adventure. We think we’re god’s arse people...

We invented the biggest lie we could con ourself with: god, gods and the associated derivatives — those  nasty painful deceitful demons or cyclops, or other monsters in Dedalus. It is quite ironic that in this deception of our own mind we have invented a deceitful adversary to our hopes of becoming immortals, in a space that is vanishing at the rate of sideralical knots. 

All this religious lie is to make us accept our own death with dignified colours, but the whole thing is mostly designed to make us accept a structure of control: politics. Religion and politics have gone hand in hand since year dotty.

Even in Germany the ruling political party is the “Christian Democratic Union” (Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands) not the “Godless Demokratische sub-branch of South Miranda”…

Often you hear religious people saying “Oh lord, give me strength”. Bugger off! Go to the Gym! And should you be too old to do push-ups, just enjoy life as you have lived it, not as if god was going to give you a cattle prod-nod to make you stronger, as you breathe away your last molecule of atmosphere. I apologise. Here I shall pay respect to those who are dying and have problem with this process. I know, Nature is a bitch… and we genuinely feel for you. We do. That’s what we human do best: empathy, mainly because we are in the same boat and we really love(d) you.

John Locke, one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers and known as the "Father of Liberalism”, was one of the first of the British empiricists. He was also an acute detector of bullshit. Locke's empiricism is encapsulated in this quote, "whatever I write, as soon as I discover it not to be true, my hand shall be the forwardest to throw it into the fire.” And he does not mean hell-fire. 

Locke's theory of mind is often cited as the origin of modern conceptions of identity and of the self. Locke was the first to define the self through a continuity of consciousness. He postulated that, at birth, the mind was a blank slate or tabula rasa. Contrary to the Cartesian philosophy based on pre-existing concepts, he maintained that we are born without innate ideas, and that knowledge is instead determined only by experience derived from our sensory perception.

So what went wrong?

Individually we cannot survive. From birth, we need to be provided for a few years before we can be “independent”. Do we ever become fully independent? This is a natural characteristic in many animal species. See, the penguins in Antarctica look after each other for warmth and to protect their own brood away from the bitter cold. It’s efficient at their level of evolution and the memory of the new little penguins develop beyond mere instincts. Without this social congregation, the penguin species would die off.

Locke's "Tabula Rasa" of the human mind needs to be written upon. 

But to tell the truth, it is already imprinted with basic survival reactivity to existence — otherwise called instincts. Basic instincts are what make a baby cry when it is hungry, and to soil its nappies after the digestive system, independent of philosophical thoughts, goes into production mode.

The care we get will strongly imprint the next instalment of awareness upon the Tabula Rasa: this is a shitty world or this is a comfortable zone. Our happy nature depends a lot on on the care received then, but not exclusively.

In the past, old and frail, we would quickly die, in pain, in our bed. These days with modern medicine, our death is prolonged over a few years without pain, in a public hospital or in a profitable retirement village, caught in a tabula rasa daze (a return to the blank page) so thick that many people don’t even know they should wish they’d be dead instead. We also become a statistic about longevity.

So how to deal with this human species that is made of so many divergence, from racial, political, age variability and a peppering of religious hubris?

Only sciences can provide a framework to this but, really, do we really want to “unify” and promote the same “universal” tale?  

Since the 20th century world wars, many attempts to unify this loony species we call homo sapiens has been attempted. Unlike the penguins, of which there are SEVERAL species coping with the same problems of survival, we are a global species, having to cope with variations of style — rather than variations of DNA.

In the past, nature would have separated us into subspecies. This happened with the Neanderthals and the Denisovans. Species evolved differently in isolation. But our isolation was not “long enough" and scientifically we evolved survival skills and stylism much faster than our hereditary modifications. Here lie our essential stylistic lies.

We lie to ourselves in order to maintain a sort of unity, while we are different in our styles of “doing things”. Deceit is at the core of humanity survival. And we have fought wars of deceit ever since to achieve supremacy — from local to global.

Religions have been one of the tool to achieve this supremacy. Religions have nothing to do with god sitting on a cloud or giving us special privileges, but about maintaining the illusion of god, to achieve POLITICAL control.

Often you hear religious people saying “Oh lord, give me strength”. Bugger off! Go to the Gym. Sorry.... Uncouth of me. But should you be too old like me, passed “your prime", just enjoy life as you have lived it, not as if god is going to give you a prod cattle-nod to make you stronger. It’s ridiculous.

So what have we been writing on our tabular rasa ever since we’re born? 

It becomes complicated, soon after we become aware, we react to smiles and anger of people, as well as absorb language. Communication becomes a feature. We’re not at the receiving end of a teat anymore but we can express a demand for it. This develops fully into our adulthood, in which we are encouraged to ”think for ourself” without thinking too much, otherwise we fall of the control platform of the social set. 

From father Christmas, fairies at the bottom of the garden and other fiction, we are taught to lie and to accept lies until we know the truth — which we never do. So we learn a lot of bullshit that manipulates our reactive senses and we try to discern the reality of what’s what. Can we become self aware without the lies?

This is Locke’s powerful and understated message. Our main retarding dichotomy is that between us being individuals and in a group — and democracy does not escape this problem. We have our own ideas and we have to submit to the “majority” which we often describe as a "bunch of ignorant greedy bastards with no philosophical depth whatsoever". In Australia, namely the Libs and in the USA, the GOP. In England, there is a bit of redemption on this score, considering that the place is not democratic, considering the House of Lords (regal stuffy house of parliament) controls the final say. To think of this, the Australian political landscape is not far from this anachronism with its “Governors” answering to “the Queen” rather than to the people.

We need to improve the democratic system urgently — the present one with its prospect of tax cuts and religious hubris winning over ideals of humanity is a joke.

Where are aliens when you need them?

Gus Leonisky
Your local alien of South Miranda.

julian, emperor...

Emperor Julius was a good man... or was he not?

Well, I really have no idea about this — him being a good man — but on his plus-side, Julius diced the Christian religion out of the empire, to bring the Romans back to their natural gods, rather adhere to this made-up mono-three-phased composite pseudo-history, deceitfully written in the third century BC — a story that should have been dumped in to sewers of Constantinople or in those of Nicaea. 

Flavius Claudius Iulianus Augustus, also known as Julian-the-Apostate (the renouncing-Christian), was Roman Emperor from 361 to 363, as well as a notable philosopher and author in Greek. Good literate man.

A member of the Constantinian dynasty, Julian became ruler over the Western Roman provinces by order of Constantius II in 355. This was the precursor of NATO. There Julian was successful against the revolting Franks. As well, he was victorious over the Germanic tribes at Argentoratum (Strasbourg) in 357, leading 13,000 men against their barbaric army three times the size of his. Since then, the US Empire has learnt that the size of the army is important, despite this victory: the more guns, the better.

In 360, Julian was proclaimed Augustus (Emperor) by his army at Lutetia (Paris), sparking a war with Constantius. But Constantius died before the two could face each other in battle, after having named Julian as his successor. Easy.

In 363, Julian embarked on a campaign against the Persian Empire — Iran, before the rise of Islam around 400 years later. The campaign was successful till Ctesiphon, but the Persians flooded the area behind him and Julian withdrew, running up the valley of the Tigris River. During a battle, Julian was killed. The Roman forces had to evacuate Persia quickly.

Despite his warrior side, Julian, unlike Donald Trump, was a cultivated man.

A military commander, a theosophist, a social reformer, a man of letters, Julian was the last non-Christian ruler of the Roman Empire. He believed that it was necessary to prevent the Empire's ancient Roman values and traditions to fall to “terrorism” — in this case Christian deceit. In Donald's view it's the Chinese...
We know what followed next. In September 476 AD, the last Roman emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was deposed by a Germanic prince, Odovacar, who sent him and the remnant of the now Christian Roman empire to Constantinople. A warning to the USA. The Christians sided with the new rulers and thus started the budding Holy Roman Empire (Germany).

But Julian purged the top-heavy state bureaucracy alla Donald Trump. 

Julian also forbade the Christians from proselytising, like the Americans now try to stop the Russian media from operating in the USA. Julian's rejection of Christianity and promotion of "Neoplatonic Hellenism” made him remembered as Julian the Apostate by the Church that hated his guts. Donald trump to the contrary has been supported by the evangelicals making him the “Neoplastic Hegemonist”.

Julian was a vego who believed to be the reincarnation of Alexander the Great via transmigration of souls, in accordance with the teachings of Pythagoras and Plato. With these illusions of grandeur, Trump may believe to be the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan. We all know of the awful Trump diet.

Here, the parallel carries on being unsettling:

Not long before Julian left Antioch to launch his campaign against Persia (Iran), in keeping with his effort to foster religions other than Christianity (Free trade in regard to Donald), Julian ordered a Jewish Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. Here, we see The Donald refuting the Church of Globalisation and shifting the US Empire Temple — its embassy — to Jerusalem. So it appears the same shit has followed us since time immemorial.

Alypius, the Temple builder, supported by the governor, possibly Netanyahusis, began the work but continuous balls of fire, breaking out near the new foundations, stopped the workmen. After repeatedly being scorched, the workers could not go near the place — and the Temple project was abandoned.

So what happened? Palestinians from Gaza? I’m kidding… 

There are several theories on this one: a) the Christian god was not happy and hit the place with lightnings; b) there was an earthquake at the time that may have started the fires (They did not have gas-lines though) and c) the Christians set the wood works on fire every night… The latter explanation is the one most believed.

The Jews called him "Julian the Hellene” — a polytheist who worshipped the Greek Gods, the Olympians, Nature's divinities, the Chthonic gods (the underworld) and Heroes. Take your pick, Donald... 

In later years, 2006, the dystopian fiction novel "Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America" parallels the life of Julian, with the title character as the hereditary president of an oligarchic future United States of America who tries to restore science and combat the fundamentalist Christianity that has taken over the country. On this score we can't be sure about the Trump dynasty...

In the 22nd century year of 2172, long after the end of the Oil Age, the United States of America has become a neo-Victorian oligarchy, with the reintroduction of feudal indenture, a rigid class hierarchy, property-based representation in the federal United States Senate, de facto hereditary succession of the Presidency, establishment of the "Dominion of Jesus Christ" (premised on evangelicalism and organizationally based at Colorado Springs, Colorado) and the abolition of the Supreme Court. With the evacuation of Washington DC due to an unspecified cataclysm, ManhattanNew York has become the national capital. The United States has also annexed most of Canada and comprises sixty states, but is fighting German-controlled Mitteleuropa ("the Dutch") in the contested territory of LabradorClimate change and peak oil have caused technological reversion, exacerbated by the Dominion's repressive social policies.

Deklan Comstock, the hereditary President, has already arranged the death of his brother Bryce. The latter's widow, Emily, sends her son Julian to the remote rural western boreal district of Athabaska, where the egalitarian and free-thinking young man befriends Adam Hazzard, a fledgling writer. The two travel east by railroad, but are press-ganged into the "Army of the Laurentians", and are sent to the campaigns in Labrador. Julian becomes a war hero and foils his uncle's machinations. During the celebrations in Manhattan that follow, his actual identity is disclosed. A coup d'etat deposes his uncle and Julian is appointed President. He proceeds to upset the status quo through liberalising censorship policy, rehabilitating the image of Charles Darwin (the authorities have suppressed the ideas of Darwinian evolution in this world) and reimposing separation of church and state as public policy. He also emerges as gay, falling for Magnus, a Unitarian-style minister.

Life is weird...

more serious than it looks...

The world has become worn down by Trump's bluster and used to his constant stream of lunacy. But this numbness shouldn't lead to the normalization and acceptance of his aggressive outrageousness. The claim - leveled without a shred of proof - that the German government and its officials would deliberately keep the true extent of criminality from the citizens of Germany should not go without consequences. His open support for German right-wing populists is nothing less than a blatant attack by a foreign power on this country's government. It is a direct attempt by the White House to destabilize the Federal Republic of Germany.

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At least El Trumpo is open about his deeds. The previous US Presidents cajoled Europe but in reality they kicked it in the bum at every opportunity the day had turned into night. 

Trump isn't a lunatic... He carries on the same policies as previous White House dudes, but he is doing it without the artifices of pretending. BOOM. Take it or leave it... The others were hypocrites.


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