Tuesday 26th of March 2019

an idiot of a dump glowing in the dark...



Cory Bernardi has used his party's SA election campaign launch to push for nuclear energy in the state, and also to take aim at tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The Australian Conservatives have called for law changes to allow for "all forms of energy production", including nuclear power generation.


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is bernardi mad?


South Australia could become the "Saudi Arabia of the south" by tapping into a huge revenue stream from building a high-level nuclear waste dump in the state's north, the Australian Conservatives say.

Launching the party's campaign for the state election, founder and federal leader Cory Bernardi said it was time to take the "ideological blinkers" off and revive the conversation over the construction of a dump and the development of a nuclear power plant.

Acknowledging the party's proposals were a "long burn" given the revenue from a dump would take years to flow, Senator Bernardi said it would allow for $3 billion in annual taxes to be scrapped, including payroll tax and the emergency services levy.

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Yeoh! We need to be the "Saudi Arabia of the South" with more of our women in Burqas, at home in the kitchen cooking while barefoot while pregnant... Sounds like a proposal coming from Allah himself, unless Barnaby helped in this Kanbra after hours policy formulation. Bagging Elon Musk is a bit rich, coming from a bloke, Bernardi, who seems he's not done anything creative since he was born... The idea of a dump has been poopooed many times for good reasons and nuclear power is on the wane, for being too expensive and at the end of the day too dangerous with its waste products.