Tuesday 11th of December 2018

the little green book that greedy capitalists did not like...


The Green Book by Gaddafi rejects both capitalism and representative democracy. Instead, it proposes a type of direct democracy overseen by the General People's Committee which allows direct political participation for all adult citizens.[7][8]

The book states that "Freedom of expression is the natural right of every person, even if they choose to behave irrationally, to express his or her insanity."[9] The Green Book states that freedom of speech is based upon public ownership of book publishers, newspapers, television, and radio stations, on the grounds that private ownership would be undemocratic.[7]

A paragraph in the book about abolishing money is similar to a paragraph in Frederick Engels' "Principles of Communism".[10] Gaddafi wrote: "The final step is when the new socialist society reaches the stage where profit and money disappear. "It is through transforming society into a fully productive society, and through reaching in production a level where the material needs of the members of society are satisfied. On that final stage, profit will automatically disappear and there will be no need for money."[11]

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The cartoon above used to be hung in Gaddafi's high school that had been turned into a museum — all before the Green Book copies were burned by the Jihadists who were supported by the USA and the Europeans in 2011. The Green Book was criticized by Former U.S. Ambassador David Mack, amongst other capitalists, who is peddling shit about the Middle East because he is an "expert" on it. For example he writes:

Even after the wave of profound transformations that have swept the Middle East/North Africa region, the lack of galvanizing “heroes” — men and women of virtue and courage who can serve as role models for the region’s youth — should be a cause for concern to all those who seek peace and stability.

There are too few willing to defy a tide of hatred and violence. There are too few willing to challenge corrupt institutions and sclerotic customs that breed cynicism and injustice. There are too few symbols of peaceful change who promote a positive vision that appeals to the highest aspirations of the people rather than to their basest instincts.

All this is "convenient" but with the USA having removed Gaddafi and replaced him with fighting factions of jihadists is a bit "hypocritical" and it shows Mack's total misunderstanding of the power of religion and ethnicity in this neck of the woods. The Green Book had more to offer to the Libyan masses than the bombing of the country to "liberate it"... Under gaddafi, education was FREE,  especially EDUCATION IN SCIENCES.

until the US and their euro friends attacked libya...

until the US and their friends attacked the little country...