Wednesday 20th of September 2017

a good reason to vote yes: make tony abbott squirm...

tony and toneetony and tonee

postal vote yes, early and often... once.


It is a simple question, with big implications: should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released a sample of the paper it will send out to voters as it pushes ahead with the same-sex marriage postal survey.

The first survey papers will be mailed to voters today.

More than 16 million voters are eligible to vote in the survey — and the ABS says it will take two weeks to send out forms to all of them. Everyone on the electoral roll should have a form by September 25.

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Then the Turdy right wing will debate in parliament if the voters knew what this was all about... They will demand a recount and then they will vote with their "conscience" which is a big ask since they have only voted as a block before, like a flock of sheep under the spell of a mad rabid Kelpie... Some will find that they have sold their "conscience" to some religious groups, including Satan and the church of the saintly coal miners.

Picture at top in Redfern Street, Redfern by Gus Leonisky. Painted by xxxxxx for the #vote yes....


a firie tony...

It appears that Tony Abbott today was fighting a bushfire in Beacon Hill, Sydney. He should actually spend more time preventing global warming which he contributes to by not believing in it since global warming is not mentioned in the bible. Tony Abbott is an idiot.


He gets an uptick from the Daily Telecrap:

Daily TelegraphFirefighters continue to fight suspicious fire at Beacon Hill | News Local

Tony Abbott puts out a property fire in Beacon Hill ... The Northern Beaches RFS 
has been fighting spot fires all day as temperatures soared into the 30s. ... This 
driver threw a lit cigarette butt from his car at Beacon Hill today.

abandoned by the kid...

Tony Abbott's daughter Frances Abbott has announced her support for marriage equality and urged people to vote yes in the national postal survey.

Despite her father being an outspoken opponent of the yes campaign, Ms Abbott posted a passionate statement in favour of legalising same-sex marriage to Instagram, alongside a picture of herself wearing a 'Vote Yes' T-shirt.

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matt canavan needs to "grow a heart"...

The Nationals senator Matt Canavan’s call for marriage equality advocates to “grow a spine” was “very regrettable” coming from a politician who had faced less adversity than LGBTI Australians, the mental health expert Patrick McGorry has said.

The psychiatrist and former Australian of the year criticised Canavan in an interview on Sky News on Monday, responding to reports that mental health services have experienced a surge in requests for help since the same-sex marriage postal survey was called.

The digital youth service ReachOut said it had seen a 20% increase in people accessing its online advice relating to LGBTIQ issues and half a dozen of the country’s most prominent mental health organisations have held crisis talksto deal with higher demand, according to Fairfax Media.

The National Mental Health Commission has expressed “concerns about the detrimental mental health impacts of the marriage equality debate”.

Last Monday Canavan said people should “stop being delicate little flowers and have a proper debate”. “Can’t we all just grow a spine and grow up?” he said. “The debate hasn’t been that bad.”

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