Wednesday 20th of June 2018

superb delaying tactics from the mobster who brought you the royal republican defeat...


malcolm's postal survey...

Malcolm Turnbull has thrown his support behind the “yes” vote in the same-sex marriage debate, telling like-minded Liberals and Nationals it is a question of “fairness”.

Addressing the New South Wales Liberals and Nationals for Yes campaign launch in Sydney on Sunday morning, Turnbull said this change had already happened in many countries around the world.

“In any one of those nations has the sky fallen in, has life as we know it ground to a halt, has traditional marriage been undermined and the answer is plainly no,” he said.

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barnaby does not want equality nor windmills in his face...


The same-sex marriage debate seems to be getting to deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

"Just get out of my face," Mr Joyce said this morning about people campaigning on the issue.

"I can't stand these people who stand at the corner and start yelling at you about what your views are on a very personal issue, just get out of my face, leave me alone I will make the decision up myself," he told RN Breakfast.

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meanwhile from norway's minarets...


In another incident which obviated the cultural divide between his followers and the majority of modern Europeans, Qureshi refused to distance himself from the stoning of homosexuals. When directly confronted by Listhaug about this matter, Qureshi first answered in a non-committal way, claiming that everyone must comply with the laws of the country they live in and then refusing to discuss the matter altogether. In 2013, the Islam Net leader openly expressed his support for the execution of homosexuals and adulterers, arguing it constituted 'proper' punishment upon which 'all normal Muslims' agreed.


Islam Net is a Sunni Muslim organization in Norway, founded in 2008 by engineering student Fahad Qureshi. With local chapters in Oslo, Akershus, Tromsø and Bodø, it has over 1,400 dues-paying members. The organization is chiefly aimed at students to promote Islam and "solve misunderstandings about it."

Qureshi infamously tore up a copy of France's Charlie Hebdo magazine after a terrorist attack on its staff, saying that while he condemns the attack, he also believes the journalists had violated his freedom of speech by mocking the Prophet Muhammad.

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un-secure vote...


Some Australians have expressed their concerns about the privacy of the same-sex marriage postal survey, after photos shared widely on social media appeared to expose a trick that could reveal the responses inside sealed envelopes.

A photo that was initially shared on Facebook showed how shining a torch light over the reply-paid envelope included with the survey could reveal the marked Yes or No box on the form inside.

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See toon at top. The way to stop this silly postal oversight is to blacken the inside of the envelope by whatever means is readily available including duct tape, magic markers and dog turd material.


next, no wedding because you vote liberal (CONservative)...


Malcolm Turnbull has defended a Victorian church that cancelled the wedding of a local couple after they posted their support for same-sex marriage on Facebook.

The couple in their 20s – who have not been named – were to be married at the Presbyterian church of Ebenezer St John’s in Ballarat, Fairfax media reported on Friday.

Days after Turnbull announced the postal survey in August, the young woman posted her support for marriage equality. She and her fiance were then told by the minister, Steven North, he would no longer marry them or allow the ceremony to be held in the church.

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Of course our troubled Trumble has both feet on either turds. Lucky man... 

Meanwhile regarding the Law:

Writer Benjamin Law would like to thank what he calls the “unholy alliance of the Australian, Sky News and the Australian Spectator” for giving him a week’s worth of national publicity for his Quarterly Essay Moral Panic 101: Equality, Acceptance and the Safe Schools Scandal.

“It’s wonderful to see them so unified in action to publicise an essay that shows their own organisations in such an unflattering light,” Law told Weekly Beast on day four of the attacks on him by News Corp and conservative journal the Spectator.

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more delays in the CONservative pipeline...


3. Divisions within the Christian religion run deep, so whose side is God on?

This impassioned piece by Julia Baird in the Sydney Morning Herald, 'Same-sex marriage result was a defeat for only one type of Christianity', reveals the depth of disagreement among Christians on the topic of marriage equality. Baird opens her piece with the question: 'Who speaks for God?'

— LGBTI Rights (@RightsLGBTI) November 18, 2017

Because I find the concept of the male Christian god entirely baffling, I find the argument about who speaks for him on the civil and secular matter of marriage equality both bizarre and irrelevant. Christians do not and have never had ownership of marriage. And while as Baird points out in her piece, the aforementioned Australian Christian Lobby may not speak for many Christians, the Anglican Church, which donated $1million to the "No" campaign, surely does. Not to mention the Church of Rome — vocal and insistent in its advocacy for what it calls'marriage between a man and a woman'.

Regular churchgoers, Baird claims, are at odds with their hierarchies, however, as there is no data available as to the number of practising Christians who voted "Yes", this claim is as unsubstantiated as is that of Paul Bongiorno’s recent surprising tweet, in which he states:

'On reflection, it is sad that the ethnic minority communities of Western Sydney – victims of discrimination and prejudice – are incapable of extending equality to the Queer minority. Out of synch with the nation.'

As Twitter was quick to ask, where has this data come from, and who exactly has done any analysis of it that could lead one to this crude conclusion? It was a voluntary postal opinion poll, with no usual survey safeguards, not a referendum or a plebiscite.

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