Thursday 30th of March 2017

whose medicine?...


medicine man

The Federal Government must "take its medicine" and learn from the West Australian Liberal Party's landslide defeat at the polls on the weekend, Treasurer Scott Morrison says.

Key points:
  • "We lost because we've been in there for some time," Scott Morrison says
  • Preference deal is criticised by some WA Liberals
  • Pauline Hanson says she is "absolutely thrilled" about the result

Labor swept into office to end eight and a half years in opposition, leaving the Liberals now trying to determine where it all went wrong.

Mr Morrison said the result was disappointing but could not be blamed on the WA Liberal Party's decision to preference One Nation over traditional allies the Nationals in some regional Upper House seats.

"Honestly, if people think that is the reason the WA State Government lost the election on the weekend, I think they are kidding themselves," he told Sydney radio station 2GB.

"We lost it because we have been in there for some time and there are other issues locally that took their toll, and you've just got to take your medicine and move forward."

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... and sing she cannot...

Pauline Hanson's hypocrisy as populist outsider doing a preference deal with the establishment Liberals in WA shows that allegations of hypocrisy mean little, if anything, in politics.

There is little, if anything, appealing about Hanson the politician and her odious One Nation party. She revels in ignorance. She stokes prejudice. I once heard her sing a duet of I Am Australian in a Tamworth pub, and sing she cannot.

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