Monday 28th of September 2020

sad melbourne — no longer the satire capital of australia...

shut down...

Clinton bikini/niqab mural becomes black wall as Melbourne authorities win censorship battleA mural of a scantily-clad Hillary Clinton created by an Australian artist was briefly changed into a Muslim woman dressed in a niqab, following a complaint by the local council. However, the latest makeover also left the authorities unimpressed.

After seeing the mural of the woman in the niqab, with just her eyes visible, which was created by a street artist known as Lushsux, Maribyrnong Council in Melbourne did not take kindly to the new creation. 

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Now a black brick wall...

black wallblack wall


comedy australia — now in the throes of taste police...


Stop Laughing... this is serious

Episode 3 Hello Possums (Final)

The final episode looks at how Australian comedy established itself on the world stage. From Barry Humphries to Paul Hogan, Tim Minchin and Adam Hills, our tenacity has shown the world how funny Aussies can be. (Part 3 of 3)


the least likeable...


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton reminded voters last weekend why they are the least popular candidates in modern history. And the New York Times reaffirmed that point, reporting that only 9 percent of the country actually voted for them in the Primary. We hash things out at the top of the show.

Then, global warming is already affecting Washington DC in demonstrable ways. DCist Associate Editor Rachel Kurzius joins to discuss our rapidly growing “Mosquito Seasons,” the freak rainstorm in Ellicott City, Md. that killed two people, and sweltering conditions inside of DC jails.

Finally, corporate lobbyists are pushing President Obama’s Net Neutrality initiative closer to the Supreme Court. And although the withdrawal timetable keeps getting pushed back and although 2016 seems to be driving everyone mad, the Pentagon isn’t keen on drumming up the threat of Daesh in Afghanistan. Nice!


no satire? please, go away...


There are few people in the world who have borne witness to as many shows as Melbourne festival’s new artistic director Jonathan Holloway, so when he describes a production as “the single best work I’ve ever, ever seen in my life, anywhere, ever” you write down the name (The Echo of the Shadow by Barcelona’s Teatro de los Sentidos) and circle it twice – and then go see it at the 2016 Melbourne festival.

Running through October, the festival will be Holloway’s first at the helm, following seven years at Norfolk and Norwich festival and, more recently, a successful four-year stint in Perth. “Successful” is putting it lightly. Holloway was responsible for Perth festival’s 2015 centrepiece, The Giants: the larger-than-life “puppet show on steroids” brought to Western Australia by French troupe Royal de Luxe. Organisers estimated that the production – which became almost synonymous with the festival itself – was seen by 1.4 million people.

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What? NO POLITICAL SATIRE IN THIS EVENT? Are festivals the place to make rabid political comments? are sponsors in the way? Who decide what is satire or not? 

It looks like the Sydney Fringe Festival starting on 1 September has got more laughs for bucks... About 80 comics plus heaps more art in theatre, music and exhibition, etc... I hope that in this lot there would be some political satirists ready to poke some good lines at our sad sods in politics... Otherwise we might have to wait for the Wharf Review later on this year (October)...

This year should be a great year for satire on stage... We are desperately in need to kick some butts...


a gorilla drawn on her backside...


I feel like a dirty old man; I'm trying to get the best shot of a woman having a gorilla drawn on her backside by notorious Melbourne graffiti artist Lushsux.

We've come to a converted warehouse late at night to watch Lushsux in action.

Sage Lukis, whose buttocks are tonight's canvas, has responded to a call out on social media.

"Why not get your butt painted?" she said.

As Lushsux busily sketches, I put on my most serious journalist tone and ask: "What's it like drawing on a butt?"

"It depends on the person," he said.

"Sometimes it's not so fun because they might have tanned or have oiled up. If they've had a shower they're sweet, no problems."

Like much of his work, this latest series of portraits have an element of nudity — something that has created controversy for him in the past.

"Some people obviously take issue to the human form. I mean, you see it every morning when you go to take a shower," he said.


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Meanwhile in Sydney:

Looming over one of Sydney's busiest intersections is the striking face of Aboriginal elder Jenny Munro.

The canvas is a white 10-storey building wall on the corner of Harbour and Goulburn streets near the Chinese Gardens.

Framed by dripping blue, black and red paint, Ms Munro looks into the distance with a mountain sunrise painted in her irises.

It's a face filled with reflection and strong resolve.

"I made the statement long ago: I fight till I die and I ain't dead yet."



smarter than melbourne...


ragged birthday suit
Life-size statues of a naked Donald Trump, mocking the Republican presidential candidate, have popped up in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland and Seattle.

Numerous photos and videos of the lifesize creation – which doesn’t include a fig leaf – were uploaded to social media on Friday, showing people hugging and kissing the statues, among other things.

The images are a little NSFW. You have been warned.


Meanwhile :



Modal TriggerMeet the New York nobodies running for�president

Photo: Illustration by Emil Lendoff


Long-shot candidates from the Big Apple running for president say they have a real advantage this election — they’re more likable than the famous New Yorkers on the ticket: Trump and Clinton.

“The only people who are relevant are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But would I be a better president? Absolutely,” said Lee Newton Rhodes, a 58-year-old accountant from Marine Park, Brooklyn, who threw his hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential race.

At least 58 New York City-based political nobodies — including a quirky New York Knicks fanatic, a real estate developer and a 14-year-old boy — have filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to become the next American president.



the park department comments on donald'd dick...

The New York City Parks Department took down a nude statue of Donald Trump from Union Square this afternoon, but only after releasing a clever pun mocking the size of the naked Trump statue’s clay penis.

A Parks Department spokesperson remarked in a statement to the Gothamist that “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

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A statue of President Trump

A statue of President Trump in his birthday suit is headed to Las Vegas after being sold at auction for $28,000.

Julien’s Auctions announced that it sold the larger-than-life piece known as “The Emperor Has No Balls” to Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator and host of Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.”

The statue, which was created in August 2016 by West Coast anarchist collective Indecline, is the last one remaining that has not been vandalized or destroyed.

The controversial sculptures depicting a naked Trump appeared in public spaces across the US weeks before he was sworn into office.

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