Friday 25th of May 2018

incognito barnaby enters into a debate about classy tool-bags at the "elitist" RN...


A talkback caller to the ABC's Radio National station who discussed class systems in Australia, and described himself as "Barnaby in New South Wales", has turned out to be Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

The presenter was debating with listeners about whether Australia has a structured class system and what constituted a "bogan" when 'Barnaby' rang in to make a contribution.

He argued that class structure does not exist in Australia and people who were classified as "bogans" or "middle class" were actually making consumer choices.

"If people honestly believed there was a class system [in Australia] then it would be clearly identifiable as you walk down the street," 'Barnaby' said.

"And I think even the discussion today between, these pejorative or an accolade - bogan and what would otherwise be middle class - and I think in many instances that's just a consumer choice.

"We can have people who are obviously vastly wealthier who are so-called bogans than other people in the middle class."

'Barnaby' went on to argue that even the act of listening to Radio National could be considered "elitist" or a "statement of class" by some in the community.

"Don't assume anything about the Life Matters' audience," joked presenter Natasha Mitchell.

"I would presume that on many worksites at the moment that people with tool-bags are probably unlikely to be listening to this program, even though it's a great program," 'Barnaby' replied.

Senator Joyce later confirmed to the ABC that he was the caller.




abbott foaming at the mouth with porkies...


It seems Abbott blames Martin Parkinson for the alleged pre-September nature of government. The concept of the Australian public service providing frank and fearless independent advice, of being professional, is out the window. Looks like Ray Hadley would make a good Treasury secretary.

If it wasn't rather important and if it didn't provide a worrying insight into the Prime Minister's thinking, it would be funny, or at least Pythonesque. Parkinson is effectively accused of being responsible for something that doesn't exist: Australia is not a high-tax country by developed world standards.

Indeed, in the context of the high level of social services provided and promised by both sides of politics, Australia is remarkably low-taxing. And our level of taxation has not and will not materially change because Tweedledum has replaced Tweedledee on the Treasury benches.

Despite comfortably winning the election and now having to be responsible for stuff, Tony Abbott is still running off at the mouth with mindless opposition slogans. It wouldn't matter except that some people believe the Prime Minister. Vast numbers of Australian innocents have been told they are highly taxed and they're silly enough to believe it. Telling lies isn't a good way to prepare people for a sensible and necessary review of the tax system.

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