Wednesday 20th of June 2018

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Another, on 20th Aug 2010, is entitled ‘Abbott defends Slipper’s travel’:

Mr Abbott yesterday said it was “fair and reasonable” that travel expenses be paid for Mr Slipper’s travel between the Sunshine Coast and Canberra.

“Members of parliament are entitled to travel from their place of residence to Canberra for sittings of parliament,” Mr Abbott said.

There is also an article about whether or not he will be investigated, or whether there was a plot to remove his LNP endorsement.

Whatever the case, there were a lot of articles attacking the local Federal MP about his expenses in the two weeks before polling day. And note well that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott defended him.

Here are more details about Abbott defending Slipper, both before the 2010 election and after it, sourcing all documents.

setting the sting...

If Labor did anything against their written agreements with the Independents, they would lose Government. One of these agreements insisted on the pricing of carbon.

This was the political setting federally.  The coalition was three seats behind (Oakeshott, Wilkie, Windsor and Bandt), minus the Speaker Harry Jenkins. Potentially, Slipper was a renegade and they had to control this fall out to retain his vote, whilst also trying to persuade the Independents to drop their support for the Labor Government and send the people back to the polls.

Tony Abbott made statements throughout 2011 in support of Slipper.

In the background, Mal Brough was doing his job to get pre-selected in Slipper’s Electorate of Fisher and, on 3 September 2011, Mal Brough was elected president of the Fisher branch of the LNP, in direct opposition to Peter Slipper’s preferred candidate, Dr Greg Robinson.

On 31 August 2011, two days before this meeting, there were text messages between Ashby and Slipper, who were to travel together from Slipper’s office to the AGM of the Beerwah/Glasshouse LNP branch.

Meanwhile, Ashby is texting his mate Simon Ward from WIN TV (Message # 9501 on 2nd Sep at 7.05 am):

Hope u have cameras at today’s FDC AGM in maleny. It’s going to be interesting. Potential blood bath.

On the 4th September, 2011, Peter and Inge Slipper drove Ashby to the airport for an overseas trip.  By this time, clearly Ashby was considered a friend as well as a political ally.

meanwhile, in the obeid supporter camp...

It would be funny if not so tragic that the NSW Labor catholic right faction that brought you Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripody seems to still be at it, trying to resurrect the moribund Rudd, the former catholic who turned coat to the anglicans (while Tony Blair was an anglican who turned catholic)... Anyway the boffins of the catholic right are (discreetly) annoyed at the Prime Minister fiddling around with their hero, cardinal George Pell...

Makes me cry in the Bolognese...

Meanwhile with the help of the Murdoch press constantly haggling, they believe that Rudd is a F%$#^@&g angel !!... And of course this faction of side-liners does not like Swan either, because he supports Julia...

Makes you cry in the latte...


popular like the carbon tax...

PROOF the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is a "policy weakling" comes in polls which show he's less popular than Labor's carbon price, Trade Minister Craig Emerson says.

Dr Emerson told Parliament the Opposition was full of "fear and smear" but the sustained campaign against the carbon price was failing.

"The leader of the Opposition is a policy weakling," he told the House of Representatives today.

"So much is he a policy weakling that there is Essential Research out today that shows the carbon price is much more popular that the leader of the Opposition."