Thursday 27th of January 2022

You Can't Have A War Without A Hero

 As the Australian Prime Minister's opinion polls sag from the mud of a
bribery scandal, a flag-draped Australian hero is brought home to be
honoured on our annual day of war remembrance.....

It was bad luck that I was re-watching "Wag The Dog" while reading
about the death of the Aussie sniper... maybe otherwise I wouldn't have
been feeling so cynical. For those who don't know the movie, it's about
the media staging of a war to save the US President's election
campaign. Anyway, I was listening to Dustin Hoffman uttering the words
in the title as my eyes fell on this Melbourne Herald-Sun paragraph:

great moments of freedom .....

‘Usually watching CNN with one
eye as we blog from our undisclosed location doesn’t give us much new fodder,
except for the occasional "stuck landing gear" crisis. But
this week we were aghast at the coverage of Chinese President Hu Jintao at the
White House. 

At an outdoor ceremony, Bush told Hu: 

fist fight: kim & johnnee .....

From the ABC ….. 


Beazley urges Howard: stay on until election

The Federal Opposition Leader Kim
Beazley has issued a challenge to John Howard to contest the next election. 

There has been more leadership
speculation in the wake of the Prime Minister yesterday declaring he was not considering

Is The Australian Ambassadorship A Tobacco Kickback?

As Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage sticks up for the
Howard Government again, I start to wonder about him. Armitage, who has
ties to the company that provided the commercial torturers working in
Abu Graibh (including the one from Adelaide)
has attempted to draw a curtain over the Howard Government's
negligences revealed in the AWB Inquiry. Armitage says that nobody in
the USA gives a damn about Australian Government corruption.

Wow, they are just like us Aussies after all

torture in guantanamo .....

As our great holy men of faith
leapt about the landscape this past week, loudly protesting the cruel &
inhuman treatment visited on refugees from West Papua by our evil neighbours,
the Indonesians, the rest of the world, including Great Britain, was busy
complaining about the inhuman treatment being meted-out by our great friend
& ally, the US, on the detainees held at Guantanamo Bay (Guantanamo
Detainee List Draws Wave Of Complaints

the village idiot .....

‘How extraordinary. Something is
happening here that has never happened in America's history. A consensus is
sweeping the nation. Not that the war in Iraq is wrong, or that oil companies
are screwing us blue, or that the climate is going to hell, or that good-paying
jobs are being replaced by low-paying jobs, or that our national health care
system is a disgrace, or that that the rich are getting a lot richer while the
middle class gets poorer. 

the great decider .....

‘Last but not least, before deciding to bomb Iran's
nuclear installations the Bush administration must seriously question whether
the intelligence on which its decision is based is reliable. Those of us who
have followed reports on the development of Iran's nuclear program know that
the warnings from American and other intelligence agencies about Tehran
building a bomb in three and five years have been made again and again — for
more than 15 years. 

the danger of polls .....

‘It’s both fascinating and
dismaying watching the manufactured `crisis’ over Iran reach new intensity each

Iran poses no real military
threat to anyone, but listening to the Bush Administration or the US media one
would think that that Tehran was about to unleash a nuclear holocaust on the

What we are seeing is a rerun of
the administration’s massive propaganda offensive that led to the invasion of
Iraq. There is also no doubt that the Bush Administration has been planning a
major air war against Iran. 

more flim-flam maxine .....

Richard Clarke flags
consequences of bombing Iran 

Reporter: Maxine McKew 

MAXINE McKEW: ‘While the UN
Security Council tries to grapple with Iran's open defiance of nuclear
regulators …..’

Attorney-General Throws Christians To The Liars

The protesters who broke into Pine Gap are about to be treated as "examples" This is going to be a major warning to protesters that contravention of law will not be tolerated.

Here's tomorrow's Daily Telegraph story. 


A GROUP of anti-war
protesters claim "operational secrecy" is hindering their efforts to
defend themselves against charges of breaking into a top secret
Australian spy base.

Donna Mulhearn, 37, Jim Dowling, 50, Adele Goldie, 29, and Bryan Law,
51, have faced a committal hearing in Alice Springs Magistrates Court,
charged with breaking into the Pine Gap spy base in central Australia.

echoes from waco …..

‘Thirteen years ago the federal government of the United
States ended its altercation with a group of peaceful religious separatists – a
conflict the government had initiated – by driving a tank through the Branch
Davidians’ home and church, pumping the interior with poisonous gas, and
keeping the fire engines at a distance while the building and the people inside

For many Americans, Waco
represented the nightmare their government had become. In those days, it was
the right that spoke out against unchecked government power, erosions of the
Bill of Rights, and the imperial executive. Such criticism was tempered in its
radicalism over the next decade, for a variety of reasons.

not the voices again .....

‘"I listen to all voices, but mine is the final
decision," he said. "And Don Rumsfeld is doing a fine job. He's not
only transforming the military, he's fighting a war on terror. He's helping us
fight a war on terror. I have strong confidence in Don Rumsfeld. 

"I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I
know the speculation. But I'm the decider, and I decide what is best. And
what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."’

exxtort .....

for the “flim-flam” maxine ……

Oil Price Increase
Prompts Inflation Fears - 7:30 Report

Oil prices driven up by supply
issues, demand issues, speculation, the Iran crisis, global warming, 4 wheel
drive purchases, inclement weather, the untimely death of Kerry Packer, the UN
oil-for-food scandal, Brokeback Mountain, junior’s “war on terra”, Easter &
of course, my old Aunt Mary’s oil heater.

all dressed-up with no-where to go .....

The Center for American
Progress reports …..  

‘In the first three months of
2006, the Bush administration has failed to achieve substantial progress on the
security and reconstruction of Iraq, even though there have been some
achievements in forming a democratic government. Thousands of U.S. soldiers and
diplomats continue to serve their country bravely but they remain tied to the
stay-the-course policies of President Bush and his top policy and political
leadership. Judging the administration’s Iraq policy as a whole, the Center for
American Progress gives the Bush administration a “D” for its performance in
the first quarter of 2006. 

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