Friday 16th of April 2021

a traditionally pious catholic with bombs...

AMERICACA    Joe Biden, only the second Roman Catholic to lead the United States, is already placing his faith front and center of his presidency.

ten times more bullshit than the average country...


The Morrison government has been accused of taking credit for a dip in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, with climate scientists slamming the federal government for leaving the heavy lifting to states and territories.

"the media heist" — a theatre play by uncle rupe...

shit newsshit news
Morrison’s media code could be catastrophic for climate and energy news



The Morrison method – if you don’t ask, you can’t tell


pass the toothpaste, the bleach and the window cleaner...


WASHINGTON – William Burns appeared to glide through his confirmation hearing to become CIA director on Wednesday, winning marquee endorsements and frothy support from senators in both parties.

yes we can...

we can

In the last six months I’ve heard one phrase more often than I had in my previous 66 years: “Can you believe this is happening in America?”

As in: “I spent the whole day hunting online for a drugstore to get a Covid vaccination. Can you believe this is happening in America?”

“Fellow Americans ransacked our Capitol and tried to overturn an election. Can you believe this is happening in America?”

“People in Texas are burning their furniture for heat, boiling water to drink and melting snow to flush their toilets. Can you believe this is happening in America?”


the poisoners of the american spirit...

nasty monkeys...   We have already mentioned these two dangerous loonies, Robert Kagan and Bill Kristoll

reviving the european ideal...


Europe is a bastard child of many nations that fought each other over centuries. It is hard to know when the concept of Europe started, though we are told:

from the father of vaccination himself...


Give your custom to restaurants that include wine in the fixed price menu...

Average longevity for a water drinker : 59

Average longevity for a wine drinker: 65

Wine is milk for old people.

87 per cent of centenarians are wine drinkers.


Wine is the most healthy and most hygienic of drinks. (Pasteur)






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