Thursday 9th of February 2023

the fear meme .....

Corrupt & squalid fear merchants schemed to keep the Cold War alive for two decades, before coming-up with a new, improved scam to prey on our fears: the endless War on Terror.

Bush, Blair & Howard have enhanced their political power by deceitfully capitalizing on this new fear meme. And so our second-rate political leaders, incapable of addressing the real global challenges that confront mankind, have morphed into spiritual warriors who will just keep us safe.

Adam Curtis from BBC2 confronts us with The Power of Nightmares

Atomic Nightmare

Every generation needs a new revolution.
- Thomas Jefferson

One wonders why Thomas felt compelled to suggest such a dangerous proposition ...

Speaking of nightmares, Henry Kissinger, The Australian Atomic Arm Twisting


Thanks Josef for pointing this article out to us

The crucial parts of the article are contained in these three paragraphs,,, """"The answers to these questions should not be left to impressionistic accounts but to analysis organised as a presentation of opposing views so that policy-makers are able to judge the available evidence. """" """"If the US continues to pursue its declared policy of encouraging the European initiative, it will be driven to recognise that the process cannot go beyond a certain point without some kind of US participation. Progress will require a commitment by the Europeans to a range of pressures if negotiations fail and to the elaboration of criteria linked to a schedule by which progress can be measured"""". """"US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has rightly pointed out aspects of Iranian policy that impede negotiations with the US, especially the support of groups relying on terror in Iraq. Tehran will have to show some readiness to modify these ventures before the US can participate in the negotiating process now conducted by three European nations.""" SUGAR COATED Re the first paragraph, we know that "the presentation of opposing views" can be manipulated to achieve a particular policy... It also depends on the "policy-makers" viewpoints in the end who can seek information to support their agenda. This is presented in this article as if it was clearly reasoned and very well thought-out, but it thus is baloney... The second paragraph expresses clearly that the US does not want the Europeans to succeed unless the US in involved... The words of the third paragraph basically say (and the article supports this view point) when one READ BETWEEN THE LINES that the US won't and should not negotiate.... Point bank... As well it "blames" the other side for the problem, including unrelated problems... This arrogance on the three levels is the fuel that drives a reactive hardened stance... In hostage situations (including some in in Iraq but mostly in the US) there is always room for hefty lengthy negotiations... There are nearly 700 hostages in the Armericas every year and in nearly all cases ransom is paid. Specialised negotiating private organisations do the deals... No police (...and no media!) are involved and no one is the wiser... People lives are spared... "Honour amongst deal-makers..." Why then is there no negotiations from the US in which words of reason and "understanding" could be used rather than words of threat? Especially, when there is no crisis as yet... only a perceived "potential" crisis not so much of war... but of the "possible" creation of nuclear tools of war... In which the huge majority, including rulers of Iran and North Korea. want peace but are forced in a corner of tit for tat by a threatening US that does not like their "regeemes"... Are the threats designed more to spur the "potential" in order to prove ourselves right then when we defuse it with a war? (reverse psychology with boots in the end). Will we say the preemptive solution is better anyway? This goes against all accepted rules of equality, and It also fractures the threat but does not remove it... It could delay it by just a few years, but greatly adding more feeling of revenge in the next instalment... And pushing underground the manufacture of such weaponry if it's not already done presently by real lunatics the US does not know about? This is school-yard bully tactics... All we need is an a psychopathic US president to press the red button at the end of his terms because "he wants to solve the problems of the world once and for all" but in reality doesn't want anybody else to be able to do so... I mean it.. It is very serious consideration... Armageddon is a reality in many a religious mind... Too many... But then they will blame the other side and claim their slice of paradise... Thanks Josef, for pointing ithis out to us

The Fear meme at work

From The Power of Nightmares Part III

V(oice)O(ver): And the government also said that the Detroit cell was planning to attack US military bases around the world. Yet again, they found hidden evidence of this in a day planner they discovered under the sofa in the house in Detroit. What looked like doodles were in reality, they said, a plan to attack a US base in Turkey.

WILLIAM SWOR, DEFENCE LAWYER, DETROIT SLEEPER CELL TRIAL, INDICATING COPY OF DRAWINGS FROM DAY PLANNER: The government brought in its security officer from the base to testify that she interpreted this as being the main runways. She identified these as being AWACS airplanes and these as being fighter jets. She said that these solid lines were lines of fire and she also said that this down here was a hardened bunker.

VO: But the drawings in the day planner were discovered to have actually been the work of a madman. They were the fantasies of a Yemeni who believed that he was the minister of defence for the whole of the Middle East. He had committed suicide a year before any of the accused had arrived in Detroit, leaving the day planner lying under the sofa in the house. Despite this, two of the accused were found guilty. But then, the government’s only witness, Mr Hmimssa, told two of his cellmates that he had made the whole thing up to get his fraud charges reduced. The terrorism convictions have now been overturned by the judge in the case, but it was acclaimed by the President as the first success in the war on terror at home.

Black and White And Full Of Crap, Lies Run Big, Facts Small in U.S. Media, By Ted Rall.

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My pleasure Gus, I could not have done a better job by picking the eyes and heart of the underlying factors between the lines.

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testing, testing, testing...

BERLIN — German authorities said Friday that a laptop case carrying bomb components found at a Namibian airport was an American-made device designed to test airport security.

But Namibian officials denied that anyone from their country, Germany or the United States was conducting an authorized test, and said they were still trying to determine who left the bag, which contained batteries wired to a clock and detonator, near luggage destined for an Air Berlin flight.

The fact that authorities were still trying to answer that question two days after the bag was found raised troubling questions about the system aimed at preventing terrorist attacks in the skies, and how well such test devices are tracked.

The maker of the device, Larry Copello of Sonora, Calif., said he had sold it “about four years ago,” but added that he did not know who had possession of it this week, nor how it ended up in Africa.

He said he believed the device was not being used in a test but that someone had been traveling with it and it was detected by accident.

However if that was the case, so far no government has publicly confirmed it.

The bag was found Wednesday, hours before the German interior minister warned the nation of a concrete threat of a terrorist strike and raised the country’s threat assessment level. When news of the security alarm in Namibia, a former German colony, became public on Thursday, fears mounted of a possible bomb attack.


fearing the truth.......

by Phil Butler


Scarcity and who is getting rich from it is the only geopolitical question that matters today. The proxy military actions in Ukraine are all over the news. Of course, it is. Death, destruction, and war machines have always been popular entertainment. The real war, the battle waged by the elites on us all, is the important story that’s never told. Here, fellow citizens of Earth, is the case for deciding to free ourselves for good. Who was it who said “we have nothing to fear?” Ah yes, it was FDR during the depression.

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life, a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1st inaugural address

Now we are asked to be afraid of Vladimir Putin weaponizing gas! We must act in defense, to the Russian’s weaponizing food! And Vladimir Putin personally killed J.F.K. with a BB-Gun from the Texas book depository in Dallas. Did Russia’s leadership wake up one morning in 2014 and decide a NATO regime was needed in next-door Ukraine? Well, no. Were the Russians shelling people with Polish DNA in Kyiv for eight years? Certainly not. The EU, NATO, and the New York Times would have informed us of that. So why would Russia act the way she has recently? I see no one out there gazing with practical eyes on this situation. Oh, commodities and controlling them! Money! Tons and tons of money! That has to be it.

Some weeks back, Vladimir Putin’s government decided to allow the free passage of grain ships through the Black Sea out of southwestern Ukraine. The “food” was ostensibly headed to the starving people of Africa and Asia that Washington, London, and Brussels were berserk over. Even the United Nations has taken the position that starving people around the world need to blame Russia. I was reading a Voice of America report on recent UN meetings about the Ukraine/Black Sea shipments, and it reads like intel for Wall Street commodities brokers. And there’s the point. Food security worldwide is now the red-hot poker western elites are jabbing Russia with now. Since Putin’s gas hike was not enough to stir Americans into a blood ritual for total war, now the liberal world order is throwing grocery prices into the mix.

For those in the dark or dizzied by all these events, and I am often with you, the easy version is to simply call this World War III. Yes, we are already in it. For true clarity, think about the sequence of recent events, and their impact. Nord Stream was blown up. The next day a pipeline from Norway to Poland caring much more expensive natural gas went into operation. A few days after this the Poles demanded trillions in reparations from the Germans for WW2 grievances settled decades ago. The essentials that power economies and people are being weaponized, but the perpetrators hide in plain sight behind media they own.

Retired U.S. Colonel Douglas MacGregor gives the best appraisal of the situation recently in a talk with Aaron Maté and Katie Halper. MacGregor, who has been dubbed “America’s Greatest Warfighter,” is a war hero and former strategy advisor during the Trump administration. He says, in no uncertain terms, that Washington and London leaders are on a mission to destroy Germany and the German-Russian cooperative potential. I believe he is right on all counts, but he leaves off how the western elites (banksters) are profiteering from it all. This is a multiple pronged strategy, not some haphazard knee jerking.

In a piece I wrote for Zero Hedge recently. I framed how the Cargill family and others are breaking all company records since February, 2022. My thesis involved the potential for a partitioning of Ukraine coming up, and this may be wrong. The fact that the Cargill family of billionaires are already milking this Ukraine situation dry, is the point to take away. Cargill more or less owns the port outside Odessa, where these shipments to feed the world originated. Only get this, BBC reported that the first ships the Russians let through went to the EU and Turkey, not to Mogadishu or some place in Yemen awash with begging skeletons. Why would the United Nations, the White House, 10 Downing Street, and European Commission leadership cry “world hunger,” and then ship the millions of tons of grain and other foodstuffs to Europe?

Well, I guess it should be noted that Chicago’s Archer Daniels Midland is into corn in Ukraine. Which, by the way, was the biggest agricultural commodity shipped in the initial ships from the UN-Turkey arrangement. Netherlands-based Bunge is also into ports, grains, seed oils in Ukraine. Oh, and the French multinational Louis Dreyfus Company (See massive revenue spike) is one of the largest exporters of Ukraine beet sugar. Maybe this is why we see Emmanuele Macron in Kyiv so often?   As for Cargill, they even got help from the Biden White House to get more baby formula out, if you remember. Guess which region plays a pivotal role in the production of baby food? Yes, there are those just evil enough to starve your baby to leverage you. And most of them are not Russian. No, the ruling elites in the west are the ones waging this profit war, not the ever-pesky Ruskies.

Cargill, for those who do not know, makes most of its billions off of foodstuff ingredients, like wheat, soy, soybean oil, barley, and even lab created beef (it’s no joke). Pencil into your mind Bill Gates, vast stretches of U.S. farm land, and vaccines, fertilizers, fake meats, wind farms, basically the whole spectrum of far out societal concern, and things become clearer. Conspiracy theorists, in large part, were correct when warning us about Big Brother and the World Economic Forum working to enclave us. That’s the bigger story, but consider who is winning big off this war. “Follow the money,” is the best cliché ever coined if you want to find truth in today’s world. Gas prices, food prices, demand for nearly everything in hyper mode, the producers are making a killing.

Ironically, Vladimir Putin’s people announced 500,000 tons of free grain to the poorest of the world, and rock bottom prices and delivery guarantees for all in need. Russia’s harvest this year is the biggest in decades, and much of it has been slated for those with the most need. The Russians, unlike the grain pirates who now hold the world hostage to their price hikes, have pledged to fulfill need. We needn’t go into the military industrial complex or the Great Game Britain and Russia are still playing out. Just know, I am not alone in pointing to the “killing” the super-rich are making right now.

Don’t be fooled, not this time. It’s all about money. Boat load, truck trailers, car trunks, and plane cargo loads of filthy money. We are taking it from both ends people. You should be afraid, and not simply of fear. We should all be fearful of the great evil that stands behind these events.

“Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.” — Aristotle



Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.









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