Thursday 18th of August 2022

Camp Despair

Camp Despair

Forbidden territory

I summon the foul demons, and every other kind of filthy fowl, to afflict your miserable carcass with the curse of IMRE!

May you find reason to repent, before he finds you.

Here's Our Boy

Papal hopeful Cardinal Ratzinger is a former Hitler Youth

As the apologist said - "Resistance was impossible".

Admirable qualifications.

Sorry, George. A penchant for frilly frocks doesn't quite cut it. Try leather.


The German Shepherd and the Salvadoran Pastor

Jeanne at Body and Soul, on the possibility of resistance and the roots of moral failure.

Put on your thinking cap and:

I wonder if you can come up with an image, that shows 3 grinning Chimpanzees (Bush, Howard and the Rat) congratulating each other for almost having achieved the new world order?

Camp despair again

From the ABC

Asylum changes 'lack moral courage'
The Uniting Church says the Federal Government's proposed changes to the processing of asylum seekers are an act of moral abandonment.

Under a new hardline proposal, the Government wants to send all asylum seekers who reach the Australian mainland by boat offshore for processing.

The changes are part of a review conducted after the granting of visas to 42 Papuans sparked diplomatic tensions between Australia and Indonesia.

Prime Minister John Howard says the changes are not a concession to Indonesia.

Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone, says Australia will continue to meet its international obligations.

"But we are not happy to have Australia used as a staging point for protests about domestic issues in other countries," she said.

But Uniting Church president Reverend Dean Drayton has condemned the decision.

"It lacks moral courage from our perspective of whether human rights have been honoured or not," he said.

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platitudes .....

No Gus, we certainly wouldn’t
want any wretched refugees, fleeing the tyranny of the Indonesian government,
coming here & highlighting the fact that their country had been sold down
the drain via a corrupt plebiscite, to which Australia acquiesced. 

But the hypocritical Howard
government has no problem dishonouring our parliamentary democracy by feting
military dictators from Pakistan & China; lavishing praise on the
Indonesian oligarchy & providing a platform for war criminals like Bush
& Blair to mouth their snake oil poisons. 

Whilst I agree with Drayton’s
comments, I’d like to ask him where he’s been for the last 10 years? 

The Howard government long ago
abandoned any pretence of morality & it did so in full view of the
so-called “moral guardians” heading up our religious institutions, who uttered
not a sound. 

Where is Drayton’s voice on Iraq,
Iran, Afghanistan & the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who
have perished at the hands of the coalition war criminals? 

Where are the voices of Drayton
& his colleagues on David Hicks, the outrages committed by DIMIA, the demonization of the Muslim minority, the IR abuse, the corruption in government at all levels & the erosion
of our democratic rights?  

The problem is Gus that, like
politicians of all persuasions, our religious leaders are an integral part of &
beneficiary of our corrupt system of government & like so many others, are far too comfortable to want to change it.

if only...


Ms Weidler said the vendors had decided to donate around 10 per cent of the proceeds to a charity that helps disabled children.

Hitler's Nazi party held mass rallies in Nuremberg between 1933 and 1938.

In his autobiography Mein Kampf, he wrote that, as a young man, his hopes of becoming an artist had been dashed by repeated rejection by Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts.

Five other Hitler paintings have fetched between 5,000 and 80,000 euros at auction.

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If only the "Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts" (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna —German: Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien) had accepted Hitler as a painter... As a young artist, he was not as badly skilled as many people make out and his only drawback was to paint subjects as they were with a competent brush. He would have been able to develop his "imaginative" skills at the academy...

Many so-called artists these days would not be able to paint as well as Hitler ever did and yet they make it big mostly because they dare to use gross shock-value as their mostly inane motivation. The sombre parallel between these nazis of the arts and Hitler never escaped me...