Wednesday 17th of April 2024

media tart .....

media tart .....

Hush! Hush! Whisper who dares! Sunrise or Lateline, A Current Affair:

Christopher Pyne is saying his prayers.

God bless Tony and God bless me,

And God, please help me get on TV.

I don't care when and I don't mind where.

- with apologies to A. A. Milne.

Christopher Maurice Pyne, the federal Liberal MP for the Adelaide seat of Sturt, opposition spokesman for education, is what we in the trade call a media tart. That is, he would crawl through razor wire and gunfire to get his name in a newspaper or his silly head in front of a microphone and a camera.

Julia Gillard once called him a mincing poodle, a cruelly accurate crack. On Monday, after Gillard's release of the new national school curriculum, Pyne was furiously poodling away to anyone who would listen. The curriculum was a frightful thing, leftie black armband history all over again.

''To me it smells of another disaster waiting to happen,'' he yapped. ''On the one hand we have a seemingly [sic] overemphasis on indigenous culture and history, and almost an entire blotting out of our British traditions and British heritage.''

As Lenore Taylor reported in the Herald on Tuesday, the poodle had come to this thumping conclusion by running a word search, which had hit on 118 mentions of Aboriginal people but none on the Magna Carta. And there were more references to Asia than Britain, he thought. That, it seems, was the sum total of his research: a few of clicks of a mouse.

I suppose that's better than his leader. On breakfast radio - before the curriculum had been released, before he could have read a word of it - Tony Abbott was already denouncing it as ''political correctness run riot''. If Pyne is a media tart, Abbott is the whole whorehouse.

The "mincing poodle" is very appropriate.

During the tenure of Labor in the House of Representatives, (a small and mostly frustrated section of the Australian Parliament), I have watched the Question Time in most cases to see if "Captain Smirk" [Costello] would be replaced by some other unemployed comedian.

The particulars that stand out IMHO is that, when the Lord's Prayer is read out by the Speaker of the house, there are some Liberals who only arrive in their seats AFTER that prayer.  One is the "mincing poodle" who the media seems to be pushing - even as they back off Barnaby Joyce.  I wonder why?

Yes, even my Wife has noticed that the "poodle" tries to put himself between the camera and the target at all times and, even when Abbott is in the picture, he cuddles up for some unknown reason.  He obviously annoys the Leader of the House (Albanese) for blatant useless interjections and his "poodle bark" when he is chasticed.

The architects of all misinformation, the MSM, have apparently chosed to push this "puppy" into the limelight and they are tryiing to sell a "presentable person" who has no talent at all.  Bitchy - bitchy - bitchy!

I know that I harp on this matter but, when will someone challenge the authority of the Senate to vote on cross-border party lines on issues that - their position in Paliament has only been authorized by the State that they represent?

What sort of democracy is it which allows state elected "crackpots" to decide National legislation that the Australian people have given the elected government a mandate to enforce?

Perhaps my sincere appreciation of what the Rudd/Gillard government have done; are doing and intend to do, is in part because the previous Howard[Bush] "New Order" were dangerous and servile.

However, due to the media being able to use all of these "heresay" methods of weaving their webs of intrigue and influence - we only hear of the failures that any government is expected to have.

Fair enough umpire - provided that the same rules apply to all?

The claim by the "poodle" that the home insulation plan was a total failure has been blown up by the media and the fact that 95% of the permitted service has been achieved is hidden in the gutter snipe tactics of a Liberal rabble who oppose for the sake of opposing and a media that thrives on bad news.

The Rudd/Gillard government is disadvantaged by a hostile media and the fact that the inquest into the real reasons for the tragedies are more localized than the powers that be are prepared to admit.

The fact that Hunt, Abbott and Pyne know that the Westminster system would not allow a matter - already under judicial or coronial investigation - should be mentioned in or out of parliament until a decision is known.  Trial by media.

Let it be known and remembered by the voting public that these three cowards Abbott, Hunt and the "poodle" have directly blamed Garrett and Rudd of MANSLAUGHTER both in Parliament and outside

To have achieved 95% of a permitted scheme, primarily intended to assist in employment and to help in lowering power usage - is a pretty good effort in my book.

The tragedies which the conservatives have depended on is an indication of the abdication of any sense of dignity that these people have.  Wake up Australia.

Why didn't Menzies resign over Vietnam and the "Ballot of Death"?  Why didn't Howard resign over the illegal invasion of Iraq?

Let's stop the media running our lives and beliefs - we are not stupid - or are we?

God Bless Australia.  NE OUBLIE.



Has Kevin Rudd lowered himself to the level of the Coalition?

These long-running and clearly unsubstantiated criticisms are making me puke.

The Murdochracy, having obeyed their Mogul's directions as to who HE wants to succeed in the election, are clearly using every dirty conservative gutter sniping trick to undermine a government of ALL Australians.  We should not have small memories as to the way Rudd was treated, both in opposition and even after elected. We should not allow ourselves to be taken in by the media-hyped proposition that Rudd has broken a promise when his promise, as they well know, had a time tag on it.

His promises are either done, being done or opposed by the "Mad Monk" and his minions.

Now the Murdochracy wants this...  "KEVIN Rudd is under pressure to guarantee householders and installers are free from the risk of cancer-causing agents carried in imported insulation".  Goodness gracious; Struth and Fair dinkum. 

Right from the beginning of this media made madness, the real culprits who should be investigated are those householders who allowed (and that was their choice per Howard) the insulation to take place without proper "imbalance" trips which are now mandatory.  What about them?

What about the "installers" many of whom rose from nowhere to exploit the Governments' excellent scheme for employment and climate change.  Will they be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?

Will the investigation into each and every death due to the multitude of possibilities be released before the election?  If it is and is critical of householders and the installers - the "Mad Monk" will claim that it was done hastily.  If it is more longwinded, he will claim that the government is hiding the "facts".

It should be remembered that both the "Mad Monk" and the "mincing Poodle" have accused the Prime Minister and his Minister of MANSLAUGHTER - in public.  Even if they modified that accusation to lack of duty of care - I would still sue the bastards.

We saw a Minister set up a system of supplying insulation with proper departments involved down to the Installers getting permission to carry it out.  He and his government gave permission for proper installation to be performed with the choice of type for the householders. (IMHO)

With any type of extensive program as this, each tier has its own responsibilities to safety and efficiency.

No crime or misdemeanor was committed by any government officials.  The problem arose when shonky inexperienced "business people" intentionally brought in inferior insulation material and installed them with people they knew had no idea what they were doing or the dangers that the householder did not tell them about.

In the case of the latter lack of duty of care - a householder these days who does not protect their families is an accident waiting to happen and should be liable for any problem that oversight causes.  Or should we ask the makers of the safety trips that they should have put them in without permission?

Or should we wonder why Menzies didn't resign when his "ballot of death" caused the deaths of Australians in that Vietnam war - or what about Howard and the illegal Iraq invasion which caused deaths of Australians.

And now the "Murdochracy" says that Rudd is under pressure to GUARANTEE that no one WILL BE IN DANGER OF CANCER -CAUSING INFERIOR MATERIALS!!! The ones chosen by the installer!

What the ultra-right wing conservatives want is a Hitler type of absolute obedience by all concerned.  When in government THEY are never responsible for anything going wrong - like the Murray/Darling etc.

I see no decency or justice in the media campaign against the hardest working Prime Minister in my lifetime and the most honest.  It is a sad indictment of our parliamentary system that the party that is of the people by the Corporations and for the Corporations will always have the media on side.

And now, the defender of truth and the American way – Glen Milne of ABC Insider fame – wants to start a dispute between the team of Rudd and Gilliard.  Now isn’t that typical of this insult to journalism?

God Bless Australia and let us all take the Murdoch press from all over Australia with a large dose of salt.  NE OUBLIE.