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sincerest apology to you


THE Chaser funnyman Julian Morrow has urged the ABC not to give in to the ''short-term hysteria of media outrage'' because it risks damaging its independence and integrity.

Delivering the Andrew Olle Media Lecture last night, Morrow said he was not sorry for people offended by the ''make a realistic wish'' sketch that led to the comedy group's being taken off air for two weeks.

After the sketch, which portrayed terminally ill children being denied gifts, the Chaser cast issued an apology. But last night Morrow said it was directed only at those who had been personally affected by childhood cancer.

''If you are one of those people, I want to reiterate my sincerest apology to you,'' he said. ''But the next category - people who were offended by the sketch - is in my view different.''

He argued that ''the inevitable corollary to freedom of speech is that there is no such thing as a general right to not be offended. So to be honest, perhaps too honest, if you were just offended by that sketch I'm not really sorry.''

2009 Andrew Olle Media Lecture...

The Chaser's Julian Morrow says he is sorry a sketch on the show hurt people whose children have terminal illness - but he does not apologise for causing offence to others.

Morrow delivered the 2009 Andrew Olle Media Lecture in Sydney last night.

He said there was no general right not be offended - and producing new content sometimes required program makers to put a sense of community reaction out of mind.


Morrow also thanked the traditional owner of the place — Mr Murdoch...

of hurt and offends

Andrew Olle Media Lecture: Julian Morrow

10:15pm Sunday, 08 Nov 2009 

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no apology from sam...

On-air personality Sam Newman says he has got nothing to apologise for, after calling a group of AFL club directors "liars and hypocrites" on The Footy Show.

Channel Nine has paid a defamation settlement of $220,000 to Western Bulldogs director, Susan Alberti, after she took the network to court over Newman's allegations.

Dr Alberti says she feels vindicated by today's apology and settlement from Channel Nine.

But Newman does not see the settlement of the case as vindication of Dr Alberti.

Outside court, he was asked if he had apologised to her.

"No, I certainly haven't. I have nothing to apologise for," he said.


"time to drag a few Neanderthals into the 21st century"...


Neanderthals? Sam has feelings too, er... hasn't he? See toon at top...

Is it right to apologise for the past?

Gordon Brown is planning to apologise for the British government’s role in sending thousands of children to former colonies in the 20th century, the BBC has learned. What difference can an apology make?

Australia's PM Kevin Rudd has apologised to the children who were abused or neglected in state care. He said he hoped the national apology would help to "heal the pain" and be a turning point in Australian history.

Orphans and poor children were sent to Australia, Canada and elsewhere for a “better life”, but many were abused and ended up in institutions or as labourers on farms.



Gus: If we don't apologise, we'll never learn... and we'll keep on destroying other people's lives with excuses full of our own self importance...

free apologies...

From Bob Ellis at Unleashed

Apologies work, it seems, to judge by the tears of the kidnapped, raped, enslaved and diminished children, now grown old, who came here to our orphanages from the UK in the twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties. Or they work in an emotional way for a month or two after the great, cathartic, impelling public occasion of tears, Prime Ministerial hugs and free drinks in Parliament House.

But they serve as well as a cover-up, a grey-wash, a kind of spin. None of the child rapists, child-beaters, child-enslavers, child kidnappers, child-traumatisers cursed on Monday will go to jail or, if now dead, be individually named. And not a dollar will go to their victims in reparation. Though the Prime Minister could have, say, put an impost of two per cent on the total annual income of the Catholic and Anglican churches for the next ten years and put the money in a fund for the Remembered Children who now, in their old age, could use it, or some of it, for emotional or medical emergencies, he, an Anglo-Catholic, chose not to.

Though $2.3 million went to Cornelia Rau for five months of inconvenience not a dollar will go to these smashed little souls, irretrievably shamed and shrunken by brutish medieval sadists unpunished still and unnamed.


But for some less equal than others it thought an apology is enough. Or if not quite enough, all they are going to get, and they should count themselves lucky for getting that much. Free drinks at Parliament House. Wowee.

This contrasts with the billions corporate polluters will get for earning less money for a while and ceasing to destroy the planet. They are seen to be more deserving cases than the kidnapped, abused, enslaved and weeping ten-year-olds or the nightmare-harried teenage suicides, the mortally maddened, wretched and exiled little kids who did no harm to anybody and were brutalised for it by madmen still unpunished and (mostly) unnamed.

Not a penny. Words will have to do.

It is said the money isn't there. But the trillion dollars needed to pay out the prodigal Wall Street Meltdown bankers miraculously appeared when they were needed. Twenty thousand a year, say, to the 40,000 abused English orphans (40,000 little Oliver Twists, Tiny Tims, Artful Dodgers, Orphan Annies) for the rest of their lives would cost us, oh, maybe, $12 billion dollars, no more.


see toon at top...

chasing apology...

A statement released on Reucassel's Twitter account this morning said he had spoken to Mr Abbott's media adviser before the press conference and said he would not interrupt the event "on account of the gravity of its subject".

"In the second half of the press conference, the Opposition Leader took questions about a range of issues such as the carbon tax and gay marriage. As agreed, Craig did not ask any questions," the statement said.

Reucassel then approached Mr Abbott as he was leaving the memorial gardens and heading back to Parliament House.

"Since Mr Abbott had readily taken questions on other issues, Craig asked the Opposition Leader a serious question about his recent statements on free speech. He did not make any jokes or perform any 'stunts'. He did not mention Bali," the statement said.

"As soon as Clair Marsh expressed discomfort, Craig walked away.

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Meanwhile our little rat was doing his bit to hypocritically promote his annoying views:

"I thought it was a bit tacky," Mr Abbott told the Nine Network.

"Particularly for Peter and for Clair it was a very emotional moment going into that garden of remembrance and pleading for the victims of terrorism and to be interrupted by The Chaser in a way that was neither funny or sombre was unnecessary."

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon yesterday called a snap media conference and said Mr Abbott's decision to hold a doorstop at the memorial showed a lack of judgment.

"To use the Bali memorial facilities to actually conduct a political press conference on a range of everything else from the carbon tax to his problems with Mr Bernardi, I think is quite inappropriate," she said.

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tacky tony ....

Yes Gus,

But who would expect anything better from 'Tacky Tony'?

The slime just oozes from every pore of the deceitful, dishonest & hypocritical little pissant ... at least Bernardi calls an axe an axe & doesn't squib on his responses when the heat's tuened-up as a result.

Abbott dishonours & contaminates everything that he comes into contact with ... the ultimate scumbag.

in defense of second rate pranksters...

The biggest prankster of them all was the leader of a trilogy — George W Bush... He played the role of a bumbling idiot who let us believe he was an idiot, yet he conned the whole world (well not quite) to go and invade Iraq under false pretenses...

The pranksters who infiltrated a London hospital with a prank phone call may have broken a few broadcasting rules, all approved by superior management though, but far less dangerous and stupid than glorious GW Bush, John W Howard and Blair...

See toon at top and article below it...


Meanwhile at journoquaters...:

"We know no spectacle so ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodical fits of morality." 
- Thomas, Lord Macaulay

THE great historian was an astute observer. He was disdaining the outcry against the wicked Lord Byron, whose wife had fled in scenes of lurid high drama, but little has changed in the century since.

The British gutter press is expert at whipping its readers into a froth of indignation on the smallest pretext. This is exactly what is happening with this wretched business of the Australian radio prank call and the nurse who apparently committed suicide.
Of course the call was a stupid stunt. That's what 2Day FM does. It makes money, lots of it, by entertaining simple minds. Most of them are young, kids who are endlessly fascinated by the doings of trash celebrities, real or imagined. These so-called prank calls have been part of the station's act for years, copied from the United States like most Australian FM radio formats. They are funny if your sense of humour thrills to banana skin pratfalls and whoopee cushions.

It would be unforgivable for a journalist on this newspaper or anywhere else to make a hoax phone call in search of news. But these were not journalists after a story. They were two young disc jockeys new to the job in a less than prime-time evening slot. Never could they have imagined their joke would get so far. They would have expected the hospital switchboard to hang up in their ears. As they said before the storm broke, they were amazed no one detected their Australian accents or, for heaven's sake, the barking of a fake corgi.
At first the British media treated the thing as a cheeky wheeze from Down Under. It was not until the death of the nurse, Jacintha Saldhana, that they lashed out in fury. A personal tragedy with a royal twist to it, beaten up in a frenzy of Aussie-bashing, is a sure-fire way to sell newspapers there.

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and another thing...

As the kids are distressed for a prank that may have gone wrong, there is no real connection between the prank and the suicide of a nurse... I would not be surprise though to find out that the hospital would have put enormous pressure and seriously reprimanded the nurses who got taken by the hoax. This pressure could have had more to do with the "apparent" suicide... The hospital is very fierce in its its attack on the young radio presenters, possibly trying to defect its own doing in this sad affair. I could be wrong.


In no way should the two presenters feel responsible. Anyone who commits suicide is ultimately responsible for their own death, no matter the circumstances... 

As I have mentioned before, the biggest prankster of them all was the leader of a trilogy — George W Bush... He played the role of a bumbling idiot who let us believe he was an idiot, yet he conned the whole world (well not quite) to go and invade Iraq under false pretences... in this instance, his intent was to kill.




Who ‘killed’ nurse Jacintha Saldanha?

Was it an apparent ‘assisted suicide’, in the sense that she was tipped over the edge because she couldn’t cope with the ridicule, ignominy and aftermath of being duped into thinking it was really the Queen who called the King Edward VII Hospital at 5.30am on Tuesday morning to enquire after the health of the Duchess of Cambridge?

It seems that all arrows British are now trained on scapegoat 2DayFM radio presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian.

I’m going to take some hits for them on this one.

It is as utterly disingenuous and malicious to blame them for any collateral damage as it is to   blame Bradley Manning, Wikileaks and Julian Assange for exposing the truth. Such claims are ultimately hypocritical opprobrium.

If anyone is to ‘blame’ – and such a dangerous and prejudicial judgement cannot be made at this stage, since few of us are in possession of the material facts – such blame does not fall upon Greig and Christian. And on this latter point, evidence has already been tendered.

The digital lynch mob is on the march. And we are not far enough from the madding cloud.

The hysteria and outrage from the British media, hospital executives, including the Lord Glenarthur and now the UK constabularly, is nothing more than a carefully orchestrated campaign designed to deflect attention offshore (and where better than the uncouth Antipodes, a former colony and still under the royal warrant) to protect the real culprits, whose incompetence and dereliction of both duty and care led to the prank’s success and was compounded by the subsequent inept management of the scenario.

See toon and story at top...


the failure of media... and its masters... and its apologists...

From Victoria Rollison at IA
This heartbreaking situation is a perfect example of a company, and our society, relying on the market to make their ethical decisions for them and measuring all consequences in dollar terms. What happened to the moral obligation to care enough just to do the right thing? Not because it’s profitable, but because it’s just the right thing to do. The problem is, in my experience, it is very rare for anyone to care about moral obligations and the consequences of anything unless the result has some monetary benefit or disadvantage to the individual.
comments at
10 DECEMBER, 2012 AT 11:46 AM
Great article Victoria.This sort of juvenile dumbimg down of the ppopulace (sic) has been going on for years. I could spout conspiracy theories til the cows come home, but the one theory that stands as fact is ‘A dumb population is easily controlled.’ Anyone familiar with the moronic goings-on on FM radio will see this point. For example: prank calls. Yep, Champagne comedy that stuff is.
But two things that really got my goat was Kennett expousing how the presenters feel about this incident, and 2DAY’s dropping of advertising *quote* “.. in respect for the advertisers”. What the fuck!
On to Kennett. During his diatribe when the news broke about the nurse, did Kennett mention the nurse? No. And it doesn’t need the collective resources of every detective alive to see why. 2DAY is owned by Southern Cross – and a large (majority ??) share holder in Southern Cross is the Liberal Party. So of course Kennett will come out in support of them – but what about the victim, Mr Beyond Blue?Not. One. Word.I’m not Lib bashing. I’m trying to drive home the point that the juvenile presenters ability to cope, and the almighty $, is apparantly more important than the life of a hard working care giver.And this shits me to tears.

10 DECEMBER, 2012 AT 11:58 AM
Tungstenator!By gad sir you stole my thunder. How dare you read my mind in such a precise fashion. Good onya mate!Seriously Great article Victoria. Very insightful.This morning I wrote the following email to Michael Rolland on the ABC’s breakfast program“It is obvious to see that you are not happy with the shocking behaviour of the radio station.I would like to propose that this is a failure of leadership b y the board and their apparent allowance of really antisocial behaviour by their presenters such as Sandilands, rather than the presenters themselves.Their model for the radio station is to have a format which attracts money in the form of advertising. that is driven by audience numbers.Please focus on that rather than the presenters. Sandilands and his ilk would not have a job if the Max Moore-Wiltons of the world didn’t employ him.”So you have both made a good point.The free market is not good for society and the Liberals are behind that. Moore-Wilton used to be John Howard’s chief of Staff.As for Jeff Kennett. He was the one who made everyone depressed in the first place. I am not surprised at his silence. He is a pompous Windbag. And I suppose I am Liberal bashing because their greed is what has just trashed our rep some more.

seriously though...

From Gerard Henderson...


Royal prank should trigger media soul-searching, but not regulation



It's much the same on the taxpayer-funded public broadcaster. For years, the ABC's Chaser team was given permission by management to trespass on private property [has it?] - despite the fact the ABC has elaborate security to keep trespassers away from its own premises. Also, the likes of Julian Morrow, who supported the Christian/Greig stunt before it turned sour, invariably humiliated receptionists, police, even sick children and others in their unsuccessful attempts to confront the powerful and the wealthy.
From experience, I know even some of the seemingly most confident media personalities are remarkably sensitive to criticism or ridicule. That's why we all have to be so careful in the modern age about the feelings of others. Perhaps the best way to prevent improper media behaviour is to encourage a sense of self-awareness among presenters, editors and managers alike.

Read more:
Hey, Gerard... Anyone at Ultimo Headquarters would know the elaborate security at the ABC is a complete public thoroughfare to Chinatown most of the day... And yes I know Alan Jones is very sensitive to ridicule...

Meanwhile the biggest hoaxers in radio and in print are the Jones, the Bolts and the Hendersons who deny day in day out the reality of global warming — often spruiking on behalf of hidden "masters"with vested interests — including the media.  

The science of global warming is inconveniently correct — and presently we are at the top end of predictions made 20 years ago.... That opinionators disgree with the science, while presenting no proper argument or argue with falsified interpretations, is to-tal-ly insane. Self awareness? Sure! But what is needed most is a sense of honesty and humility — especially when faced with an enormous body of work from serious scientists and dismissing it with glib.

The media should do its soul searching on its failure to present the science of global warming. The nurse's death is incidentally tragic, yet not as much as a grandmother being killed by a drone attack in Pakistan.

Meanwhile global warming induced killings are and will be on a universal (relative) scale.
See toon and story at top...


when satire hurts the satirist...

Former Chaser host Julian Morrow says Cordell Jigsaw producer Nick Murray set out to “blacken” his name in a series of emails and legal threats to the ABC after a venture between the pair producing The Checkout was dissolved.

In the NSW Supreme Court on Monday, Morrow detailed how he was left “deeply distressed” after learning Murray had called him “the new millennium’s Steve Vizard” - a reference to the controversial TV producer - and had made assertions in emails to ABC managers that he had acted deceptively and was difficult to work with.

“It adds to the distress knowing that things like this have been said to the managing director of the organisation to which I have devoted most of my career,” Morrow, who is a presenter on the ABC’s Radio National, told the court.

Morrow is suing the production house and Murray alleging defamation and a contract dispute over a terms-of-share sale agreement. Morrow started the action when the ABC discontinued talks on reviving The Checkout following a slew of legal threats from Murray, who had sold his firm’s stake in the program to Morrow.

Cordell Jigsaw and Murray have rejected the claims, claiming truth, honest opinion and qualified privilege as a defence - and a unanimous belief inside the production house that Morrow should not have been allowed to profit for a production that the organisation believed it should have been part of. The defence raises a number of points to argue Morrow is difficult to work with. The defence also rejected claims Murray implied to ABC managers that Morrow had acted unlawfully or deceptively.

On Monday, the court heard about an email Murray had sent to the ABC managing director David Anderson and the head of entertainment and specialist Michael Carrington in May 2019 in which he said he was surprised after he heard “a rumour” that The Checkout had been recommissioned for a seventh season. Morrow had not mentioned he was in negotiations about reviving the show which he had produced in partnership with Cordell Jigsaw for six seasons, Murray said.

“Given the way that Julian Morrow behaved when the show was put into hiatus, we also assumed there would be no chance of the show returning,” the producer said.

“Many of the key Checkout team have indicated their reluctance to work on the series without a circuit breaker protecting them from Julian. (For instance, even Craig [Reucassel] has in the recent past asked that I take over from Julian.) I will no longer be that circuit breaker as Julian has asked [Cordell Jigsaw] to leave that company.”




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