Thursday 9th of February 2023

more dirty secrets .....

In the wake of Abu Ghraib, fresh revelations of torture, murder & abuse continue to mount against the US.

The Scotsman’s Alan McEwen reports that the latest US Probe Unveils New Iraq Jail Abuse Claims

"There is evidence that suggests the 311th MI personnel and/or translators engaged in physical torture of the detainees," a memo from the investigator said. The January 2004 report said the prisoners’ rights under the Geneva Conventions were violated.

Meanwhile, Lianne Hart of the LA Times reports that

An Afghan detainee in U.S. custody was so brutalized before his death that his thigh tissue was "pulpified," a forensic pathologist testified Tuesday at a preliminary hearing for a military police officer charged in the 2002 assault.

Whilst Douglas Jehl of The New York Times backgrounds the investigation of 28 murder allegations against members of the US armed forces & confirms that the Pentagon has just refused to prosecute 17 US marines for the murder of three detainees in Iraq & Afghanistan, contrary to recommendations by Army investigators.

But the US doesn’t seem to have a monopoly in the torture & murder stakes.

Australian authorities remain stubbornly mute on torture & murder allegations, first publicly aired against members of Australia’s ADF by Dateline’s Mark Davis, in November, 2003 - Timor Torture

“Virtually unknown to the Australian public, the Australian Defence Force, the ADF, conducted an investigation for 3.5 years into allegations of mistreatment of prisoners in East Timor, including torture, execution and one case of unnecessary amputation.