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great expectations

The US has no "grand expectations" from the summit of Israeli and Palestinian leaders which President Obama is to host on Tuesday, the White House says.

The talks in New York are to discuss the possibility of re-starting the Middle East peace process.

But both Israeli and Palestinian leaders have accused each other of blocking the initiative.

Israel has rejected US and Palestinian demands for a total freeze before a new round of talks can take place.

peace 101...

Obama will meet separately with each leader, then hold three-way talks while in New York for meetings of the United Nations General Assembly.


Hope Obama can broker peace in ther region, with everyone a winners

bang some heads together...

From the ABC

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have been brought together in New York for their first face-to-face meeting since the Gaza war eight months ago.

US President Barack Obama is keen for the men to discuss ways of achieving Middle East peace but neither the Israeli Prime Minister, nor the Palestinian President appeared to want the meeting at all.

Mr Obama summoned both of them anyway and before the meeting began he made it sound like he was about to bang some heads together.

"We cannot continue the same pattern of taking tentative steps forward and then stepping back," he said.

No Justice for the Palestinians.

G’day Gus,


Yet another President of the world’s biggest terrorist country is bringing together the Zionist murdering invaders, (who occupy almost the entire Palestinian sovereign land) and the gutless Mahmoud Abbas (another US plant) who has consistently allowed the “Jewish settlers” to calmly take over the West Bank along with armed Police stations.  Fair dinkum!


This is what the US/Zionist lobby would have you believe is a genuine attempt – NOT for justice – oh no - but for peace. Who ever believes these terrorists does so at their peril.


Never mind the Alamo – remember the reasons the US has lied to the world to obtain enough customers for their massive Military/Corporate!  Vietnam; Afghanistan; Iraq and now they are eying off Iran at the behest of their unholy ally, Zionist Israel.


Two bandit partners in attacking sovereign nations whenever they need to use more weapon technology or; they want oil or; they want to destroy cities so that the Cheney mob Haliburton can rebuild the destroyed 10,000 year old “temples of history” – and replace it with expensive but suspect structure of the US mould. What did that criminal Rumsfeld often say? “That is the old world”.  Well now we must get rid of that mustn’t we? Struth – how many times will we accept these contradictions?  The old world is the basis for the claims of the Zionists – isn’t it?


Everything the US/Zionists have done has been to allow the murder of the Palestinians, the displacement of their people in starving “concentration camps” while, they ravage the land and build massive monuments to their successful fascism.


A simple question Gus – why should the Palestinian owners of the land even consider any peace with the neo-Nazis who have tortured them for more than 60 years? Is rewarding fascism and Nazi methods the way to a just and lasting peace?  The Zionist murderers have taken us back to the middle ages where the empires took what they wanted because they were powerful enough.


Perhaps the Hamas and Hezbollah have very good reasons to refuse to accept the crumbs that the Zionists MAY allow them in return for the invaders to cease (however temporarily) the murders of their countrymen and women?  Or do the nuclear armed Zionists have another “Lieberman” idea for them?


There is very little to cheer about Gus but - shalom.  God bless Australia. NE OUBLIE.








Once upon a time.

Once upon a time…..So….


Long before the Holocaust, the Zionists had decided to take over Palestine – this was not only known by the Zionists’ eventual allies (US) but was publicly stated by such active Zionists as Ben Gurion and Golda Meir.  This can be confirmed and elaborated by Googling their names.


So – the story that the Jewish Holocaust created the original idea of displacing the Arab people of Palestine and establishing a new and different geographical state of “Israel” is just not true.


So – as I understand it – the “elders” of the Zionist group were put on the back burner due to the confusion of WW 2.  As a youth during that conflict I can honestly say that I knew nothing of the concentration camps until the end of the war. To suggest that the Jewish people were the only Nazi-titled untermenschen sent to concentration camps is also not true. Whether a person is persecuted because of their race; religion; homosexuality or whatever – the persecution and its result is just the same.


It is an accepted fact that all concentration camps were NOT ONLY for containing the Jewish people but included Gypsies; mentally deficient; political enemies of the Nazis; homosexuals; Jews and even just Russians.


So – the Holocaust was not and should not be, only concerning the Jewish people and the use of it for political purposes is a misleading propaganda which is used extensively by the Zionists.


So – let’s get real.  The Holocaust is past and has been absorbed by the pages of independent history, the latter of which should consider ALL those who perished under the concentration camp method of containment and, eventually a death of starvation.


So – why do the Zionists continue to claim that they are the only people who have suffered racial and/or religious persecution?  When this too is untrue?


The real Zionists and their methods of “annexing by force” have lost its deception of “we need a home because of the Holocaust”.  It’s just not true.


So…the facts seem to be that a “race of people” previously dispersed for some reason, now demand that “another race of people” must make way for them and are prepared to use neo-Nazi methods to achieve that end. That is just unacceptable.


God bless Australia.  NE OUBLIE.



we won they lost...

Yes Ernest

And this is what I commented earlier:

Historically, the Palestinians in camps and in Gaza are in the same boat at the American Indians and the Australian Aborigines... So history depicts these struggles in broad brushes "the brave courageous honorable Indians", the "weak, poor, primitive and spiritual aborigines" (although not put in those awful words exactly, but that's the gist), the Palestinians get brickbats for being "terrorists". We won, they lost is our motto...  So the Palestine invaders, the Zionists, take the same high moral road of previous conqueror such as the Romans in ancient times, the Poms in Australia and the mix bag of Poms and Europeans in the US...

The morality of the fable is not in our favour and the Zionists know it, so they get away with murder...

Somewhere else I mentioned that the Europeans (French, Germans, Poms, Russians, et) wanted the Jews out — even before World War II (The Spaniards had done it in the 1500s). But this has an edge to it, as some people believe when all jews are settled in israel, this is the time of armageddon.

The best way to get the Jews out of Europe was, at the time, to let them have what the "wandering" Jews always wanted: Palestine. The Zionist movement flourished even at the time of the Russian Revolution... Lenin was a Jew but probably not a zionist. Now that the Zionist have their teeth into "what they always wanted", they are not going to give it back, since it was given to them by the "West" in a limited way but then... It is my simple view that solving this mess, at the moment in its present flux, is complicated by our hypocritical sense of morality and outrage.

So what's the future of Palestine? No solution is going to be perfect, but all will be difficult. On one hand some people want Israel to disappear, on the other hand, this ain't going to happen.

Thus a more "reasonable" solution has to be created. And this can have many forms. From a two-states solution to an evolving non-exclusively Jewish/Palestinian federation say in a hundred years from now (people's mind and heart need to get used to the idea). But in all solutions, sins of the past will have to be absolved by time with no new sins committed (say minimised — as absolutes are utopian, even in the best of the best worlds) — including the "sin" of new settlements.

In some "border" villages, there are schools that are of "mixed" attendance (I can't say ethnicity as Jews and Palestinians are from the same "tribe") contrary to the present Israeli non-official mantra of "segregation" in various forms.

The "international" community (United Nation resolution 181, 1947), having given the seeds for the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish nation, has no choice but to accept its own decision. But it had to create a proper workable system of protection for the "displaced" people and so far this process has failed miserably due to some slanted allegiances and greed.

Thus, the present evolved status of the Middle-East being quite different in dynamics to the American Indians and the Australian Aborigines, and also very different from what had been implied by resolution 181 — new steps need to be activated before the festering becomes terminal. Some people may wish it to carry on and stop the healing for profit (money or religious) — and this on both sides.

Gus would propose:
as soon as possible, under United Nation supervision:

a) return Israel to its pre 1967-war boundaries,

b) stop the supply of sophisticated weapons to Israel,

c) stop Jewish settlements in Palestinian land, Remove those that contravene the 1967 boundaries,

d) help the Palestinians efficiently develop their own space with the freedom of being in their own space,

e) help the Palestinians reduce their anger and frustration by improving their way of life on their own terms

f) create a system of reducible checks and counter checks

g) create enforceable UN resolutions (too many have been flaunted by Israel) that will efficiently referee the process.

for future developments:

h) create a "Federation of Palestine" in which Israel and the "New Palestine" co-operate peacefully.

j) share Jerusalem like lichen survives — a two species bio-unit that cannot survive without one another.

k) improve the secular trust and thrust, reduce the influence of religious fanatics by reinforcing a shared propaganda of peace...

This will create PEACE.


People-power can do it, people in power will do every then can to stop it. That is the nature of the beast.

Other nations might have a say in all this (from Lebanon to Syria and Iran, possibly the Chinese — they might something we don't, who knows), but the international community has always had "trouble makers" and "agents provocateurs", and hypocrisy in all. Even at our local level, we have graffiti mongrels who like nothing much more than deface our walls, sometimes "justified" as a revolt against "the" system, but more often that not, as an animalistic pissy-urge like dogs marking their territory... In the end we cannot punish ourselves with draconian laws trying to "punish" some idiots. We need to be smarter than that.


Historically the Zionists are unique.

G'day Gus,

I must say that past ethnic cleansing that you consider is like that which the oppressed Palestinians are suffering – and in neighboring countries besides their own – has only the inhumanity of it in common.  The battles in those older days were horrific if more than 100 were killed in the entire war.  Yet, for example in France the Australians lost 5000 men in one day – as indeed did the English, French and Germans.

Total war they said – war to end all wars.  All we have done is to improve the methods to kill with minimum loss to the aggressors – which is what we are. The Zionists are now using Phosphorous bombs and drones and cluster bombs and “earthquake” bombs and I have no doubt – depleted uranium shells which kill long after the conflict ends – if it ever does.

The birth of the new Israel has returned the horrors of WW 2 with the previously subjugated Jews “getting their own back” on a people who had nothing whatever to do with their suffering – or that of any of the people who suffered under the Nazi concentration camp holocaust.

So, for a start I believe that the Zionists have no individual right to claim special privileges due to their major part in the holocaust - and further – after 60 years of persecuting the Arabs in and around Palestine, they have lost their right to complain about acts of inhumanity because they are now guilty of the same crimes with a new twist of extreme technological murder.

Golda Meir was quoted as saying that “if Israel goes down we will take the rest of the world with us”. Surely this and the statement by Lieberman about killing 80 million people by bombing the Aswan dam is not being considered as just “bad sportsmanship”? Is this the threatened Armageddon of which you speak?

These Zionists have no compunction in carrying out the killing commandments of their God and many societies over many centuries; have tried to curb their greed by spreading them out - like the Diaspora.

These Zionists do more damage to the Jewish/Hebrew image than any other contemporary matter and there is no-one else to blame this time Gus.

I do admire your sensitivity in your roadmap to peace but, I think we both know that since the criminals in this dispute have the upper hand; the weapons; the money and the technology to kill at will, without punishment – means that they are not going to give back their “loot” or any part of it.

What would train robber Biggs have done if the law had said “give us back half of what you stole and you can then go and spend the rest”?

I just cannot come to terms with the thought of rewarding “might is right” and I know that the Arabs of the middle east have proven over centuries that they will not be forced to change their own ways – whatever they are. Eventually Afghanistan will not be subdued – neither will Iraq – and all the American supplies of money and weapons to the constant warring; murdering Zionists will eventually reap what it sows.

We can only hope that the ugly re-birth of the crime of ethnic cleansing will be stopped soon and that the perpetrators will be punished accordingly.

While I truly think that your “path to peace” is workable I am afraid that the Zionists will not, after 60 years of attacking neighbors, give up their ill-gotten gains – even temporarily.  They will simply adopt a “gun at the head” attitude. I can see nothing but disaster to settle this problem and I have high hopes that the losers will be the alliance between the US and new Israel.

Cheers mate. God bless Australia. NE OUBLIE.




Is truth important or manipulated?

G'day Gus,


I am aware that the information coming from occupied Palestine is strictly censored by the Jewish press but, as I understand it, any Jewish person in the world who has at least a Jewish Grandmother, is automatically accepted as a Jew?  Right Gus?


So that means the Zionists at least consider that Jewish/Hebrews are a race – not just a religion? I believe that over many centuries after the Diaspora, the Jews have created wealth and power for which they are well known and, used that as a “step up” for others of their race.


Especially in America, the Jewish lobby is eminently powerful due to the success of the “step up” policy, both in politics and in all types of the media. With diligence, wealth and skill they have created amazing businesses of influence such as the famous and wonderful Disney enterprises.


However, somewhere along the line the Jewish lobby has gained control of the major methods of communication in America and many other politically important nations.


This establishes an enormously powerful base for the 0.2% of the world’s population.


Did the societies of past centuries note this phenomenon and realize that such a power should not be held by any minority in any society?  Would any democracy consider that it is reasonable for a minority to control the society’s  existence?  Isn’t that diametrically opposed to the very principles of democracy?  The majority rules?


Surely over the history of civilization there has been “Regents” – Kings – Queens -Cardinals – Popes and other powerful people who have brutalized nations who were led by “Pharaoh” types who were afraid of death and thought that the Pope was their God’s representative on Earth.


I know I ramble on Gus but, isn’t the powerful influence in the US - the flag and their fear of the “outside world” who “hate us for our ways”?  Isn’t the fear of everlasting damnation a strong influence in the scattered Christian religions? Isn’t the fear of death the major weapon of many religions?


Well, I think the fact that the Muslims believe that their “honorable” death of “martyrdom” has enormous rewards – and they believe it to the point that when the US supplied both Iraq and Iran with weapons to go to war – it was reported that young Iranians charged with wooden rifles. And the US Military/Corporate made a profit.


With regard to occupied Palestine Gus – and the seemingly innocent desire of the Zionists to have a land of their own.  The U.S. has used these people disgracefully and has put them into a position of eminent danger every day.


The crimes that men commit live after them.


It is an unholy alliance.  Cheers mate.  God Bless Australia.  NE OUBLIE.




Late information Gus.

G'day Gus,

I have just noticed an extreme change in the format of "".

One could assume that the new owners have very influential views with respect to anything regarding new Israel.  No wonder they have expelled any opposition like myself.

Does any citizen of Australia consider that the take-over by the Jews, like Murdoch, is a good thing for our nation? Or any other organized power?

Does any citizen of Australia consider that the take-over of information by any concentrated power base is good for us?

I recommend that Australians, who have the ability to think; reason and be logical, do read this new Zionist controlled website called

And then try to discover the truth.

Cheers mate.  God bless Australia.  NE OUBLIE.


a preposterous claim from Israel

From Robert Fisk...

on Richard Goldstone's investigation of Gaza war crimes...


So would he be pissed on by the Israelis when he investigated the crimes of the winter war in Gaza? Or would Israel – just this once – desist from its usual venom for all critics if this great jurist produced a report that blamed Israel as well as Hamas for crimes against humanity? Not because he was Jewish. Not because he drew the sword of justice on behalf of the UN. But because he was a patently decent and fair man. "I accepted with hesitation my United Nations mandate," he wrote last week, "because I believe deeply in the rule of law and the laws of war, and the principle that in armed conflict civilians should to the greatest extent possible be protected from harm."

Not a hope, of course. Israeli investigations of the Gaza war, its government officials announced, were "a thousand times" fairer than the Goldstone investigation – a preposterous claim, given Israel's constant inability to conduct fair inquiries of its own – and that his mission "gave legitimacy to the Hamas terrorist organisation". The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem found that 1,387 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza war, more than 770 of them civilians. Thirteen Israelis were killed, four by their own troops, three of the others Israeli Arabs. Goldstone bitterly condemned Hamas for firing at civilians – from civilians areas of Gaza – but Chapter 11 of his report, for example, found that Israel shelled a house in which Palestinian civilians had been forced to gather, intentionally bombed a hospital with white phosphorous shells, shot civilians who were waving white flags and refused to allow wounded to be evacuated.

But no, Israel – as unwilling to accept criticism as Hamas – which, typically and cynically, washed its own dirty hands of the report, even though it murdered at least 40 suspected Palestinian collaborators while killing only six of its military enemies – wouldn't face up to Goldstone's conclusions, wouldn't accept that the casualties of this monstrous war were disproportionate. Israel's response wasn't disproportionate. It never was.

This nonsense is unworthy of a grown-up nation. For not long before the Gaza war, Gadi Eisenkot, the Israeli army northern commander, defined his doctrine very carefully. "We will wield disproportionate power against every village from which shots are fired on Israel, and cause immense damage and destruction...


Robert Fisk used to be interviewed quite a lot for his insights on the Middle-East by ABC-TV, mostly Lateline. I have not noticed any interviews with him for a while... Possibly his sense of outrage, which is fair, precise and well supported by solid documentation, does not fit the mold of 50/50 "balanced" porkies versus the truth required by the charter of this venerable institution... Perhaps he needs to be paid...

Fisk sees through the bullshit with a sharp X-ray vision down to the bones of reality...

no chance of a peace deal...

Israel's foreign minister says he plans to tell the visiting US envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, that there is no chance of a peace deal with the Palestinians for many years.

Avigdor Lieberman, who was due to meet Mr Mitchell overnight, told Israeli radio that he planned to tell the US envoy that Washington's goal of comprehensive peace was an illusion.

And he said those who suggested it was possible did not understand the situation and were spreading delusions that could lead to disappointments or even all-out confrontation.

see toon at top

gazal ingenuity in adversity...



A zoo in Gaza has found a novel way to get around Israeli restrictions on the importation of animals by partly dyeing two donkeys so they resemble zebras.

The owner of the Marah Land zoo in Gaza City said he had used masking tape and black hair dye, applied with a paint-brush, to disguise the white females.

Mohammed Bargouthi said it would have cost him more than $40,000 to bring in a real zebra via smuggling tunnels.

Children seemed delighted by the new additions and happily played with them.


Truly resourceful.... Next, will be a goat painted as a gazelle (Arabic: غزال‎ ġazāl) and a camel spotted as a giraffe... see toon at top...

evaporated hope...

From the Guardian

Palestinian political leaders have expressed acute disappointment in the Obama administration, saying their hopes that it could bring peace to the Middle East have "evaporated" and accusing the White House of giving in to Israeli pressure.

The unusually frank comments come in an internal memo from the Fatah party, led by the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, but reflect a broader frustration among Palestinian politicians that Washington's very public push for peace in the Middle East has yet to produce even a restarting of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

"All hopes placed in the new US administration and President Obama have evaporated," said the document, which was leaked to the Associated Press news agency.