Wednesday 28th of February 2024

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colorfoul lingo...


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he is not going to apologise for an incident in which he swore.

News Limited papers have reported Mr Rudd used several expletives during a tense conversation with some of his backbenchers.

The MPs were unhappy with the Federal Government's decision to cut the printing allowance for politicians.

Mr Rudd says he does not regret his choice of words.

"It's fair to say that consistent with the traditions of the Australian Labor Party, we're given to robust conversations," he said.

"I made my view absolutely clear - that is that these entitlements needed to be cut back, and I make no apology for either the content of my conversation or the robustness with which I expressed my views."


Kevin Bloody Wilson and Rodney Rude are saints...

I made my view absolutely clear...

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith played down the issue when speaking to Channel Nine.

"There's as much chance of the Prime Minister swearing as you or I have sworn from time to time in the past," he said.

"I wouldn't worry too much about that - all of us engage regrettably in that sort of language from time to time."


Now one can swear in 156 F%$#@& languages.

of whimps, sex in the oval office and media slants...

From the First Post...


... At least half of any US president's job is play-acting, pretending to be in charge, on behalf of We the People. Most of what actually happens in America is beyond any president's ability or political inclination to control. The banks run the finances. The oil companies and Israel vie for control of US foreign policy. The arms companies arrange the wars. The insurance companies figure out who should live or die.

Bill Clinton was so servile to big business that he took a phone call from a Florida sugar baron, even though Monica Lewinsky was giving him a blow-job when the call came in. He surely shocked the feisty intern with his obsequious manner as the baron issued some crisp commands to knock off all talk about environmental clean-up of the Everglades. But Clinton could still scream and throw his weight around in the manner expected of a president.


Meanwhile at the Rudd lexiconical invectives:

But then one would expect whatever from David Marr... who sometimes hits the mark, sometimes not...

In regard to Obama, there is nothing he can do but tell BP to get cracking at solving the slick, while he should tell Israel to get lost, with a bit less diplomacy in his lingo... Mind you, Bush the lesser would have gone fishing...


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has brushed off claims he is a man driven by anger after a scathing article describes him as a "politician with rage at his core".

Amid a flurry of bad opinion polls Mr Rudd is having to fend off questions about his anger after journalist David Marr's essay in this month's Quarterly Essay unleashed on the Prime Minister.

It reveals that during tense negotiations at the Copenhagen climate summit, Mr Rudd launched into a tirade against the Chinese, who he believed were trying to kill the deal.

The essay claims Mr Rudd told a group of journalists and aides: "Those Chinese f***ers are trying to rat-f**k us."

But the Prime Minister has shrugged off questions about his anger as today's Nielsen poll shows Labor would be swept from office if an election was held now.

"Commentators, writers, analysts - they will draw their own conclusions," he said.

"I think there have been about 1,000 pieces written on me in recent times. People can make their own judgment."

Ministers have jumped to their leader's defence, saying Mr Rudd is committed to his role as Prime Minister.