Friday 2nd of December 2022

Watching America

John Richardson sent me this link.

The mission of Watching America is to provide,

"news and views about the United States published in other countries.
It is not our purpose to find favorable or unfavorable news and commentary, but
to reflect as accurately as possible how others perceive the richest and most
powerful country in the world."

I was about to post this link anyway alongside some other stuff John sent me, but then wondered if "Watching Australia" might be an interesting project. I wonder how many Australians would be interested?

Watching America?

Watching America? Have a look at the Onion.

Give the ad a few seconds, till you are forwarded to the main page.

Reading the archives is very much recommended.

I definitely would

The question is - is there any site or sites that can help us?

This satirical take on Australia & our importance to the world, is a) hilarious & b) accurate.