Wednesday 26th of January 2022

the future of capitalism .....

the future of capitalism .....

As an ideology, as public policy, laissez-faire capitalism is in crisis. Unlike in the 1930's, no alternative model is today available to replace it, which leads to the thought that what is presently playing out is perhaps more a reinvention of capitalism than its definitive disappearance. Can we imagine the return of a contemporary form of "liberal socialism"(2), or of a Walter Lippmann-style capitalism, named after that American intellectual whose theses were much-discussed during the 1930's?

Labeled a liberal, he asserted(3) that Nineteenth Century capitalism had allowed a considerable improvement in standards of living. But he added that it was "equally certain that the progressive growth of wealth leaves repercussions of poverty, failures, and disappointments behind it that shock the conscience of humanity." Then he condemns those who "have a tendency to display unscrupulous greed. They are transients who have no permanent commitment to any collectivity, and there is no connection between them and their neighbors, but that of money."

Let us add in his condemnation of rich individuals' strategies in search of financial returns to the detriment of the financing of the real economy, his disapproval as he noted "the disproportion between the highest and lowest salaries" within companies and his call to sharply tax the richest to finance the development of a welfare state resembling detail for detail what left-leaning American economist Paul Krugman proposes at the end of his latest book(4).

Then one may say to oneself that this "capitalism," whatever name one wants to give it, through its reflections on the best way to marry individual freedom, democracy, security of economic and social rights, economic efficiency and social justice deserves to be studied again, given the extent to which it reflects the heart of our concerns.

Has it been said before? Money is the root of all evil?

When I consider the power wielded by the extremely small number of Zionists in this world that they consider “theirs” - that saying becomes more than just an opinion.


In every country where injustice or corruption is prevalent the people’s information has been censored, sanitized and totally controlled,  not only by a less numerous police or their military murder squads where they exist, but by the influence of those sources of information. 


It appears to me that the dictatorships at one time, and probably still, would support the US destabilising “Black Ops” methods of control – and use the information streams to at least confuse the citizens who may be individually aware but would nevertheless, not be able to unite against the corruption of their governments.


And where do we see these massive abuses of human rights? The so-called “third world” countries of this “money is all” doctrine which is practiced by the US with their Zionist alliance.


Without facts, the American people have been totally brain-washed into a once decent “isolationist” people to believing that these “third world countries” desperately “hate us for our values” and may paddle across from Afghanistan to assassinate our President before we have that opportunity.


And where does the power of these Zionists, who represent a mere 0.22% of the world’s population, manifest itself – if not because of the “Golden Calf”.


Moses should roll over in his grave. Let’s hope that the Zionists are force to realise that  “It is easier to get everything you want provided you first learn to do without the things you cannot get”.  




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the american dream of boundless wealth...

A wealthy man once told me that you can’t get really rich unless you have other people working for you. To achieve the American dream of boundless wealth, you need to stand on many other people’s backs. That’s capitalism. But how do you entice them to let you stand on their backs so you can make more money than them, and what do you owe them for that privilege?

These questions are at the core of Sorry to Bother You, a comedy-drama starring Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson, written and directed by Boots Riley, a rapper with Oakland band the Coup. Sorry to Bother You, set in an alternative version of that Californian city, is one of the most anti-capitalist movies Hollywood has ever produced. We’re used to seeing the rich portrayed as evil, but here we see people sell their souls to ascend the corporate ladder. The film shows how easily people will compromise their principles for money – and, more frightening still, how far owners and management will go to create perfectly obedient workers.

But Sorry to Bother You could easily find itself remembered primarily for a brilliant repeated gag: a black character speaking with a comically white voice. 

Stanfield has quickly established himself as one of the most interesting actors of his day. He played Snoop Dogg in Straight Outta Compton and more recently featured in Get Out and Atlanta. But here he is doing something totally different. His character, Cassius “Cash” Green, a low-level telemarketer, learns that, in order to succeed at work, he has to put on a white voice. This does not mean a nasal affectation, along the lines of that corny old nerdy-voice stereotype that mid-level black comedians do. It means putting into your voice an embrace of the ease that white privilege brings. It means sounding as if you’re entitled to the good life. It means feeling calm way down in your soul. It means never having to be afraid someone will call the police on you just because you’re breathing.


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