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sing-a-song-a-sixpence .....

sing-a-song-a-sixpence .....

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Australia's most prominent recent retiree and goldpass Sydney bus traveler, John Howard, has signed with the prestigious Washington Speakers Bureau.  

Here he joins the likes of Tony Blair and Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York on an oratorical roster that plies its trade in some of the world's finest corporate function rooms.  

The agency represents a who’s who of the political, media and military establishment. Other recent high profile Washington Speakers Bureau recruits include Tony Blair, former US Senate leader Trent Lott and Arianna Huffington.  

Former world leaders such as Valery Giscard d’Estaing, Jose Maria Aznar and Brian Mulroney are on their books, along with international political figures like Colin Powell, Joschka Fischer, James Baker and Chris Pattern.  

Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush, Norman Schwarzkopf, James Carville, Barbara Walters, Bob Woodward, Donald Trump and the Duchess of York are also on the Bureau’s roster.  

The Washington Speakers Bureau publicity material describes the former PM as "one of the most thought-provoking world leaders in modern history". John Howard is the "ideal choice to bring high-level international insight to your next event," it says. 

The Bureau also provides a full – and fulsome – biography of the former Liberal leader:  

As prime minister of Australia, John Howard provided a global approach to leadership, delivering his economic vision and strategies for handling world trouble spots that raised Australia's profile on the world stage and gained the respect and gratitude of the world.  

Under Howard's leadership, Australia's economy grew every year, including a dramatic expansion of trade with China stemming from negotiations for a free trade agreement. Howard discusses the role of world leaders in a new century, strategies for leadership while maintaining international security, as well as ideas and insight on global economics and international investment.  

Could we suggest that he is underselling his potential? There is so much more that John Howard could say that would hold and enlighten any audience. Could we suggest the following topics: Generational Change in Conservative Political Structures, Honesty in Public Policy and Other Redundancies, How to Bring Fear and Influence People not to mention Bradman's Average: The Wisdom of a Timely Declaration. We could listen to him for years to come. 

Despite all the information on the former prime minister, The Washington Speakers Bureau is coy on his fee. Their site simple says "Contact WSB".

... festooned with ostrich feathers?

Garter gossip order of the day

Andrew Hornery
February 9, 2008


THE corridors of Australia House in London are buzzing with gossip about the former PM John Howard and his rumoured induction this year into the Most Noble Order of the Garter, an English order of chivalry.

PS can reveal that following the death of Sir Edmund Hillary, a vacancy has become available in the order, with chatter from London suggesting it could be Howard who ends up with the gong. The Knights of the Garter are hand-picked by the Queen, who has sole responsibility and authority when it comes to who gets gonged.