Friday 2nd of December 2022

sidney desperation .....


sidney desperation .....

From the NSW Ministry of Jokes and Funny Hats

The Honorable Joker

NSW Parliament



Dear constituents

I have been advised by the pleece Ministrel that the officers in charge of pleecing the ODEC meeting PLAYED ALONG with the Chaser team in order to get the maximum laughs on the national channel, ABC-TV. By openly letting the Chaser team with their obviously fake badges and mock car identification right to George's hotel, in the spirit of the gag, the pleece were helping my Ministry of Jokes and Funny Hats, under the Act... In fact, the only motorcade they'd been instructed to stop was the one led by Don Bradman.

In order to push the joke beyond the richter scale of loony toones rolling in the aisles, the pleece will be charging the Chaser team with "making the population of this funny lucky country laugh without an authorisation in triplicate" on a grey day. This is a serious matter. Someone could have cracked a funny bone. Of course the matter will be heard in the first kangaroo court available.

Your Humble Servant... Haha.

cc: Don Bradman and his team of quacking ducks

anything for a free feed...

why bother .....

Roughly 80 foreign leaders will travel to New York City this week to attend U.N. talks on how to combat global warming. America’s bushit has announced that he will not be there for any of the talks, but will make it to the dinner that closes the conference.

While the UN talks are occurring, turd blossom will be holding his own meetings that have "the same stated goal, a reduction in the emissions blamed for climate change, but a fundamentally different idea of how to achieve it."

James L. Connaughton, bushit’s chief environmental adviser recently said that: "each nation has the sovereign capacity to decide for itself what its own portfolio of policies should be."

This move raises the prospect that the great exterminator could once again put the US "in the position of objecting to any binding international agreement intended to slow or reverse the emissions linked to rising temperatures."

At the most recent G-8 summit in June, bushit rejected German Chancellor Angela Merkel's aggressive climate change proposals, "whereby global temperatures would be allowed to increase no more than 2 degrees Celsius before being brought back down." Instead, bushit advocated "voluntary" cuts of greenhouse gases.

Insanity, insanity, human insanity...

As the world has been doing a bit of arm-twisting to the US in regard to global warming, in Bali, our lumber-boys down south, slightly north of the Yarra River, have not registered the value of the "tree"... A single "tree" is worth many thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide captured, transformed into oxygen and living matter... The axemen only see wood. The water, the air, the climate change, nature, birlds, life are alien to them. "Wood is what we do"... Insanity, insanity, axemen insanity...

Many thanks to the devoted tree-hugging environmentalists. They are the most sane people on the planet...


Conservationists block access from Yarra Ranges logging

from the ABC

Conservationists are blocking access to a logging area near the Yarra Ranges National Park, north of Melbourne.

Platforms are being erected in the treetops to prevent access to the Armstrong catchment area.

Forest campaigner Luke Chamberlain says allowing logging in Melbourne's water catchment areas during a time of drought is irresponsible.

He says the State Government must put an end to the practice.

"Our water catchments basically give us the best yields and quality of water and by logging the catchments, we reduce the quality and the yield of our water," he said.

"During a time of drought, it is just insanity that we allow the logging of the catchments."