Friday 2nd of December 2022

the stench from the outhouse .....

the stench from the outhouse .....

Remember that joke film clip that President Bush made for the Radio and Television Correspondents' dinner in 2004 wherein he made a mockery of the search for WMD's...looking under a chair in the Oval Office and so forth?

Well, it turns out that that was about as seriously as he took the CIA and their intelligence that there were no WMD's in Iraq before he sent us to war.

Two former CIA officers have confirmed to Salon that President Bush was told in Sept. 2002 that Saddam Hussein did not possess any weapons of mass destruction.

According to the officer, CIA director George Tenet provided Bush with top-secret information that "detailed that Saddam may have wished to have a program, that his engineers had told him they could build a nuclear weapon within two years if they had fissible material, which they didn't, and that they had no chemical or biological weapons." Bush reportedly dismissed the warning immediately.

According to one of the officers, "Bush didn't give a f*ck about the intelligence. He had his mind made up." Tenet never brought up the information again; in fact, only a few months later he infamously referred to the case that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction as a "slam dunk."

The intelligence about the lack of weapons of mass destruction was never provided to Congress before their vote to authorize military operations in March 2003, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair depended on this faulty information to make his decision to support the Iraq war. "Blair was duped," said one of the CIA officers. "He was shown the altered report."

Even though Bush finally publicly admitted in 2004 that "Iraq did not have the weapons that our intelligence believed were there," he continued to believe that they were. In his new book on Bush, Robert Draper writes that the President repeated conviction that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction "to Andy Card all the way up until Card's departure in April 2006."

Meanwhile, turd blossom continued his exemplary performance down-under by thanking rattus for hosting OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) & for keeping “Austrian” troops in Iraq.

No wonder rattus is said to be thinking of quitting …..

From a US soldier...

You cannot win a crime, you can only stop it

By Matt Howard

US soldiers question a man in Baghdad

John Howard is secretly praying for violence this week with APEC to further tighten his rein and justify his campaign of fear.

But the real violence today is the violence being perpetrated by the Prime Minister and his dignitaries - a violence that can only be truly understood by those that have witnessed it first hand. It is the slaughter of 600,000 Iraqis.

Impeach, impeach, impeach...

When kids screw up, it's usually small potatoes. Thus It's usually the best educational policy to encourage them — sometimes force them with a bit of pubishment — to fix the little messes they've made while showing them how to do so. They should learn... but do they? Who knows...

When adults screw up, the solution is a bit more complex, depending on the size of the balls-up. Some screw-ups, especially deliberate big ones, may require a punishment — like prison.

When the President (of the world's richest country on earth) humongusly screws-up, like turning Iraq into a blood zone — lying to us many times to do the deed —  we give him loads more cash, give him more leeway to screw things more, we let him spank us (erode our freedoms) while we still know he's lying big time — but we hope he might learn something?

We're nuts. The man should be impeached NOW!


Under siege: what the surge really means in Baghdad


Officials Cite Long-Term Need for U.S. in Iraq


The recommendation by General Petraeus calls for the step-by-step withdrawal between now and next July of the 30,000 additional troops that Mr. Bush has sent to Iraq as part of what has been called a “surge” in forces, which he announced in January. But that leaves open the question that permeated the heated discussions in the Senate on Tuesday, about whether keeping the remaining 130,000 troops would serve a purpose.

“Buy time?” asked an angry Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican of Nebraska, who announced Monday he would retire from the Senate next year. “For what?”


Gus: "for oil, of course... Naturally." 

When Bush was about to invade Iraq, he let the world believe that the US would be there "in and out within a couple of years — once Saddam had been deposed". Most of us were not only skeptical but we did not believe a word of it. The US was going into Iraq for the long haul, I said when the invasion had barely started. I believed that they would be in there for the next 25 years. And looking at Korea, they might be in Iraq for 50 years or more... Bush lied. Howard lied. Blair lied.

Bush should be impeached. Howard should resign, even if there is an election coming on and he should be tried for taking Australia to war illegally. A defeat at the poll will suffice, I suppose, but should he be re-elected, we as a nation would deserve to be spanked...