Friday 2nd of December 2022

burying rattus .....

burying rattus .....
Bushit claims that al-Anbar province in Iraq had been written-off to al-Qaeda some six or eight months ago.

Continuing the outhouse’s usual propaganda, bushit continued to justify the butchery in Iraq by linking it to 911.

The tortuous turd blossom said: “The people that presumably had taken over Anbar have sworn allegiance to the very same bunch that caused 19 killers to come & kill nearly 3,000 of our citizens. And the experts had said, well, Anbar is gone; al Qaeda will have the safe haven that they have said they want. By the way, a safe haven for al Qaeda anywhere is dangerous to those of us who believe in democracy & freedom. That's one of the lessons of September the 11th.”

The war criminal & deserter went on: “The province I saw wasn't lost to the extremists. The place I went had changed dramatically - fundamentally because the local people took a look at what al Qaeda stands for, and said, we're not interested in death, destruction. We don't want to be associated with people who murder the innocent to achieve their objectives. We want something different for our children. And as a result of our alliance with these folks, we're now hunting down al Qaeda in this province. And the same thing has taken place across Iraq. The security situation is changing. That's the briefing I received from David Petraeus, our general on the ground, General David Petraeus.”

Of course, the truth of the matter is that bushit went nowhere near an Iraqi city. Indeed, he was tucked away in a remote area & safe - surrounded by soldiers – on a military airfield. I guess his spin is unsurprising given how bad things really are after four years of US occupation.

Next week, bushit’s commander in Iraq, General Betrayus, & US Ambassador, Ryan C. Crockashit, will deliver to Congress their much-anticipated response to the central question that has dominated US policy in Iraq this year: Is the "surge" working?

For months, top commanders & bushit officials have said that sectarian violence is down, although some US agencies disagree, according to a recent draft report by the Government Accountability Office. Commanders & officials say attacks are also down against US troops in once-treacherous regions such as Anbar province.

This year, more than 100 joint security stations & smaller combat outposts have been erected in neighbourhoods & villages across the country, which, the generals say, is an indicator that US & Iraqi troops maintain control.

If there is one indisputable truth regarding the current offensive, it is this: when large numbers of US troops & funnelled into areas, security improves. But the numbers only partly describe the reality on the ground. Visits to key US bases & neighbourhoods in & around Baghdad show that recent improvements are sometimes tenuous, temporary, even illusory.

In many areas, US forces are now working at cross-purposes with Iraq's elected Shiite-led government by financing onetime Sunni insurgents, who say they now want to work with the Americans. The loyalties of the Iraqi military & police - widely said to be infiltrated by Shiite militias - remain in doubt.

Even US soldiers assigned to protect Betrayus's showcase remain sceptical. "Personally, I think it's a false representation," one senior military officer said, referring to the portrayal of the Dora market as an emblem of the surge's success. "But what can I say? I'm just doing my job & don't ask questions."

Little rattus could equally have said that.