Tuesday 12th of December 2023

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"Yes, it's a very bad poll for the Coalition ... I recognise that," Mr Howard told Sky News today.

"What it does though is to encourage me, enthuse me to work even harder to convince the Australian public that the future prosperity and security of this country would be better under a Coalition government."

It's A Very Bad Poll: Howard

TV, TV, all is TV...

Rudd v PM in Bush TV grab spat

Labor leader Kevin Rudd's office has accused Prime Minister John Howard of trying to block any television footage of tomorrow's meeting between the opposition leader and US President George W Bush.

Rattus departus desperatus

Costello 'irresponsible': Rudd

Labor leader Kevin Rudd has blamed supporters of Treasurer Peter Costello for "irresponsibly" whipping up Liberal Party leadership tensions which have distracted Prime Minister John Howard from APEC.

There are fresh calls for the prime minister to step aside as his political fortunes continue to flag.

But Mr Rudd today said the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' summit was an important meeting for Australia and now was not the time to be discussing Mr Howard's future.


Gus: There is chance that John Howard would quit out of his own accord rather that have history record his 2007 defeat... Not only a defeat for the Liberal party as a whole but a personal defeat in his own electorate... It would be better for him to go, "honoring" a non-core agreement he made with Costello... With the polls badly stacked against him, there is very little chance he will succeed... placing a blot on his bad understanding of history... Will Howard be brave enough to sink like a captain should? I would not be surprise if he was in two mind about this... courage versus a sullen faded final record...