Sunday 1st of October 2023

slagged .....

slagged .....

"He is a man of steel, because he’s a person of conviction & principle: whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq, we've got more work to do."


far from the grid...

Iraq Far From U.S. Goals for Energy



$50 Billion Needed To Meet Demand

By Dana HedgpethWashington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 2, 2007; Page A01


Iraq's crucial oil and electricity sectors still need roughly $50 billion to meet demand, analysts and officials say, even after the United States has poured more than $6 billion into them over more than four years.

Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration has focused much of its $44.5 billion reconstruction plan on oil and electricity. Now, with the U.S.-led reconstruction phase nearing its close, Iraq will need to spend $27 billion more for its electrical system and $20 billion to $30 billion for oil infrastructure, according to estimates the Government Accountability Office collected from Iraqi and U.S. officials.

God bless Amerika...

From the BBC

Improbable though it sounds, Karl Rove - former chief aide to the US president - has had what could well turn out to a decisive impact on the 2007 Australian election.


Had it not been for the man dubbed "Bush's brain", the former Labor leader Kim Beazley might be taking aim for his third shot at winning a federal election; John Howard would be confidently expecting a fifth term in office; and the Australian electorate might be on the verge of doing what it has done in more than 80% of elections since the war - returning the incumbent government to power.

The 2007 race was transformed by an unlikely chain of events, which started with the tragic death from cancer of an Australian soap star, Belinda Emmett from Home and Away.

On the day of her funeral, Mr Beazley delivered what he thought was a heartfelt statement to reporters conveying condolences to her grieving husband, the TV star Rove McManus.

Instead, he blundered and asked that the Australian people spare a moment's thought for Karl Rove.

The latest in a conga line of hapless fumbles, the mistake ignited a leadership crisis.

In less than a month, the gaffe-prone Mr Beazley, already a two-time loser, had been replaced by the "Peter Perfect" of Labor politics, Kevin Rudd.

Soon, the former diplomat became the most popular opposition leader in the 30 years that pollsters had bothered to ask the question, and became widely viewed in the Canberra press gallery as a putative prime minister.

Even the recent revelation, that on a drunken bender in New York four years ago he had visited a strip joint, seemed only to burnish his appeal.


Gus: God bless Amerika, strip joints in New York and Karl Rove... But may Belinda Emmett be the star amongst the eternal stars. May she rest in peace. In fact, Kim Beazley appeared flat footed at most time and his replacement was inevitable, Karl Rove or not... Had it not been this one it would have been another fumble. All we ask now is that Kevin does not fall into the newfangle traps to be set by Johnnee after announcing the election. And that Kevin does not fall into the blancmange thinking of his advisers... May he follow a smart true heart. Australia needs one now more than ever.

good bye...

From the BBC

Australian PM announces election

Mr Howard plans to run for a fifth term as prime minister
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has announced parliamentary elections for 24 November after visiting the governor-general.

He asked Michael Jeffery, the representative of head of state Queen Elizabeth, to dissolve parliament.

The veteran PM is seeking a fifth term in office but analysts predict a heavy defeat after 11 years in office.

Mr Howard, 68, is badly trailing his Labor opponent Kevin Rudd, 50, in opinion polls.


Gus: hopefully it's good bye, Johnnee. But there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air, despite opinion polls. We can not forget that Rattus spruikerus is an expert in selling hot air and broken records of non-core bulldust.

Hopefully, see you go-go-go, Johnnee — on the 24th of November. Thank you for ending the excruciating wait...

off & running .....


This morning I got annoyed... The publicity female voice on the ABC was spruiking the coming attraction for tonight (25/10/10) up and coming "Q&A" or "quanda" with John Howard being the only mug being on the show with Tony Jones... "John Howard was a man of conviction..." were sort of the words used AND I CHOKED!

CONVICTION??? where? Had the con artist been convicted at last? Sure I knew I was stupidly irrational and was reminded so. But... John Howard a man of CONVICTION???? His only conviction was to make sure he got elected by whatever tricky means (and I know of a few arm twistings upon his "colleagues") and that he stuck to the pane of PMhood-glass till he was praised by Maxine's accidental election to his seat... despite having made a promise (non-core) to Costello... Apart from that, Rattus H slithered with brilliance, but not with any conviction of proper policy. He took this country on a ride of porkies, back-flips, non-core and never evers, like never before but to call that conviction is ludicrous...

Even in his book, if one reads between the lines, he apparently claims that he only went to war with Bush against Saddam to piss off the French and the Germans... Most of JWH were pissy "unconvictions" that could and would change with the way the wind was blowing including his brave ETS, which Tony Abbott made sure we did not get... and which Tony would have made sure — should Howard got the gig again in 2007 — to have scuttled with a non-core promise change with Rattus blessings...

Conviction????? Ahahahahahaaaaahhhhhh............ Try the other leg... See toon at top...