Friday 7th of October 2022

and so spake lady rattus .....

and so spake lady rattus .....

There was no deal: PM's wife …..

Janette Howard says her husband never made a deal with Peter Costello in
1994 to step aside as Prime Minister after one and a half terms.

In a new biography of John Howard, which exposes the deep personal animus between the Prime Minister and his Treasurer, Mrs Howard says: "John wasn't into making firm commitments".

Last year it was revealed that Mr Howard and Mr Costello, when in Opposition, discussed handing over the reins should Mr Howard lead the Coalition to power, which he did in 1996.

The discussion, witnessed and noted by the former minister Ian McLachlan, sparked a furious row last July, when Mr Costello accused Mr Howard of welching on the commitment.

"You talk about a whole lot of things when you're trying to convince people to do things," Mrs Howard says in the book.

"But you don't go back and honour every single one of those unless you have made a firm commitment about it, and John wasn't into making firm commitments."

There Was No Deal: PM's Wife


Gus: we know that... The only commitment Johnnee "never ever" made was to screw the Australian people...

And how would Janette know anything of men's secret business?

But to say ""You talk about a whole lot of things when you're trying to convince people to do things...But you don't go back and honour every single one of those unless you have made a firm commitment about it, and John wasn't into making firm commitments."!!!! That takes the cake!

It illustrates, with extraordinary clarity, Johnnee's hypocrisy!!!

Wedge politics

Before the elections in 2004, Johnnee Porkie was telling us AS A CORE COMMITMENT that Australia would never have any nuclear dumps, that it was not in his government policy... But slowly, lie by lie, wedge by wedge, the push is on for this sneaky government to make you swallow another "never ever" nuke-dumps via the suppository inlet... Beware, do not flinch from voting this government out, otherwise you will be sitting on the wrong end of the pineapple for another four miserable years. Hopefully the thin tin man (the "man of steel" as named by the primal example of intelligence design decline) is rusting fast.

tribute to a death penalty adherent...

The former PM also paid tribute to his wife, Janette, revealing the pair differed on many issues, including capital punishment.

''Janette is a very intelligent independently minded person,'' said Mr Howard.

''Broadly speaking, my wife and I disagree on capital punishment.

''As a lawyer, I'm not really in favour of capital punishment … I always think the law can make mistakes but Janette has a slightly differing view to me.''


So now, Johnnee, what is a slightly differing view on the death penalty? It's either on or off, isn't it?... And what does it mean to be "not really in favour of capital punishment". Is this another flimsy Howardian lightweight flipflopping about one of the most serious subject of humanity...

see toon at top...

when in a glassshouse...

It has always amazed me that the right wing operatives of the NSW branch of the Labor Party get such a soft run in the mainstream media. This is a group that brought the public the most incompetent state government in modern memory - from Carr to Iemma to Rees to Keneally. Outside their little fiefdom, where loyalty is rewarded with patronage, most of them would be unemployable. So what are they good at?

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I've got news for you, Pete... "Faceless men" also exist in your party of ritewingnuts. Some of them were members of parliament by having written their own name at the top of the Liberal senate list, while others are president of this branch or that faction of ritenutters. The NSW Labor government(s) was not incompetent as you put it, either. They did some good things as well as some iffy stuff, but your mate O'Farrell (Liberal-conservative) is not so flash either... Sure the media is not too picky at the moment, but eventually the brickbats will soon catch up with him... And don't forget the Federal government you were part thereof was lying through its teeth to go to war on Iraq... and that the media has been far too lenient on your little venture there... What a goose....

And don't forget the women too... You're so sexist... Say "faceless persons" if you must... Some of them females are really pushy... And do not forget that the media orgs are also courting you for info and titbits so they can use more poisoned inks in their papers... See toon at top...