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worse case scenario could be realism.....

Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned the country’s National Security Commission in stark terms of the grave security concerns facing the nation.

According to Xi, Beijing needs to stay “keenly aware” of the challenges facing national security and correctly grasp major related issues. He urged officials to be ready for “worst-case and most extreme scenarios” – words that a lot of commentators have described as “pessimistic” in regard to the development of relations between China and the United States.


Xi Jinping’s ‘worst-case scenario’ warning is realism, not pessimismLocking horns with the US, China has been told to prepare for the most ‘extreme’ developments, but in this warning lies hope BY Bradley Blankenship


This is not pessimism, however – rather, it’s a realistic perspective. The primary reason is that Beijing faces an extraordinarily ruthless adversary and most keen observers of the US are well aware of this. The phrase “worst-case scenarios,” when applied to a confrontation between China and the US, evokes apocalyptic images akin to the famous video game series Fallout – set to become a TV series this year. In fact, some of its wilder aspects aside, this 25-year-old franchise may offer a valuable perspective on the current situation.

The game is set in a wasteland following a terminal nuclear conflict primarily between the US and China. While it is never stated who started the fictional “Great War,” the president of what remains of the “official” United States who also happens to be one of the primary antagonists – says outright that China dropped the first bombs. However, it is apparent that this character has every reason to lie to the player. It’s also heavily implied that the US government is essentially the most evil organization in human history, committing almost every crime imaginable up to and including attempted genocide on a global scale, creating concentration camps for people of Chinese descent and fully capable of destroying organized human life purely on ideological grounds.

It is evident that the writers, who started the franchise in the late 1990s, felt America’s anti-communism would inevitably foist it against China in the not-so-distant future. But the ambiguity of who dropped the bombs also speaks to one of its greatest themes, which is that it doesn’t matter who did it because everyone loses in the end. The use of nuclear weapons is an indictment on humanity as a whole and not one particular individual or group.

Unfortunately, this foresight created a striking parallel to our current world. And that means that one of the most popular fiction franchises around today agrees with the point of President Xi: the US is not a good or stable actor and will, if given the opportunity, destroy or otherwise destabilize China (and the world by extension). The US has left so many bodies in its wake that a failure of the Chinese president to recognize this when dealing with Washington would be an actual disservice to his citizens.

As an example, China’s foreign ministry has estimated that between the end of World War II and 2001, there were 248 armed conflicts in 153 regions worldwide. Of these, 201 were initiated by the US. That is a staggering figure that demonstrates just how much of a threat Washington is to global peace and stability. Then factor in the litany of heinous acts it has committed or is committing around the world: Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the list goes on.

Not only does the US bring death and destruction all over the world, it does it while imposing its hegemony to shackle entire nations under its dominion, leaving them purposefully underdeveloped while ruthlessly exploiting them. The fact, for instance, that the US is currently sanctioning China’s defense minister but is gaslighting Beijing about a lack of dialogue with him is the pinnacle of the disconnect between how Washington portrays itself and reality.

With Xi’s guidance, however, Beijing is pursuing a long-game strategy that avoids military conflict with Washington while focusing on China’s development. This is extraordinarily prudent, not only because it decreases the chance of nuclear conflict but also because it is accompanied by lifting millions of people around the world from poverty. This course would be challenging to plot if he did not have a realistic assessment of the US, but he does. He understands that time is on China’s side, unlike the US, which is rapidly decaying in virtually every aspect except its propensity for violence.

In contrast to the many post-apocalyptic works of science fiction, terminal conflict does not have to be inevitable. Nuclear arms are not necessarily one of Chekhov’s proverbial guns. There is no law of physics that dictates that the world must be sacrificed at the altar of any particular ideology. President Xi’s assessment of the US and his prescriptions for action are rooted firmly in this universal ideal of hope, which implies that there is some element of optimism to his motivations.







New Global Reality: You Can Defy the West and Win written by INTEL-DROP


Every adult alive now had become used to a world where the USA, UK and Europe ran things in their own interest. Not only that, they dealt with upstart individuals and nations successful to their advantage and with impunity. Especially with the collapse of the Soviet Union the western world’s leaders saw themselves as home free to the world of their dreams where everything they said goes. This was the unipolar moment, there was now unequivocally one pole of power. It had been this way across the nations that had been under the western elite thumb before this, but now the whole world being like putty in their hands excited the fervent imagination of the West.

Then 9/11 happened. 

With 9/11 the political elites in the USA in combination with their allies saw that their delight in seeing off the Soviet Union now meant more than joy, it meant that they were now in a position within this new unipolar world to be even more forceful than ever in now decimating any and all enemies worldwide. What was to stop them? The Soviet Union was dead and gone. No nation stood in the way of them wiping the floor with all those nasty anti-American states that had enraged them for so many years. The way was open. War would be the mechanism to disintegrate their power.

No American-opposing entity was to stand after the 9/11 determination to wipe them out. They HAD to go for the sake of the security of the United States for all time to come. There was not to be an iota of resistance left once they had completed the mission before them. They were the singular mighty power on this planet now and the path was clear for them to do as they pleased to those they hated and rabidly wished gone. No moral or ethical barrier was to stand in their way. 9/11, for them gave them every authority they needed to act as they wished and were required to act to cleanse the entire world of opposition.

And all their allies agreed. Not only in the political fields but also across mainstream news media. They would all now go to war TOGETHER.

That was how it was supposed to be as Afghanistan quickly fell to them. There was talk of democratising Afghanistan and much more. However, Iraq called, the next target. Iraq was harder in terms of opposition but soon it to was “done”. On to Libya, again it was “done” quite quickly… though things were getting messy. Looking back at what was happening in both Afghanistan and Iraq the telltale signs of future failure were there. But anyway, on to Syria.

In Syria things were done differently. The change of tactics had begun in Libya with the emphasis on aerial attacks as opposed to boots on the ground. But in Syria things took yet another turn. This, it was decided, would be done through covert means and the use of allied nations with a stake in seeing regime change occur there. In addition so-called Moderate Rebels would be trained, equipped and financed. Then, the cherry on the top, an entity of heroic rescuers would be formed and given every PR man’s dream equipment to get the message out and effectively condition those sitting at home that right was only on one side, the West’s side. These were of course, ‘The White Helmets’.

It was all moving forward… or so it seemed. But the carefully facade was beginning to leak badly. The Taliban were not giving up in Afghanistan. In Iraq various anti-American forces were causing growing problems. In Libya there was no shining democratic dream emerging. One of the things re-emerging there was the slave trade.

Things had begun to go badly wrong for the post-9/11 project and it hadn’t got to Iran yet, next in line.

Two significant occurrences added to western woes along the path described above.

One was Vladimir Putin’s Munich speech in February 2007. The other was the exponential rise of China.

Vladimir Putin may or may not have been fully aware that he was waving a metaphorical red rag to a bull in Munich, but that was the effect of the speech he made that day. He went, in the period of an hour from an accepted member of the insiders to a complete outsider. 

What was his crime?

Post 9/11 ALL individuals, groups, national leaders and governments HAD to now be subservient to the USA and its allies. This after all was what had been decided in those hyper-emotional hours after that fateful day. No one was to IN ANY WAY oppose the will of the United States or its allies. Weren’t they sworn to eliminate and replace ALL those who did?

Putin’s crime was to do exactly that. He stated quite clearly that Russia would NOT subordinate itself to any other nation or group of nations. He became public enemy number one for ALL western political elites and their mainstream media news from that day on.

Then there is the rise of China. A China quite clearly NOT in the control of the USA or its allies. And China was growing at a pace that meant it would become a peer competitor to the USA and its allies. A double crime. That made China an enemy also. Putin, his support base and the Chinese government. All now very firmly on the list of entities to be eliminated and replaced.

And in short, this is how things stand today.

Except for one thing.

In these last three to six months a cataclysmic political and economic change has occurred.

The previous support for the USA and its allies, based as it was on a recognition of their combined power and the potential threats they could bring to bear on them… began to erode as that power and those threats began to drain away. China must be given most credit for this as its vast wealth, economic power and willingness to engage began to appear MUCH more attractive than the threatening aggressiveness of the West. The relationship with the West had been a pragmatic one in the overwhelming majority of cases. It was not based on anything that could closely approximate to friendship. It was a relationship based on a certain usefulness along with a large dose of fear regarding what the western monster could do if you didn’t obey it.

Now there was this far friendlier panda offering to provide similar guarantees as the rather sharp-beaked eagle. A great many states, some of which had been pecked near to death by the American eagle pondered whether cuddling the panda might be a far better option.

Then along came Russia that demanded of the West that it stop surrounding it with NATO bases, that it be reasonable and work with Russia on a new security architecture that would work for all sides, including Russia. But… Russia was on the list of post-9/11 elimination and replacement. No deal. Russia asked that Ukraine not be made a NATO state and pointed to the West already MAKING it into a de facto NATO state. No deal. Russia was on the list. Russia had to be regime changed and have all its political systems undermined and rebuilt with all its present political elites gone. The post-9/11 plan demanded it. 

It is not as yet known to be the case but pushing Russian into invading Ukraine could easily have been seen as the perfect way to achieve the post-9/11 plan. It was without doubt believed that the financial and economic sanctions that would hit Russia would make it crumple. The entire western world, indeed the WHOLE world would unite against Russia for such an act. Wouldn’t it.

Well no and no.

Neither did the Russian economy crack as was supposed, neither did the Russian people rise up and overthrow their leaders, most notably Vladimir Putin. And neither did the rest of the world outside the orbit of the West unite against Russia, these nations mostly being in Eurasia and the Global South. India did not. Neither did many others.

But an even greater shock was to come.

These same nations, many of whom had been under western sway began to flock to join Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in the BRICS Group. At the last count 19 nations are queueing up to join.

And what is even worse…

A growing number of nations are discussing the elimination of the US dollar as the default currency for all trades. More and more nations began agreeing that they would trade in their own local currencies. The US dollar, in the name of the Petrodollar of course is the mechanism by which the USA can threaten nations with sanctions. If they refuse to obey they can be broken economically through the mechanism of the Petrodollar. 

But why the sudden change?

All due to Russia and China.

Russia showed that it was possible to oppose the United States, the UK and the eU and win out. These latter few were shown to be paper tigers. Russia said, look, we can do this. We can be free. We need no longer be under threat from the western bullies. Stand up to them. We will help you. We being Russia and China.

And so here we are.

De-dollarisation is underway across a growing number of nations. Russia’s economy is now rising, its inflation level dropping, its people becoming wealthier again with living standards rising. China similarly. While Germany goes into recession and inflation scars all other western nations including the USA. Russia has shown the world how to do it, how to escape western domination and thrive. Russia and China together are inviting any others that wish to, to joining their happy throng in BRICS. We have passed into a new geopolitical paradigm thanks to the resolute determination of two now rapidly rising nations in terms of prestige and power, Russia and China. The world will never be the same again.

The message now being given loud and strong?

There is a new global reality…








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