Friday 7th of October 2022

guess who's not coming to dinner .....

guess who's not coming to dinner .....

‘Many consider Mr Costello's comments in the new biography of Mr Howard to be poorly-timed and politically stupid.

Frontbencher Tony Abbott has told Lateline the comments are regrettable, but only a reflection of Mr Costello's mood when he did the interviews for the book last year.

"Everyone knows that occasionally Peter has felt a bit frustrated at the Prime Minister's political longevity," he said.

"He was frustrated when the PM came to the decision that he did last year, we all know that, but Peter's frustration was relatively short-lived."

Labor says the two leaders clearly do not trust each other and is another reason why voters cannot trust the Government.


Gus: I heard Abbott on SBS say something like "shit happens" about this fistfight...

Did I hear right?

almost Gus .....

Not quite Gus ….

In stark contrast to those awful foul-mouthed union hacks, the monk gave us his very civil Liberal “shit happens” lament on Lateline.

a tarnished stooge...

From the ABC

Rudd will be premiers' patsy if elected: Abbott

By political correspondent Louise Yaxley

The Federal Opposition says the Government is picking on the states to try and get out of the political trouble revealed in some leaked internal polling.

The internal polling shows that the Prime Minister is seen as old and dishonest by voters who are turning to Kevin Rudd.

The pollsters say the Coalition should attack Labor's links with the unions and the state premiers.

Health Minister Tony Abbott seems to be acting on that, saying Mr Rudd will owe the premiers if he wins.

Gus: what's wrong with the Rudd federal government giving what is due to the states when it is due to the States?
Unlike the Johnnee's fancy-footwork that has been robbing the States here, there and everywhere on all fronts from education to health, but finds moneys for electioneeering against States rights? Moneys that is not his to spend. Moneys that should be given to the states to spend.
In all this, Abbott appears as a representative of the little devil himself, that little robber and liar that has made all decent Australian squirm with shame. It's time Australia regained its dignity — a dignity sold off in a few wipes of brown-nosing and sowing of porkies without consideration for the concequences....

If Abbott was as Catholic as he let us believe, he should have resigned forthwith for having misled the public deliberately with a rock solid undertaking that was no more than sand in the wind on Medicare. Trust? can you trust this fellow? No way... he's a crooked bigot and has no principles. Abbott? A tarnished stooge...

Prudishness from the swearing kid

Abbott frowns on swearing

In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Health Minister Tony Abbott today warned against swearing after a federal Liberal candidate was dumped for using abusive language in a blog.

In the blog, the candidate for the Melbourne-based seat of Maribyrnong, Hamish Jones, called Victorian cabinet minister Lynne Kosky a "bitch" and a "f---wit", News Ltd reported.

Mr Abbott, who twice last month said "shit happens" - on national television and at a press conference - said such behaviour was inappropriate.

"People shouldn't use bad language," a laughing Mr Abbott told reporters in Canberra.

"People should behave appropriately in all circumstances."

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello today said Mr Jones would be dumped by the Liberal Party.