Wednesday 1st of February 2023

lord, have mercy on the teleprompter that was too far in order not to be seen by the TV cameras.......

"At this point I'm convinced it would be less frustrating for viewers if the White House just showed us the teleprompter texts so we could read them ourselves."





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the teddy bear knows best......

Many people are very confused by the seemingly nonsensical statement repeated by the American rulers that “Russia is a threat to the rules-based order.” The confusion stems from the fact that this term is ubiquitous, yet remains totally undefined.

If the statement is not actually nonsensical, it is at the very least deeply esoteric, given that the rules in question, if they exist, are a secret. None of the people using this piece of terminology have outlined what the rules are, let alone provided a list of rules.

Before the Ukraine conflict, one might be tempted to suspect that they are referring to the rules laid out by the WTO, United Nations and various other globalist bodies, but that is no longer a valid guess. The United States unilaterally abolished the sanctimony of the WTO and various trade rules with the sanctions on Russia. The US has consistently violated the UN Charter, particularly in relation to Israel and its various dealings in the Middle East, but they are also likely violating it with the claim that Russian-speaking people in the East of the Ukraine – who, if living under Kiev rule, meet the UN definition of “stateless people” – do not have a right to secede from the Ukraine.







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