Wednesday 1st of February 2023

the corrupt and the deceitful empire.....

NATO was created by the USA with two different purpose: one official to counter the Russian “threat” (Cold War) and one secret option designed to destroy any challenge to the US hegemony. It would take a 20,000 pages encyclopaedia to explain all the secret details and evolution of the US hegemony, thus what follows is somewhat simplistic, though generally “on the money”…



Since the 1917 Russian Revolution, but probably somewhat before, with the works of Karl Marx and Ernst Engels in England, US capitalist boffins could smell a MAJOR THREAT. Communism is the major threat to capitalism. As mentioned before, capitalism is not a system of governance, but a religion, with relative value tenets, deception of value and (elastic) morality. In some way, capitalism is very “Jewish”. I know this could smell of anti-Semitism, but the fact remains that during the middle-ages and a bit beyond, when the Popes had forbidden the lending of money, the only people who did finance most of the “ventures” were Jews (and the Cathars who got exterminated by the popes and kings) — often giving the Jews a discreet control over the state by financing whatever the state (Kingdom) wanted (war, castles, extravagance). The Church was spending its cash on self-glorification with more and more elaborate ways to fool POOR people with its opulence, for them to submit to the system. 

The US capitalist religion was gelled from the English financial system, with the creation of the dollar (and as god said, “it felt good”). Since then, the US capitalism has taken many sophisticated adaptations to become the ruler of all, with the improvements of technology, various political flavours and fierce property rights. Communism removes singular property rights and prevents accumulation of loot, which are both the basis of capitalism. A capitalist society is made of greedy individuals. A communist society is made of equally sharing individuals.

In the capitalist system, the state basically owns nothing, not even the means to defend the system. But individuals will control the state and its defence by complex means, including “elections” — a choice between two branches of the same tree using a fully-corrupted congress — a rabid “exceptionalist ideal” coupled with a powerful army (militia). The system has a compliant propagandist media and various tentacular money monopoly outlets, like the Fed Bank, the World Bank and the IMF. One essential part that helps capitalism is the debt of the system.  This is perverse: without the debt that cannot be called like in a game of poker, the system would not have leverage on other nations which end up owning part of the debt, thus become willing or unwilling partners in the “Ponzi” scheme of capitalism.

“We The People” is a game of oneupmanship, in which very few climb to the top while others provide the fuel (work, risky investments, personal debt to the eyeballs, entertainment) for the system to feed the few wealthy individuals who control the government of the state.

Here we should mention the WEF, the Word Economic Forum, in which individuals are encouraged to “own nothing” and let a different (similar) system take their life over: the CORPORATIONS that own everything

MEANWHILE, The US hegemony is based on the dollar. Any challenge to the dollar will be met with force and diplomatic DISTORTIONS (threats amongst these). 


There are many example of this defence/offence mechanism. 

Libya is one of the most clear cut case of the manipulation of the defence of the system:

— Libya’s Gaddafi wants to create a Pan-African banking system with a “new” currency. 

— For years, the USA boffins have recognised that Gaddafi is a very intelligent man who can challenge the US capitalism, like Saddam tried in Iraq by bypassing the PETRODOLLAR. The media propaganda is made to work at demonising Gaddafi. He is accused of many sins, etc. The list is long, including terrorism charges.

Gaddafi is modernising Libya as a powerhouse in Africa. This takes guts, ingenuity and money. Libya has plenty of money and cannot be entrapped in the US debt web. This pisses off the US boffins but they know how to deal with this.

— one of the major project Gaddafi creates is the underground river system that transports water to the main cities and irrigate the deserts in which Gaddafi can grow crops — thus feeding “his” people without having to rely on USAID foodstuffs.

The US/NATO schemes to kill Gaddafi. His palace is bombed. Some of his progeny is killed. He thus now live in a tent that is never in the same place overnight, foiling further attempt on his life. Meanwhile the propagandist US (western media) continue the demonisation of Gaddafi. 

By 2011, the West organise a “revolution” in Libya. One of the secrets of the capitalist system is the use of state sponsored terrorism: According to many serious sources, Al Qaeda, Daesh and other terror groups are creation of the USA for several purposes. The Muslim Brotherhood is an invention of MI6... TERRORISM: One is to sow discord/disunity in the Arab world (KEEPING THE PRICE OF PETROL UNDER CHECK), two as a reason for “intervention” in other countries affairs and THREE to promote the fear of terrorism in Western countries that would not need the helping hand of the US otherwise. 

Perverse? Sure. By 2011, the West, under NATO’s “leadership” destroys Libya by bombing Gaddafi’s forces who were fighting piddly terrorists supported by the West. The NATO intervention is promoted “under humanitarian grounds” "because Gaddafi is killing his people". Gaddafi is killed unceremoniously. La Madam Clinton laughs. The Media does its dirty job.

As well as destroying Libya, the intervention sends waves of illegal migrants to Europe — weakening Europe economically, morally (dividing compassion) and socially. Behind closed doors, the US boffins snigger… ANOTHER MISSION(S) ACCOMPLISHED TO PROTECT THE DOLLAR. 

Here we come back to 1917… By 1919, the US also take over the geopolitical doctrine of Sir Halford John Mackinder. We refer to this as the key to the conquest of the planet by the Anglo-Saxon-Jewish interests. The British Empire had collapse for many reasons. By 1919 after a feeble attempt at recreating the British Empire, it does not happen. Britain was broke by trying to destroy Germany. The US would take over the project of “WORLD DOMINATION”. New subtle means had to be devised, including WW2, and the near 50 wars of the US Empire since then. Let's not forget the PNAC in this list of means. One of the latest innovation of the US Empire is wars by proxy

All these proxy wars need is only MONEY. This is no problem because of DEBT acceptance. Printing “Federal” money FOR WAR is no sweat as it feeds the privately owned weapon manufacturers. Everyone in control of the system, including Congresspeople take their cut. Fake morality takes flight again, with propagandist media. We know: The fake mantra of “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction” is still not recognised by many Western journalists. They still harp on with the official “intelligence failures”. They do not want to see the tricks, because the tricks of deceit, now continuing with “Ukraine”, IS FEEDING THEIR (corrupt) MORALITY and comfort — and the comfort of their masters.

It’s a question of proportion between several factors.

  1. who controls the loot.
  2. The number of people who are comfortable with the religious aspect of capitalism
  3. The number of poor versus middle class people
  4. Comfort has to be bought with debt
  5. Deceit is essential to maintain the delusion.
  6. God is the dollar, the dollar is god…

More shall be said.






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Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko is in charge of the motor pool at Fort Baxter, a small United States Army base that develops new military technology. Exploiting this position, he directs a number of scams, ranging from gambling to renting out military vehicles. His commanding officer, Colonel John Hall, overlooks Bilko's money-making schemes, as he is more concerned with problems in the "Hover Tank" that the base is designing.



capitalist crowd-funded war criminals......



Celebrated in mainstream US media for its anti-Russian trolling, the Twitter operation known as NAFO was founded by a Polish antisemite to raise money for a militia that has hosted war criminals, white nationalists and wanted murderers.

Whether they know it or not, anyone who has checked Twitter for recent coverage of the Ukraine proxy war has likely encountered at least one of the thousands of trolls that comprise NAFO, or the “North Atlantic Fellas Organization.” Thanks to the efforts of NAFO and its “fellas,” any journalist or prominent figure critical of Ukraine or NATO on Twitter is likely to receive hundreds of replies accusing them of being paid by Russian President Vladimir Putin (or even performing fellatio on him) from accounts with Shiba Inu dog avatars.

Since its inception several months ago, NAFO has earned gushing praise from the Washington Post, which hailed it for “show[ing] that the tables could be turned on Russia, when it came to trolling.” The arms industry-funded, Washington DC-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), meanwhile, hosted an online panel highlighting NAFO as an instrumental weapon in the Russia-Ukraine infowars.

Yet NAFO’s beltway boosters often gloss over its role as a fundraising machine for the Georgian Legion, a US-backed Ukrainian fighting group that stands accused of gruesome battlefield atrocities. Several former members of the Legion have produced first-hand testimony documenting its perpetration of war crimes, including the torture and execution of POWs and civilians. 

One NAFO founder explained that he chose the Georgian Legion as a funding recipient precisely because of the unit’s reputation as a band of “mercenaries and criminals” that was willing to carry out barbarous acts which could cause foreign governments to shy away from supporting it. Another NAFO founder has praised the Georgian Legion’s leader for “killing Russians since the ’90s.”

Among the Georgian Legion’s most notorious members are US fugitive and murderer Craig Lang, as well as Paul Gray, an American whose past involvement in several neo-Nazi organizations was never mentioned during the friendly primetime interviews he was granted by Fox News and its local affiliates. 

While providing a financial feeding tube to a militia that revels in its own atrocities, NAFO continues to attract effusive support from mainstream US journalists and think tankers who portray the operation as little more than a grassroots expression of online solidarity with Ukraine.

Obsessively online interventionists find meaning and purpose as “fellas”

Employing cartoon memes of the Shiba Inu dog breed, NAFO’s postmodern aesthetic, irreverent style and dedication to viciously trolling any critic of the Ukraine proxy war has garnered the adulation of Western media and interventionist government officials alike.

To outsiders, the lingo that flows through internal NAFO chats might seem unintelligible: “fellas” refers to members; “nafoarticle5” is a call to action that urges “fellas” to dog-pile on a particular social media post; “vatnik” serves as a pejorative for Russians and virtually anyone critical of the US-backed proxy war. Phrases such as “NAFO expansion is non-negotiable” and sarcastic claims that they are funded by the CIA (which they simultaneously claim “doesn’t exist”) are also ubiquitous.

Behind the anonymously named Twitter accounts of NAFO members lies a base of extremely online, mostly male civilians seeking a sense of purpose and community. Some participants have tattooed Shiba Inu avatars onto their bodies while others have published photos of their newborn babies in the arms of an adult sporting a NAFO shirt. 

One member of the troll operation tweeted a photo of an elaborate NAFO tattoo emblazoned on his arm, but has since deleted it.

In public, NAFO leaders market the image of a charity-focused community of do-gooders, however, many posts by its fellas reflect the kind of psychologically deranged outbursts familiar to young adult men who spend endless hours ranting on a messaging platform built for gamers. In mid-October, for example, an administrator complained that she was forced to ban two members of the NAFO Discord for publicly plotting the murder of a third member of the community.

While US corporate media have declared that within NAFO “there is no command structure,” effectively releasing the group’s founders from accountability for the fellas’ behavior, this reporter found all the hallmarks of an organizational hierarchy. The group’s Discord server is run by founders, assigned administrators, moderators, and “forgers” who make memes used for harassing people on social media. “Verified fellas” are granted access to otherwise locked channels, while regular “fellas” are assigned more mundane roles.

“It’s preferred that people who are not heavily involved in the day to day do not speak on behalf of NAFO or what NAFO is to the press,” one administrator wrote in the server’s announcement’s channel.

Inside NAFO’s social media crowdfunding nexus

There are three ways to obtain a NAFO avatar and become a verified “fella.” The first is to make a donation to the Georgian National Legion through an email address attached to PayPal and belonging to Taras Reshetylo, a field commander of the Georgian Legion. Another way to join is by donating to an organization called “Protect Ukraine Defenders,” or a merchandise purchase from a website called Saint Javelin. Saint Javelin’s logo depicts the Virgin Mary bearing a US-manufactured Javelin missile.

Though distinct from NAFO at its foundation, Saint Javelin sold merchandise for the organization and recently incorporated NAFO into its brand. For months, all of Saint Javelin’s proceeds from NAFO merchandise went directly to the Georgian Legion, according to its website. Like NAFO, Saint Javelin estimates that it has raised huge sums for the war — more than a million dollars. 

Besides fundraising for the Georgian Legion, Saint Javelin passes on proceeds to United24, an initiative launched by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky “as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine.” It also channels money to the Ukrainian World Congress, an organization which has defended the legacy of World War Two-era Nazi collaborator and mass murderer Stepan Bandera, branding him “the undisputed symbol of Ukraine’s lengthy and tragic struggle for independence.” 

Saint Javelin’s partnership with Zelensky’s United24 aims to help raise funds to build an “army of drones.”









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