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Alex Epstein is the director of the Center for Industrial Progress (CIP), a for-profit think tank he founded in 2011. Its mission is to “inspire Americans to embrace industrial progress as a cultural ideal.”


Epstein is also a blogger at Master Resource, a “Free Market Energy Blog,” and a past fellow of the Ayn Rand Institute, an organization that has received funding from the Koch Foundations amounting to $100,000 between 2005 and 2011.3



“As the Founder and the Director of the Center for Industrial Progress, I make it my job to educate the public about the incredibly positive role energy and industry, particularly the oil industry, play in their lives,” Epstein wrote at CIP.4

Alex Epstein has written articles in this area in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, The Objective Standard and numerous other publications largely on the subjects of energy and industrial policy. Epstein also hosts a monthly podcast titled “Power Hour” that features “leading energy thinkers” including climate change deniers like Richard Lindzen and Steve Milloy.

He previously maintained a website, (now redirects to the Center for Industrial Progress), where he advertised his range of consulting services “from PR consulting to editorial consulting,” in which he reframes the debate to fit the view that aggressive industrial progress will always benefit the environment.5

Epstein regularly appears in conservative talk radio and television programs to promote the idea that industrial development is the best way to improve the environment. He has made appearances on FOX, PJTV, and Thom Hartmann. He also publishes his opinion in a wide variety of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, and Fox News.

He is also listed as a former adjunct scholar at the Koch-funded Cato Institute.6


Corporate Speaking & Consulting

Alex Epstein also makes speaking rounds in colleges and communities including Stanford, Duke, Rice, and UCLA.7He also offers corporate speaking and consulting services for the energy industry8 to combat “formidable attacks by so-called environmentalists that can put a halt to your projects and sabotage your bottom line.”9

According to his website, “CIP [Center for Industrial Progress] is unmatched in its ability to successfully out-message ‘environmentalists’ and turn their supporters into your supporters.”10

In a September 11, 2018 piece at the CIP website, Epstein disclosed “proudly” that one of his industry clients was Tyler White, president of the Kentucky Coal Association.11

“In praising this piece I must disclose, proudly, that the author is one of my clients. As is the allied website, ‘The Coal Truth,’ that has a more in-depth expose of “100% renewable,” Epstein wrote.

According to WHOIS records, was registered by Aaron Bond,12 who appears to work for Alliance Coal,13 and the administrator is listed as Health Lovell.  Lovell is Vice President for Public Affairs at Alliance Coal, and also spoke at the Heartland Institute‘s America First Energy Conference in 2017.14 Lovell has praised the pro-coal stance of the Trump Administration.15



Stance on Climate Change

November 2021

The following is from an interview with GB News, which Epstein posted on Facebook, he argued “why COP 26 is not a progressive scientific conference but an anti-human, primitive-religious attempt to commit mass genocide,” according to his video description.16

“If you don’t admit that today’s world is amazing because of fossil fuels, you are totally unqualified to make any predictions about the future because either you are anti-human or ignorant.”

Epstein added:

“The fact that we have an impact doesn’t even mean that it’s net negative. I think the jury is out because there’s a lot of beneficial warming and then greening is good.”

May 22, 2019

An article published by The Oregonian notes that “Epstein’s views put him in the position of denying scientific findings about the forces reshaping a planet now regularly experiencing its warmest years on record.”17

Taking offense to this statement, Alex Epstein made the following response in the Center for Industrial Progress newsletter:18

“I am actually an outspoken global warming affirmer. The real point of contention is not whether there is some global warming and whether human beings have some climate impact, but a) whether warming is a problem and b) whether fossil fuel energy should be restricted.

“When catastrophists label me and others ‘climate deniers,’ they aren’t trying to accurately characterize our views–they’re trying eliminate opposition to their political policies.”







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Saudi Arabia’s decision to align itself with Russia and supersize OPEC Plus’ oil production cuts will have significant geopolitical and economic consequences.

The announcement of the two million barrels a day reduction in OPEC+ outputinfuriated the White House, delighted the Russians and raised fears that a new surge in oil prices could lead to higher-for-longer interest rate rises and an increased risk of global recession.

The White House had lobbied the Saudis and other Middle Eastern producers hard in recent months – including via a visit by Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia in July– urging them to increase production. Having had its efforts so conclusively and embarrassingly rebuffed, it is now warning that it will consult Congress on mechanisms “to reduce OPEC’s control over energy prices.”

That’s an implicit threat to enact a piece of legislation – the “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act,” or “NOPEC” bill – that has been debated in Congress more than a dozen times over two decades but never enacted. It would remove an anti-trust exemption for the OPEC cartel, allowing the US Department of Justice to deploy America’s intimidating anti-trust laws against OPEC’s members and their oil companies.


OPEC, led by the Saudis, presented the decision to cut output by two million barrels a day, or about two per cent of global supply, as necessary to stabilise a recent fall in oil prices and incentivise investment even though prices have been relatively high by historical standards.








Sydney has officially recorded its wettest year in more than 160 years with almost three months to spare as widespread heavy rainfall continues to wreak havoc across the state.

Residents in flood-prone areas have been put on high alert by the emergency services on Thursday as rain batters an already saturated NSW.





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