Saturday 3rd of December 2022

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The Greens are threatening to block the referendum on the ‘Voice’ which promises to give effect to the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Green’s spokesperson on Indigenous Affairs, Senator Lidia Thorpe has described the Voice as a ‘waste of money’ and a ‘wasted exercise’.

Instead the Greens want priority for a Truth and Justice Commission.

This could spell the end or the defeat of the referendum on the Voice.

Don’t the Greens ever learn?




They were responsible for over a wasted decade on climate change. They bear responsibility with Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison for the continuing cruelty to refugees. In both cases, they wanted ‘something better’ than what was on offer. The result was that we failed for a decade on both issues.


In the Parliament in September 2011, the Greens sided with Tony Abbott against the Malaysian Arrangement, which, whilst not ideal, would have been a useful first step in curbing boat arrivals. That arrangement with Malaysia was negotiated with the understanding and broad support of UNHCR. Under the Arrangement, 800 boat arrivals in Australia would be repatriated to Malaysia and Australia would accept 4000 refugees who had been orderly processed in Malaysia in cooperation with UNHCR. Not only did the Greens side with Tony Abbott in opposing amendments to the Migration Act to allow the arrangement with Malaysia to proceed, they embarked on an unscrupulous bashing campaign of Malaysia.

With the collapse of the Malaysian Arrangement, boat arrivals in Australia increased dramatically. In September 2011, there were about 3 to 4 asylum boats per month coming to Australia. By July 2013, the number had increased to 48 boats. The Greens cannot be absolved for their populism and the cruelty that followed.


The Greens must also accept responsibility for the collapse in public support for effective action on climate change. In collaboration with the Coalition in the Senate they opposed the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme of the first Rudd Government. If the Greens had supported the Rudd Government’s CPRS in the Senate, in 2008, the issue of climate change would not have been fully ‘done and dusted’ but we would be in a far better position on climate than we are today. The Greens said that the CPRS was not good enough. So we got nothing at all and 14 wasted years.

The Greens have inflicted damage on both climate and refugees. Their actions on both set back real reform and decent policies.

On the Voice we look like having a repeat of bloody mindedness by the Greens.

Once again the perfect looks like becoming the enemy of the good.

Or as Gough Whitlam often put it, ‘only the impotent are pure’.





asking for an improved heaven…..

Adam Bandt, via twitter (2022-04-30)


Let me be clear.

The Greens were the first party to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full, and we still do.

This land always was First Nations land, it always will be, and we all need to take steps to ensure First Nations justice.

The Greens have a strong First Nations Network, which has underscored the value of the order of truth telling, treaty, and voice to make sure change is lasting & meaningful.

Victoria’s Labor government is already proceeding with truth and treaty. We need progress nationally too.

We may only get one chance at a referendum to enshrine a Voice to Parliament in the constitution. It cannot fail.

Our policy is to improve, not block vital legislation, and so in balance of power we'd work with the next government to further truth, treaty, and voice.

We need to kick the Liberals out, and the Greens will work with the next government to pass major reforms to improve First Nations rights, set up a Truth and Justice Commission and begin steps towards a treaty.







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Greens leader Adam Bandt says he is satisfied with his party's updated complaints processes, despite mounting pressure on it about its workplace culture.

Key points:
  • The Greens are under pressure over the party's handling of complaints 
  • A formal complaint was made against Victorian senator Lidia Thorpe last year
  • Leader Adam Bandt says he does not think there are deficiencies in the party's processes

In a formal complaint to Mr Bandt, Indigenous elder Geraldine Atkinson — who co-chairs the First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria — accused Victorian senator Lidia Thorpe of verbally abusing her during a 2021 meeting in Parliament House.

She said that Senator Thorpe's alleged conduct had left her feeling extremely shaken, so much so that she sought treatment from a parliamentary nurse.

In September, Nine's newspapers revealed Senator Thorpe's former chief of staff — who was also in the meeting — had emailed Ms Atkinson, describing Senator Thorpe's behaviour as the "appalling conduct" and said it had left him "scared and in shock".

On Thursday, Mr Bandt would not be drawn on whether he apologised to Ms Atkinson, instead responding to questions on the matter by saying he had done what she had asked of him in her letter.

"When I received that complaint, I was asked to take a number of steps. I did those steps," he said.

"I didn't get back to confirm with the person who raised those with me that, in fact, I'd acted on [them] and that was a mistake and I should have and I've acknowledged that and since acknowledged that, with her, in writing." 

Senator Thorpe has reportedly described the meeting as a "robust discussion", with Mr Bandt saying she takes a different view of the meeting and has requested an investigation.

"I've asked — and Lidia Thorpe has also asked — for that issue to be independently looked at by the department and, of course, await the outcome of that," he told the ABC on Wednesday.