Monday 16th of May 2022

a grand flush...


Meanwhile, in yesterday's Daily Poopograph, Andrew Bold had a go at Rudd and Turnbull United for trying to bring the Murdoch media down to earth. The rant starts with the heading and the sub-head:


"Hatred most foul — Turnbulls and Rudds engage in falsehoods in the name of pitiful revenge


Bolt begins and finishes his piece with: "There is a Chinese proverb : Let those who seek revenge dig two graves…


Yes, the TWO Rudds and the TWO Turnbulls (husbands and wives) are united in hatred of the Murdochs and of Morrison… The Murdoch media played their part in the downfall of both leaders, and in the rise of Turdy Abbott and the anointment of ScoMo who is holding on to power via the skin of his shitty lying butt... Then, nothing was left to chance. The two leaders, Rudd and Turnbull, failed to see how the Murdoch media manipulated the political landscape that destroyed them. But these two leaders were not blameless themselves. For whatever good or bad outcomes, Rudd and Turnbull were a bit average, not having enough guts to gain proper support — and possessing no hubris and superb lying ability like Abbott and ScoMo that the Murdoch media can promote. 


When Andrew BolT writes that “Of course, Morrison is not at all trying to destroy, silence or politically censor the ABC” he is correct to a point. The Murdoch organisation is doing this caper for him, ScoMo's little valet service, Andrew Bragg, is doing it for him and ScoMo approves while hypocritically claiming to support the independence of the ABC — and the IPA (sponsored in part by Gina Rinehart) has been doing its anti-ABC bit for a long time, which would please ScoMo like a bowl of cream to a Cheshire cat.


The point is the Liberals (CONservatives) want to destroy the ABC. They adopted it as part of their policies. The Murdoch organisation wants to destroy the ABC, the IPA wants to destroy the ABC.


Rudd and Turnbull had their tiffs with the ABC, and at times did not support the public broadcaster as they should have. Turnbull enacted the MAJOR ABC budget cuts on behalf of Turdy Abbott and so forth. 


So, comfortably sitting in his toilet bowl, Andrew Bolt can smirk… Over the years on this site, we have exposed the tactics used by the Murdoch organisation to destroy Labor, by fostering internal fights, being anti-climate change policies and so forth — and now “having changed its tune” (not really — only to attract customers who believe in climate change), the Murdoch organisation supports ScoMo and his “non-policy to solve climate change” in order to appear doing something positive for the planet. It’s all a con, a trick and fudge to make ScoMo re-elected


And of course the Delirium Tremens of the DT is questioning Albo’s push for a better NBN, which was basically held back in the 19th century by Turnbull’s effort to destroy the bizoid. Now some people talk of 5G being as good or better than the present "hybrid” (it’s slow) Malcolm NBN, but let's say that the optic-fibre is far superior to 5G. Should come a solar flare, the landline optic-fibre NBN has a better chance of keeping communications going at a 6G speed level. Then Malcolm obliged the restraint on the NBN, to get points with the Murdoch organisation that hated (hates) the NBN. Did not help him in the end. Malcolm’s best political friend stabbed him in the back and the rest is history. 


The Murdoch organisation loves ScoMo because ScoMo bullshits, lies, porkies like a good Murdoch daily trooper. Alleluyah.


As long as one of the grave dug is for the Murdoch organisation, everyone on this side of the fence will be happy, even if Rudd and Turnbull get buried as well...



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