Friday 9th of June 2023

warren, warren, warren…


Oh please, please… Warren, your cartoon yesterday in the Daily Telegraph is loaded with right-wing mischief, so I had to rectify it to bring a bit of middle-ground sense into it.  First your "head of whoever it is", possibly the Labor leader, does not look anything like Albo. I am sure you can do a better caricature of him if you tried.


Second, we all know that the Obeids are in the clink, not for being “Labor", but for being liberal capitalists that have infested the Labor party for a while. ICAC did its duty. And pay attention as to why the Gladys saga is in front of ICAC…


As well the new charges against Craig Thomson are “coincidentally” close to the announcement of the next elections. One can see or smell the dirt unit at the Liberal party working overtime… Craig will defend the charges vigorously. Craig Thomson has been the weak link in the Labor Party because of a TINY expense discrepancy when he was in charge of a union. Of course the Liberal Party hates unions and through, in my opinion, a “bad” piece of journalism that used Liz Jackson as a squeal — a person who possibly embezzled a bit less money than Carrick from the said union and had some "charitable shags" — to hammer Craig. Meanwhile let’s not mention any of the tricks used by ScoMo — tricks that would have seen heads roll, like that of Roz Kelly in times of “more honest” government. But we live in times when even cartoonists like you and the other at The Australian, Johannes “Bleak”, tell porkies with some kind of deliberate memory loss — so well perfected by the likes of Alexander Downer. 


Have a drink on me and carry on with the bad work. Your master, Rupert Murdoch, loves you and kisses your butt. You will soon get an AO, if you’re not careful. And by the way, you should campaign for the release of Julian Assange. Imagine yourself in his shoes (if they let him have any)… Yes telling the truth can land you in prison, so you doing a fantastic job with the bullshit.

originals and sods...

The original cartoon by Warren:



Cartoon by Johannes "Bleak" below "mischiefed" by Gus Leonisky



The original during the 2019-20 bushfires that were NOT STARTED BY ARSONISTS, but the Murdoch media pushed the ARSON angle, of course:





FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ı˜R!!!




as if...


Today's cartoon by Warren is a bypass of intelligence (20Nov 2021). Even the cat is stupid... Warren avoids important stuff like The PM getting at last(!) the approval of the first companion he had to get injected with something... Yes Tim Paine is a cricketer (what's this?) who in a moment of DICKheadery has texted some lewd text to someone, probably pretty. SO?...


The idiots of the world are looking in each others eyes like bulls about to head-butt each-other. As commentator James Morrow, looking like a clone dummy for Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition, at The Daily Trrrifficgraph says (writes): "No one wants war, but... blah blah blah..." We know.


Today it's the turn for Joe Hildebrand lauding the other Joe for holding the line on Taiwan, creating "bipolar stability"... Does he really means "bipolar" which means enjoying high and lows on the scales of depression? I think he means bipolar like two black holes about to suck in each others.


Oh my Gawd! The Telelele publishes letter by a couple of ScoMo's discontents... One of them is by a one-foot-in the-grave oldie who feels forgotten by the ScoMo mana from the sky, while the other comes a long way:


Another do nothing, small target plan with no ambition. The Liberal economic plan is always cut taxes [alleluyah think 90 per cent of the DT's readers], let house prices rise, so the lucky voters in the middle feel more wealthy, while those outside that group suffer with poorer services and conditions [get a life you lazy bastards think 90 per cent of the DT's readers].

John (online)


The rest of the letters are from Scomo Lovers... The only ambition from the ScoMo mob is to be re-elected. Nothing else...