Saturday 21st of May 2022

the murdoch conspiracy to destroy the ABC...



Is Murdoch’s Terry Mccrann really that dumb? He clearly wants us to believe he is. Not only he does not seem to understand the difference between a Senate committee and "the parliament” which enacts legislation, far less "the government” he aggressively broadcast his embarrassing ignorance to the nation at large.


The Mccrann article in today’s Daily Telegraph (and The Australian) is an awful rant — and there is really no other word for it, as it lacks all reason, fact, logic, or just even the most basic of knowledge — while promoting the stupid Senate Inquiry launched into a very narrow aspect of the ABC. Mccrann’s spew was a cocktail of hysteria and stupidity.


He fails to see that the biased Senate Committees — chaired by COALition senator (Andrew Bragg) is truly slanted against the ABC, as it wants to screw over the finely tuned ABC complaint’s handling process, like a wedge to indulge the COALition’s policy to kill off the ABC by whatever means. 


The ABC has a SEPARATE UNIT that sits to judge complaints against the ABC, for which the COALition is supplying shit, crap and rubbish as much as possible. This unit was at time run by COALition friendly guys, (one was John Barron, a "journalist" who made some terrible “fact-check” against the ABC, as exposed on this site), the other right-winger, Cummins(? check), unfortunately had to “conclude” that the complaints from the COALition government had no merit. No merit at all…


On the contrary, “immediately concluding no-guilt” without any inquiry is the province of Scomo’s government and why the present government does not want a Federal ICAC that would investigate the crookery of its ministers and the lies of the Prime Minister, investigate Sports Rorts, Women change rooms in men only clubs and Car Park Rorts, as well as Christian Porter’s Blind Trust… and many more crockeries, some watery. Where would this lead to, I ask you? Proper government? Dream on.


Yes the ABC has just dismissed a complaint from the Murdoch-controlled Fox-News as it should have. Fox-News does not get complaints from its viewers, does it? So this is obviously a dubious inquiry into an ABC programme that exposed the slanted bias of the ultra-right-wing philosophy — and I mean PHILOSOPHY — of News chairman, Rupert. What’s wrong with that? The ABC must be a hot bed of communists or what? No, but like most media, they sometimes get taken in by the “fake” narratives, especially those run by 


Yes, at Murdoch Central, they know that the three part series by Four Corners on the Russian collusion to elect Donald Trump was a furphy fizzle... WE ALL KNOW THAT IT WAS MURDOCH’S MEDIA THAT GOT TRUMP ELECTED. Please don’t take Murdoch's credit away with a fake Russian conspiracy… 


Murdoch may have to admit that its team out-played some of the “fake” Russian card in order to deflect its responsibility of having had Trump elected then, as hilarious Hillary was acting like a goofy woman, anyway…


The Mccrann drivel about the ABC is like a digested dog’s breakfast plonked on the pavement of opinionated concrete: dog shit. It’s worth as much as all of other Mccrann’s work (and his acolytes at the DT) on global warming (SEE ON THIS SITE) and the likes: it’s worth ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING, apart from a bad Corpse smell that lingers for far too long.



an awful piece of writing...




This article is shit.


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support for the ABC...

Anthony Albanese is making support for the ABC and SBS an election issue by promising to provide certainty for the national broadcasters with five-year funding terms under a Labor government.

The pledge comes just days after ABC chair Ita Buttrose accused the Morrison government of threatening the independence of the national broadcaster via Senator Andrew Bragg’s decision to launch a Senate inquiry into ABC complaints handling.

“It is essential to bolster the independence and stability of the national broadcasters as a guard against political interference in Australia’s democratic institutions,” Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese in a statement released late Friday.


“Where misinformation has the capacity to undermine public order, health and safety, the ABC and SBS are trusted sources of news, information and entertainment for all Australians,” Mr Albanese said.

Both the ABC and SBS are currently funded on a three-year basis.

As chair of the Senate’s environment and communications committee, Senator Bragg announced last week a review into the “complaints handling arrangements” at the ABC and SBS.

He claimed “complaints are not being seriously addressed and this is undermining the organisation”, alleging the broadcasters were not doing enough to “swiftly resolve” any “mistakes”.

Independent review

The ABC last month commissioned an independent review of complaints handling and editorial policies, including training, remedies and transparency.

Mr Bragg’s inquiry was met by a swift and furious response from ABC chair Ita Buttrose, who in a strongly-worded statement on Sunday branded the inquiry an attempt at political interference in the broadcaster.

Ms Buttrose repeated the sentiment on ABC radio on Monday.

“What we have here, really, is a partisan political exercise under the guise of using its Senate legislation committee for government senators to undermine the ABC’s independence,” she said.


And despite an “exclusive” report in The Australian on Sunday night that Senator Bragg had gone “rogue” in announcing the inquiry without party support, the move appeared to have the blessing of Prime Minister Scott Morrison by Monday.

Mr Morrison told a media conference that the ABC was “not above the scrutiny of how they conduct themselves using taxpayers’ money”.

Mr Albanese said increased funding certainty outside the electoral cycle would improve the capacity of the two national broadcasters to innovate as well as plan for the future.

Five-year funding

“In addition to five-year funding terms, a Labor Government will review options for delivering a greater level of financial stability and certainty to the national broadcasters to safeguard against arbitrary ideological cuts and political interference,” he said.

“The Morrison-Joyce Government simply can’t be trusted on the ABC and SBS.”

The federal government in 2018 imposed a three-year indexation pause on ABC funding, meaning the broadcaster was effectively left with a shortfall because its funding no longer kept pace with inflation.

“After promising ‘no cuts to the ABC or SBS’ the Liberal National Government slashed their budgets and has launched repeated attacks on them, including two attempts to increase prime-time advertising on SBS and various attempts to meddle with the ABC Charter,” Mr Albanese said.