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the mirror never lies...



Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spectacularly claimed he has never told a lie in public life, and no sir, we have the receipts.

In an interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Friday morning, Morrison was asked if he has ever told a lie in public life, to which he replied: “I don’t believe I have, no. No.”


The loaded question comes after French President Emmanuel Macron accused Morrison of lying to him over the AUKUS submarine deal that essentially nuked our relationship with France. However, that’s not the only time the PM has been accused of lying recently.

Even former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull went so far as to claim Morrison has lied to him multiple times. “He’s lied to me on many occasions,” Turnbull told reporters at COP26. “Scott has always had a reputation for telling lies.

“But when you do that, as the leader of the nation, internationally, it reflects on us all…deceiving people is bad wherever you do it, but when you do it at an international level, it has much graver ramifications.”

So, in an attempt to fact-check Morrison’s claim, let’s revisit some of his most infamous lies in recent years.

 EVs Will End The Weekend

Perhaps the most recent example of Morrison blatantly lying is evident in his new stance on electric vehicles. On Tuesday, Morrison claimed that it was a “Labor lie” that he had campaigned against electric vehicles back in 2019.

“I was against Bill Shorten’s mandate policy, trying to tell people what to do with their lives, what cars they were supposed to drive,” he said, referencing another false claim that Bill Shorten was trying to mandate EVs.

He added that EVs “have a role to play” and that he has “no problem” with them. But that’s not what he said back in 2019.

“It’s not going to tow your trailer. It’s not going to tow your boat. It’s not going to get you out to your favourite camping spot with your family,” he said at the time, adding that Australians prefer cars “that have a bit of a grunt, have a bit of power.”

Europe Is The Reason Our Vaccine Rollout Was So Slow

Back in April, Morrison asserted that the European Union had blocked shipments of 3.1 million doses of AstraZeneca from going to Australia, blaming this as the reason for our slow vaccine rollout.


In a press conference at the time, Morrison used this as a reason why we had only administered 855,000 vaccines — far less than the four million target. “They’ve blocked 3.1m shots so far … we haven’t given up hope but we’ve stopped counting them in our expected supplies,” an Australian Government source to Reuters following his claim.

However, this was quickly refuted by the EU, with a European Commission spokesperson calling bullshit on the claim. “We cannot confirm any new decision to block vaccine exports to Australia or to any other country,” the spokesperson said in a press conference at the time.

Shanghai Sam

Back in 2019, Morrison denied calling Sam Dastyari “Shanghai Sam” in relation to the former senator’s personal ties with Chinese donors, which resulted in his resignation in 2017.

“Prime Minister why was it racist to question Gladys Liu’s connections to China but it wasn’t racist to call Sam Dastyari ‘Shanghai Sam’?” the reporter asked.

Morrison denied using the words “racist” or “Shanghai Sam”, despite the fact that a video on his own Facebook page — entitled Shanghai Sam — is still live today (November 12, 2021). There’s also a tweet that is still live today.


It’s worth noting that Morrison eventually back-pedalled on the lie, asserting that he simply misunderstood the question.

“This is just another one of the silly little games that comes out of Canberra……I was referring to the word racist I heard twice in the question,” Morrison told Ben Fordham.

“I was referring to the word racist that I heard twice in the question and I’ve got to say my focus was on the bushfires,” Morrison said. “We were standing in the middle of an oval and your hearing doesn’t always pick up the precise wording of all the questions that comes, that’s not uncommon in circumstances like that.”

These are just a handful of some of the clearest examples of Morrison lying while in public life, but by no means is this list exhaustive. There are countless examples of times he likely misled the public or twisted the truth, but these are just some of the times he was actually caught out on it.






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hypocrite scotty...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has built a reputation for being a liar and a hypocrite, with his lies now causing tensions between foreign partners.

Back in 2019, managing editor Michelle Pini pointed out ten reasons why Scott Morrison is unfit to lead and needs to be voted out as soon as possible.


Morrison’s actions, however, only deliver favouritism to his fellow right-wing mates and make a mockery of the notion of equality.


Here is a short and by no means conclusive list of examples where the opposite of a fair go is the reality.


Morrison denied referring to former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari as "Shangai Sam" despite using the term 17 times. He has continued to suggest that Labor's calling for Member for Chisholm Gladys Liu to give one straight answer about where her loyalties lie, then, must be due to the fact that she is of Chinese origin and thus, racist.

Yes, Gladys Liu’s links with Beijing may have been investigated by ASIO, her fondness for relaxing foreign ownership laws might well be a conflict of interest and there is a possibility that she may be a Chinese spy but, hey, she managed to contribute around a million dollars to the Liberal Party and also the Coalition only has a two-seat majority, so it can’t be that bad, surely?


Sure, the Treasurer may be a dual citizen, but unlike everyone else who had to resign under s44 dual citizenship legislation (Scott Ludlam, Larissa Waters and others), Josh is Jewish so, these suggestions are just anti-Semitic, according to the PM.


Of course, I believe in manmade climate change, I’m not a climate denier — that would be “ludicrous”. And we will meet our Paris climate commitments in a canter.


But Scott’s merry band of climate deniers includes (among others) all the ministers charged with making decisions that impact climate change: Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor, Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management David Littleproud, Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley, Former Special Envoy for Drought Assistance and Recovery Barnaby Joyce and Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan. Like their “fearless” coal-toting leader, all of these ministers have now professed to “believing” in manmade climate change.

However, their actions directly contradict this hollow statement:


Morrison – himself a Pentecostal Christian – has championed the pointless, bordering on comical, “religious freedom” legislation, which seeks to give special rights to those who refer to themselves as religious to say whatever they like to whomever they like, while not extending the same “freedom" of speech for their non-denominational counterparts.



Morrison vehemently campaigned for the “No” side in the postal survey on marriage equality, on the basis of protecting “religious freedom” — in this case, the right of religious people to be openly homophobic without consequence.

Morrison then said that he had been the victim of "quite dreadful hate speech and bigotry" akin to that experienced by LGBT+ people, due to his opposition to marriage equality.


Though it is unclear where this idea sprung from, the so-called “minister for love” – but only if it's love between heterosexual married people, of course – Member for Menzies Kevin Andrews, has been appointed by Morrison to run the new inquiry into family law.

Andrews, who famously compared gay marriage to friendship with his cycling mates, says he just wants relationships to be “stable” — unlike his faculties, clearly.


Control, bordering on tyranny over anyone who stands in the Government’s way has been a constant feature of this Coalition Government.

Whistleblowers like Julian Assange or Witness K and his lawyer Collaery, showing the media who's boss by instigating AFP raids on journalists, persecuting unions and implementing legislation to allow the Government to spy on its own citizens, all illustrate the lengths to which the Government is willing to go to avoid scrutiny. 


Scott Morrison consistently ridiculed the need for a banking royal commission and voted against it 28 times. Since the final report in February, he has proceeded to largely ignore its 56 key recommendations.



On the subject of refugees, Morrison has truly excelled in showing no lack of compassion whatsoever, as this excerpt from an earlier Ireport shows:

  • ScoMo called into question the cost to Australia of asylum-seekers, held on Christmas Island, attending funerals of loved ones who died in a shipwreck off Sydney's coast. He then apologised for the "timing" of his remarks, which were made on the day the funerals were taking place.
  • Peter Dutton may have taken it to another level, but it was Morrison, the then Minister for Immigration, who presided over the beginning of the "stop the boats" policy, turning back asylum seekers fleeing murderous regimes from ever reaching Australia.
  • He also instigated the ensuing secrecy by refusing to update the country about "on-water" matters by announcing we would be advised only on an “as-needs basis”.
  • Morrison cast doubt over the tragic death of asylum seeker Reza Barati, falsely claiming the riot responsible for his death, which was instigated by PNG locals and prison guards, was caused by refugees.
  • When reports of children self-harming on Nauru first surfaced, it was Morrison who responded by suggesting that Save the Children workers were making false claims – and even coaching children to self-harm – in order to undermine the Government. 
  • Cabinet documents evince that then Minister for Immigration Morrison first asked his Department to advise how asylum seekers could be prevented from ever receiving asylum, before deciding to intervene in ASIO's security procedures and delay security checks for 700 asylum seekers back in 2013, until visa provisions could be tightened.

Perhaps most telling is the Morrison Government’s attitude to the needy.

Here are a few areas where the reverse of a fair go is the reality for our most vulnerable:

  • categorically refusing to raise Newstart;
  • hounding the poor for fictitious "Robodebts";
  • introducing the controlling and demeaning cashless welfare "Indue" card;
  • pretending job figures are improving by counting people working under ten hours per week as “employed” because omitting these people would reveal the rate to be 9.5 per cent, instead of 5 per cent; and
  • engineering the PaTH program, which allows employers to exploit young job-seekers without consequence.

The Morrison Government may look average and even shiny on the surface but in reality, it is more like the sludge that slowly builds up at the bottom of the aquarium, until nothing but a complete cleanout will do.

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not worth recycling…

Should you have been watching the in-between happenings on Channel 7 cricket broadcast today, you would have noticed two adverts lauding the present Scumdog government and a long session with Scomo smiling at himself for bamboozling the punters paying cash to the McGrath Foundation, with amazing hubris — as if he was Jesus Christ ScoMo himself.


All this panoply of arrows is worth at least three favourable points on the election HUBRIS circuit... ScoMo was smiling as if the next election was already in the bag... Yes, ScoMo looks the part of Steptoe and son running a mediocre dodgy secondhand rubbish tip.


The first advert in favour of the Liberal (CONservative) government was to laud the MASSIVELY green credentials (no mention of COAL, GAS and Adani) and electric cars of the Scomo government in the year... 2050... if you are born today you will have to wait your 28th birthday to realise that this advert was complete MAGNIFICENT RUBBISH...


Talking of rubbish, the second advert on the cricket broadcast was about how Orstralya is recycling RUBBISH in your favour... The advert is slick and promotes recycling rubbish that a few Aussie companies have been doing for the last 30 years, with all the credit being sucked up by the Aussie rubbish ScoMo government... ScoMo the rubbisher examplar being the principal RUBBISH-officer and crap SAMPLE in one... YOU ALL KNOW (YOU ALLSHOULD) that recycling in Aussieland is mostly RUBBISH, as only a minuscule amount of RUBBISH is recycled...


YES! If you want more recycling of RUBBISH says the rubbisher-in-chief, vote for the ScoMoregarbageheap-crap at the next election... The ScoMo government promotes ugly deceitful RUBBISH by all count and deserves to be recycled as RUBBISH, not as a government... ScoMo should go in the annal RUBBISH Journal as a deceitful episode in Australian political bullshit history.





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ready to sign anything...

Scott Morrison says he is willing to sign a statutory declaration denying allegations he racially vilified a competitor in a preselection battle to get into Parliament, as members of the Lebanese community who have known the Prime Minister for years have rejected the accusations.








the smell of signed toilet paper isn't good...