Saturday 4th of December 2021

what rock does pelosi live under?...


Washington: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hailed Australia as a global leader on climate change while echoing Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s rhetoric about the importance of countries “meeting and beating” their climate targets.

A day after meeting with Morrison at the US Capitol, the Democrat, widely described as the most powerful woman in US political history, singled out Australia for praise while discussing climate change at a briefing with congressional reporters.

“The Prime Minister of Australia, Morrison, he was saying, ‘We’re not only addressing the Paris Accords – our slogan is we meet it and we beat it’,” Pelosi said.

“So they’re leading the way and that’s what we all have to do ...”


Pelosi’s praise defies any expectations that Morrison would face public criticism from Democrats during his trip to the United States for failing to set sufficiently ambitious climate targets.

At the previous day’s meeting, Pelosi mentioned climate change and told Morrison “thank you for your leadership in that regard”.

In the lead up to US President Joe Biden’s climate summit in April, the Biden administration described Australia’s current climate targets as “insufficient” and said they wanted to see more ambition from the Morrison government.

In a marked contrast to his 2019 visit to Washington, Morrison has sought to foreground climate change in his public remarks. The Prime Minister is aware the issue is a top priority for Biden and congressional Democrats, unlike for former president Donald Trump.

Before his meeting with Biden this week, Morrison said the US and Australia were working together to address the “global challenges of climate change” and “a new energy economy”.


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The old woman is dithering like an idiot... No idea... Morrison is a hypocrite on this subject and all other subject he touches... He says one things and does the opposite... Ugly.





in the coal mine...

I choked on my rolled oats when I saw this (“Nancy Pelosi says Australia is ‘leading the way’ on climate”, September 24). 

Gayle Davies, North Sydney



Not sure why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi congratulated Scott Morrison on his current chimerical climate change action. Perhaps she knows more than the Australian people about our government’s climate change policy. Perhaps she thought he was Boris Johnson, as he often wears the Union Jack on his face; or it could have been a nudge towards what he had to do to secure those submarines. It seems we can expect a new big announcement, short on details and loud on promise, after the Nationals have been bribed across the coal divide. 

Deb McPherson, Gerringong



Pelosi’s congratulations to Morrison for his leadership on climate change confirms one thing only – along with Joe Biden, she has no idea who he is.

Bill Easter, Mollymook Beach


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tired of being a hypocrite?...

Australia's prime minister has signalled he may not attend the UN's landmark climate conference in November as his government faces continued criticism of its poor climate record.

In an interview, Scott Morrison said he had "not made any final decisions" on attending, suggesting it was a burden.

"It's another trip overseas... and I've spent a lot of time in quarantine," he told the West Australian newspaper.

The COP26 summit will be the biggest global climate crisis talks in years.

It is hoped that the 12-day meeting between world leaders in Glasgow, Scotland will produce the next emissions standards to slow global warming and keep temperature rise below 1.5C.

But Mr Morrison said he would consider other priorities, including the reopening of Australia's borders.


"I have to focus on things here and with Covid. Australia will be opening up around that time. There will be a lot of issues to manage and I have to manage those competing demands," he told the newspaper.


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Read from top. We don't want him to manage anything! Scumo can't even hold a hose, mate!



giving pelosi too much intelligence credits...

Trump’s coal spruiker down under, campaigner for Trump at every opportunity, has transitioned with narcissistic chameleon aplomb into a new role, helping Australia become an unincorporated territory of the US.


Nancy Pelosi must have caught by osmosis some internationally circulating furphy that Scott Morrison follows normal protocols of respect when he tells you stuff about his policies, albeit even after French President Emmanuel Macron came to realise that he’d been taken for a ride by a skilled marketing cardsharp.

Apparently Morrison didn’t have much difficulty in persuading Pelosi that Australia was “leading the way (on climate change) and that’s what we all have to do”. According to Pelosi, Morrison told her that “we’re not only addressing the Paris Accords — our slogan is we meet it and we beat it”.

It all seems very odd really, given Pelosi’s long experience with political monsters like Trump and his crew, but then again she’s probably not paid much attention to Morrison’s soulmate relationship with Trump, and most likely it didn’t merit her consideration that the prime minister of Australia would play deceptive word games with her.

To put it another way, she could have been taken in by Morrison’s “transparency and loyalty” in agreeing to become China’s frontline of attack whenever and “forever” if necessary, and handing over so willingly US control of Australian defence and foreign policy decisions to the White House and Pentagon.

What a “pal” to take a main hit from China in every which way, from hurting Australian trade relationship with China for US benefit, allowing the US to fill the gap of Australian beef, wine and agriculture exports being scrapped, to being a better missile target than the US mainland or Hawaii.  Not to mention the neat opportunities Australia has now handballed to the US and other nations in trade with France.

Meanwhile, the Australian mainstream media, now mainly a coalition of Coalition PR agencies, including the publicly funded ABC, is waxing lyrical about Morrison’s Washington “success”, lauding the notion that the “fella down under” has done a marvellous job in becoming a newly welcomed addition to Joe Biden’s best pals club.

Sure he has. The baseball caps have been binned. Suits and ties are now de rigueur. Morrison returns from his sojourn in Washington converted to Biden’s clean energy policy agenda. Trump’s coal spruiker down under, campaigner for Trump at every opportunity, has transitioned with narcissistic chameleon aplomb into a new role, so appropriate to the chief functionary of a subject-state, a useful tool in the almost completed process of Australia becoming an unincorporated territory of the US, akin to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

In reality, whether Australians prefer to ignore it, or gloss it as “alliance”, there can be no doubting that Morrison’s “forever partnership” means a wilful and deliberate final transfer of Australian defence and foreign policies to Washington. Peter Dutton and Marise Payne might as well transfer themselves from Canberra to an office in the Pentagon, while Morrison himself — like Tony Abbott before him — makes the occasional trip to pay his respects, dropping into the Murdoch headquarters on the way, to finalise approval for whatever’s up for signing.

Meanwhile, flushed with grandiose conceit at his own brilliance in convincing the world that what he says in no way directly contradicts what he does, Morrison announced, with a well-practised straight face, that Australia would host a climate summit in 2022 “about pulling together a very clear work program as to how clean energy supply chains can be built up”.

In full flight, the world’s greatest lover of coal went on to bluster, “We know that if we can support developing economies to embrace and use the technologies that achieve net-zero emissions, and see their economies grow and increase their jobs, that is not only wonderful for those economies and their peoples, but it also is good for Australia”.

No wonder he fooled Macron and Pelosi. Out-trumping Trump has now become Morrison’s standout rhetorical characteristic on the world stage, as well as at home.

After all, can anyone seriously believe that the man who had a secret family holiday in Hawaii during the height of the bushfire catastrophe, couldn’t organise protection of aged care residents in federally-run facilities against the pandemic, couldn’t be bothered to accept his constitutional responsibility for quarantine, couldn’t organise vaccine supplies when required and couldn’t manage the logistics of their distribution, has any capacity or competence whatsoever to put together a clean energy supply chain?

Who will he handball that operation to? He won’t be undertaking any leadership role at home on the matter. Australia under his administration has opposed all avenues to developing clean energy and meeting net-emission targets. Morrison’s rhetoric about his position and plans in relation to climate change are designed to cloak evasion from responsibility, just another smokescreen of the moment, a performance and a promise without substance.

Back home from Washington Morrison glowed about giving Australians a Christmas present, an emergence from lockdown. But he and his government won’t be doing any heavy lifting to make that happen. That will be the responsibility of others. The states will be responsible and Morrison will seek the credit. That is guaranteed.

Where will Morrison have his secret holidays this year? At home or somewhere abroad where the pandemic would prevent most other Australians from going? It won’t be France.

How about Puerto Rico? A good place to go to investigate the benefits of being an unincorporated territory of the US.


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Pelosi is not an intellectual philosopher... She is a warrior with a one track hobby... Scott Morrison is a marketeer of soiled nappies. Great minds...



"carbon capture" does not work...


cartoon by Cathy Wilcox... SMH


Fortescue Metals Group boss Andrew Forrest has criticised “failed” carbon capture and storage technology and said the general population is entitled to feel sceptical about its use.

As the Morrison government moves to award carbon credits to fossil fuel projects that promise to capture and store carbon dioxide, the mining billionaire has told a podcast such projects had failed “19 out of 20 times”.


Speaking to the Good Will Hunters podcast, Forrest pointed to his home state of Western Australia, where Chevron’s CCS facility at its Gorgon liquefied natural gas development failed to meet a requirement to capture and bury at least 80% of the project’s emissions during its first five years.

The federal government has looked to carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology as a means to promote both the expansion of the gas industry and hydrogen production from fossil fuels.

Last week, the energy and emissions reduction minister Angus Taylorannounced the government had committed $250m to help design CCS hubs and support research and commercialisation of CCS technology, including identifying viable geological storage sites.

“You know, in my own home state of Western Australia, we have some of the biggest gas developments in the world who’ve been granted permission to develop on carbon sequestration,” Forrest told the podcast.

“And it failed. And that’s quite normal around the world.

“So to suddenly say, well, carbon sequestration, we’re going to wave a wand, it’s going to work reliably. Well, you know that, actually – if you’re a realist – is a bridge way too far.


“It’s good in a soundbite, but it doesn’t work in reality.”

Dermot O’Gorman of WWF Australia, who also appeared on the podcast, said CCS had been used as a delaying tactic for more than a decade, with billions going into a technology that, to date, had failed.

“Going into Climate Cop26, the world needs to be doubling down on renewable hydrogen, which will in the future only become cheaper, whereas fossil hydrogen will undoubtedly get more expensive,” he said. 

Forrest and the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull launched a new organisation last month – the Green Hydrogen Organisation – which will advocate for Australia’s hydrogen industry to focus solely on green hydrogen produced from renewable sources.

Forrest is exploring green hydrogen through Fortescue Metals’ green arm Fortescue Future Industries, which is chaired by Turnbull.

Both men will fly to Glasgow for the global Cop26 climate talks in November, where countries will be expected to increase their ambition to make deep emissions cuts by 2030.

Forrest told the podcast it was a “cop out” for heavy emitting companies to put in place net zero targets for 2040 or 2050 in the absence of short-term pledges to greatly reduce carbon emissions.


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