Friday 7th of October 2022

congrats to joe (and kamala) and goodbye to the silliest clown in the lineup since washington...


Democratic candidate Joe Biden is now set to defeat Donald Trump after projections showed Biden winning over 270 electoral votes. However, the Trump team says the election is "far from over." Follow DW for the latest.




Americans will soon hear their next president claim victory.

But, in a tradition that dates back more than 120 years, the concession speeches made by defeated presidential candidates have often been just as iconic.

Over the last century, dozens of presidential hopefuls have made their speeches with grace and humility, leaving their supporters with memorable last words.

History of the concession speech
"Here's the way I see it," former president George HW Bush said when it became clear he had lost the 1992 US election to Bill Clinton.
"The people have spoken and we respect the majesty of the democratic system.
"I just called Governor Clinton over in Little Rock and offered my congratulations … America will always come first, so we will get behind this new president and wish him well."
His gracious words and call for unity after a feisty election campaign against the smooth-talking upstart from Arkansas were seen as admirable, but by no means unusual.
The tradition of the concession speech first began as a courtesy rather than any kind of legal requirement.

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Yep, many Americans will remember Donald with tears in their eyes... Tears of pain...

a climate change in washington...

Morrison congratulates ‘great friend’ Biden on presidential win...

Australian political leaders have rushed to congratulate Joe Biden on his presidential election win, with Scott Morrison saying he looked forward to working with the President-elect on COVID, economic recovery, and climate change.

Mr Biden has claimed victory in the American presidential contest, with projections from multiple media networks including CNN, Fox and AP that the Democrat will win the Electoral College count.

President Donald Trump has refused to concede, saying “this election is far from over” and flagging further court challenges on dubious and baseless claims of vote-rigging. In a tweet early on Sunday morning (AEDT), Mr Trump again falsely claimed “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!”

But congratulatory messages from world leaders have nonetheless been flowing in for Mr Biden. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison logged on just before 8am (AEDT), wishing Mr Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris “every success in office”.


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a chinese haha...

Within mere minutes of major US networks in what appeared a coordinated effort declared Joe Biden President-Elect the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party issued it's first reaction which took the form of gleeful mockery

"HaHa," tweeted the People's Daily, the largest state-owned newspaper in China. Two laughing emoji were also included in the message.

Clearly gloating as well as trolling President Trump who has waged a trade war and pressure campaign against Beijing that has plunged Sino-US relations to the lowest state since the Cold War, state-run People's Daily retweeted Trump's Saturday morning declaration asserting he had won "by a lot" - but with the following

The tweet was issued just as the wires, including AP, projected Biden as winner of the 2020 presidential election. 

Clearly Beijing is eager to not only have the "last laugh" but to rub it in as much as possible.

The Associated Press along with others had previously reported the unsurprising view of leaders in China - that they were outright rooting for a Biden victory, pinning hopes on a change of administrations greatly easing tensions centered on trade, security, and technology.


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a small plate...

Soon after taking on the job, or even before — as well as solving the US internal affairs — the Joe/Kamala team has to:


reduce Russophobia to zero

reduce Sinophobia to nil

free Julian Assange before he dies in an English prison

stop the US interfering in other countries' business:

               South America and the Middle East included

be relative agents of peace and of conflict resolution by diplomatic negotiations



Piece of cake.



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trump demeaned the presidency by not lying enough...




If you listen to some people talk you’d think that before the continually ‘fact-checked’ Donald Trump came along all the Presidents that came before him were absolute truth-telling paragons and the US never did anything wrong.

Repeat After Me (By Order of the Extreme Centrist 'commentariat'): 'Donald Trump demeans the Presidency. Donald Trump demeans the Presidency'.

The great 'crime' of the Donald this week is not accepting defeat gracefully. You know like that wonderful man John McCain did in 2008. Yes, that wonderful man who backed every neocon war going and who sang 'Bomb, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran' to the tune of the Beach Boys 'Barbara Ann'. What a wheeze that was! The video of McCain conceding to Obama has 'gone viral', or so we’re told. But that just means it’s been tweeted and amplified by some high-profile 'Inside the Tent' accounts and their chums.

It didn't "go viral"... It was boosted and posted everywhere to serve an agenda.

The idea that "going viral" is some kind of accidental organic process is one of great success stories of modern PR. 

​'The President should go gracefully' brigade are keen to push the narrative that Trump has destroyed the good name of the US (no sniggering at the back, please) by challenging the counting in certain states and not accepting the election 'result’. We’re expected to forget that for four years Trump’s opponents claimed that his victory in 2016 was illegitimate because of  'Russian collusion' .That was a baseless claim, repeated ad nauseam by the Democrats, but of course, it wasn’t flagged up as such by media outlets now accusing Trump of making 'baseless claims' about election fraud.

We’re also expected to forget what previous Presidents did. Going back to the 1980s, every POTUS before Trump started a major new war. Obama, the great 'liberal progressive' helped destroy Libya, the country with the highest living standards in the whole of Africa, and also backed extremist 'rebels' in pursuance of 'regime change' in Syria. Bush jnr delivered 'Shock and Awe' to Iraq and launched an invasion of Afghanistan too. Clinton bombed Yugoslavia (illegally) and Iraq. Bush snr went to war with Iraq in the first Gulf War. Think how many people were killed in these wars or had their lives ruined by them. Think how many refugees those conflicts created.

The real problem the Beltway elites have with Trump is that the big brash businessman who loves making deals wasn’t as reliable, or as enthusiastic, a warmonger as those who came before him. It’s revealing that the only time the campaign to de-legitimise his Presidency was temporarily paused, was when he did drop bombs. When he launched a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase in April 2019 CNN host Fareed Zakaria declared: "I think Donald Trump became President of the United States last night." Arch neo-con and Trump critic Bill Kristol tweeted: "If Pres Trump takes appropriate action against Assad this #NeverTrumper will of course support him. He’s the President, not merely 'Trump'."  

Compare that to the attacks on Trump when he said he was going to withdraw US troops from north-east Syria. His 'liberal' opponents went into meltdown.

There was also very little, if any, praise for Trump when he called off a planned strike on an Iranian airfield in June 2019 after being told it would kill as many as 150 people.

Trump as a President has done some bad things. Of course he has. Arguably the worst, was when he authorised the illegal assassination of the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, whose brigades had been fighting ISIS. The drone attack at Baghdad airport, which got 2020 off to a terrible start and which I described as a "crime against the New Year"  killed nine other people. But, as bad as that was, the hypocrisy of those denouncing Trump is off the scale. When you look at the crimes of previous administrations, which include destroying whole countries — Trump’s transgressions would be well down the list. Yet we are being encouraged to see the Donald as the devil incarnate, the most morally reprehensible President ever. Everything he says is 'fact-checked', as if no other US President told anything but the truth. If only these 'fact-checkers' were around in 2002/3 when President Bush was telling Americans that Iraq had WMDs!

US Presidents are war presidents and taking the US into new wars is part of the unwritten job description. Ironically Trump is being attacked for being a liar - but the real problem with him was that he didn’t make enough baseless claims. Then he would have been hailed as a 'truly great President' by the very same people now attacking him.


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