Tuesday 22nd of June 2021

going backwards into the black hole...

no-one's buying   Every month there is more evidence that Australia’s local economy is deteriorating — this month it's wage rises, as Alan Austin reports.

AUSTRALIA'S WAGE EARNERS continue to be dudded by the Coalition Government and big business, as their share of the nation’s colossal income steadily declines. Meanwhile, export values, corporate profits and executive salaries and perks continue to surge.

Most workers going backwards badly

The average wage rise over the full year to the end of September was just 2.23%. That’s according to the wages data for the September quarter recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). With inflation currently running at 1.67%, this represents a real wage increase of a puny 0.56% over the year to September. The population the ABS monitors includes high-income salary earners who we know are reaping huge wage rises. Thus we can be sure many low-income earners – probably the majority – are experiencing real wage reductions.

Historic low

The green chart below shows wage rises over the 22 years for which the ABS has provided data. Average growth was 3.56% from 1998 to 2013. Then came the current Coalition regime with its focus on serving first and foremost the top end and, particularly, foreign corporations. Average wage growth for the last six years, to September, is just 2.20%.


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better pay and conditions...

Jetstar ground crews and baggage handlers across the country have voted to strike in the weeks leading up to Christmas and beyond.

The decision was taken after airline operators rejected their demands for better employment conditions.

These included 30 guaranteed hours of work per week and increases in current wages, which the Transport Workers’ Union says are among the lowest rates in the industry.

The final decision on whether Jetstar pilots also will take industrial action in a bid for better pay and conditions will be announced on Friday afternoon.

The ballot for pilots voting to strike closes at noon on Friday after being open for a week.


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turdier than turdy abbott in scum's culture wars...

Shortly after the federal election, I had a conversation with a figure at the very centre of the Government. 

As we raked over where the election had left the political conversation, I noted the Prime Minister's repeated emphasis on getting on with delivering services to Australians in his public statements.

Did this suggest that a politician so driven by marketing memes had detected a weariness with the ideological wars of politics among disconnected voters, and recognised political self-interest in shaping both the Government's message, and its agenda, around the basics of government service delivery?

Did this mean the Government might abandon some of its ideological warfare against institutions?

"Don't be ridiculous," this person snorted. "If anything, this Government is more ideologically driven than Abbott. They want to win the culture wars they see in education, in the public service, in all of our institutions, and they'll come for the ABC too, of course. There will be a big cleanout at the top of the public service, but Morrison will wait for a while to do that. They believe the Left has been winning the war for the last 20 years and are determined to turn the tables. Morrison will just be craftier about the way he goes about it."


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This is why Lambie should NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO THIS TURDY-Scum government (lambie deserves the brickbats... ). Nothing.